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  1. I bought a tormek a week or so ago and finally set it up this morning. I’m hoping to have time to try it out more tonight, but I used in on a couple of my beater chisels and I like it so far. I set it up in a spot that will be convenient to hit the strop wheel as needed.
  2. Do you have a stump grinder or did you rent it? PTO or standalone? I’ve got a couple dozen pine stumps I’ll need to deal with eventually.
  3. JohnG

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    Thanks for responding. That may happen rather soon, Pfizer now qualifies and has applied for full FDA approval.
  4. JohnG

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    @..Kev Without judgement, how long would one have to be out before you felt like you would no longer be part of the “test group?” Or what other milestone would it need to reach before you felt comfortable with it? I truly don’t understand this opinion, but would like to learn the thinking behind it.
  5. JohnG

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    I’m impressed, it’s been almost 24 hours and this thread hasn’t turned into a dumpster fire! You wouldn’t be part of the test group. The test groups have already come and gone.
  6. Looking great! I don’t recall if this was in the plans, but on mine I took a forstner bit just bigger than the knockdown bolt’s head and made a recess approximately the depth of the head so it doesn’t stick out. That way when the kids push it around they aren’t scraping the head along the refrigerator or something like that.
  7. JohnG

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    Tpt - You may already know this but just in case, the covid vaccine works much differently than most other vaccines. The only reason that a vaccine was able to be produced so quickly is because the technology/science of it had already been in development for years. So they were able to rush to adapt it to covid, but they were far from starting from scratch on it. Even skipping many roadblocks, they wouldn’t be anywhere close to having a vaccine if the groundwork hadn’t already been layed. However to also agree with you, while they are now recommending it for pregnant women, my wife is did not
  8. No, it’s just cabinetmakers that think their way is the only way. I’ve heard plenty of pro furniture makers give their opinions on it. Cabinetmakers are not the only pros out there. You are really going to say that the same clamping is needed regardless of the thickness and width and shape of the pieces? That’s laughable. When you are gluing up your same size case with your same dimension plywood you can use the same clamping every time. But yes, alternating clamps is a good thing to do.
  9. There are many opinions on clamping pressure, but a good joint does not require a large amount of clamping pressure. As you increase clamping pressure you are increasing your chances of imparting some bow to the panel. Cauls can help avoid this, but the goal is to not have to clamp so tight that you start denting the wood. The rule you heard about having clamps no more than 6" apart is useless. Sometimes you will need clamps 2 inches apart, sometimes 2 feet apart is plenty. It's like the 1 year per inch of thickness drying rule. It is correct in some cases, but wrong in many.
  10. If you are referring to the Tapatalk app, it is not related specifically to Woodtalk Online and the owners of this forum have no control over the app. It is a general forum access app that works with the forum software provider. I tried it and hated it. I only access this forum through web browsers. Some people seem to be okay with it.
  11. Planted 11 trees in our orchard, 3 strawberry plants, and 6 raspberry plants. In the shop I refreshed the finish on our wooden cutting boards and the cherry spoons I’ve made. Went with PolyX on all of them this go round.
  12. It’s kind of like a thingamajig mixed with a whatchamacallit. A general phrase for an item you can’t remember the name of.
  13. I’m sure the google results were interesting the other way though.
  14. I prefer to just avoid the pricing games, determine a fair value and stick with it. If someone offers less than your asking price, ignore them or ask them to lay out the logic to justify their offer. I hate pointless and baseless negotiation.
  15. When you get done with your plot you can drag it over my way and flatten my fields! I was surprised to find out that mowing with my tractor and rotary mower only took 20min longer than on the ZTR. Not only did it take basically the same amount of time, my back wasn’t totally shot afterward like it would have been on the ZTR.
  16. I’m guessing that was an autocorrect from Rockler.
  17. +1 for HF 2HP dust collector if you aren’t ready to spend a few thousand on it. Far better than a shop vac for the big tools and is pretty cheap. For another $150ish you can get a nice filter to replace the cloth bag.
  18. That would have been a MFN (merchant fulfilled) shipment. Amazon won’t fulfill refrigerated or perishable goods. Tpt beat me to it.
  19. Mine aren't clamp-on, but I've used the forks on my tractor a lot more than I've used the bucket. As we've been setting up our garden areas, I've been turning plastic 55 gallon drums in to remote watering barrels and the forks have gotten a lot of use toting those around, some strapped to pallets and some singles cradled between the forks.
  20. The global supply chain situation (including within the USA) sucks right now. My company is having to search high and low for raw materials so that we can manufacture our goods, and when we can find some, the prices are skyrocketing. Some are 5x 'normal' price or more. Then the few components that we can only get from China are hit with 25% tariffs. Chemicals from Texas are still priced super high from the ice storms back in February. It's a mess across the board.
  21. Beautiful work, but I am so sorry that you had a reason to make another.
  22. Any time something is advertised as reclaimed, they are going to charge too much.
  23. Not in the mail but it was brought to me... 1.5” wide for panel/edge glue ups.
  24. An old friend of mine built some huge steel doors (not as big as OP’s pic, obviously) for a stone supplier to display large pieces of marble/granite on both sides. They were so big and heavy, and swung so easily that they had to add some dampers to keep them from crushing someone on the other side.