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  1. Finished putting a fence up around our garden to keep the bunnies out. Made a quick wooden gate from PT 2x4s. Staked some of the trees in our orchard, and gave them a good watering.
  2. Thought it might be nice to have an ongoing thread where we can share deals or sales on woodworking tools and materials. To start it off- Harvey Tools is running a sale through the weekend. The Ambassador bandsaw is currently $1,749, which is the lowest I have seen it in a while. Current “list” price is $2,499 though it is not often actually sold at that price. A lot of their other tools are on sale as well, but that’s the most notable.
  3. @Tom King I currently have one router that can be dedicated to it, once I use it a couple times I’ll see if it’s worth having a second. I’m not getting into any large scale production work, and won’t use it for all dovetail projects. Basically I’ve considered it several times over the past few years and the other night I was up late and got into the late-night QVC/HSN mindset and bought it.
  4. JohnG

    Windows 11?

    We aren’t pushing the update to our company machines yet either, just for convenience though. Our testing hasn’t shown any issues, but it’s just a pain to schedule and manage all the updates. You’re bound to have some percentage that run into issues during the update. And we have far fewer than 400k employees
  5. JohnG

    Windows 11?

    I wouldn’t say 11 is better than 10, but I also wouldn’t say it is worse. Certainly not like the 7 > 8 transition. Seems to be pretty good compatibility-wise. Haven’t had any issues with my personal or business software. I don’t do a whole lot of “fiddling” with my computers anymore, so as long as I can complete the tasks I get on the computer to do, I don’t really care whether the corners of my windows are square or rounded.
  6. I build for Myself and that guy is a total jerk. Always criticizing the smallest details of my work and changing his ideas on the fly. Plus he never pays up.
  7. I forgot that they also own Cub Cadet, Irwin, Lenox, and Mac (and many others).
  8. The domino itself actually only costs $100. The other $900+ is for the lifetime cheat card.
  9. I’m sure the Stanley and DeWalt business units carry a lot of the weight. They also acquired MTD recently.
  10. JohnG


    Yes, 12v won’t make long tracks like are desired. We used to pull flyback transformers out of old CRT monitors and TVs to get ~30k volt arcs to zap things. Probably lucky that none of us got hurt.
  11. Tractors are great fun! I got a lot more than was pictured, 20+ logs total. Oak, hickory, and sycamore. One of my neighbors has a couple more sycamore and oak trees he wants taken out, so I’ll get those as well.
  12. Gave the tractor a workout and added to my log piles. Some will be milled and some will be firewood.
  13. @Mark J Are we actively finding out that you have some new variation of prosopagnosia?
  14. Now that it’s warmer, I set up a small outdoor pen for our chicks to spend some time outside. Wire roof because the hawks have been very active.
  15. That possum would cross the yard on the fence every night at the same time, within 15min. For months. They stared at each other for a solid 5min without moving. Eventually the possum slowly turned around and resumed its nightly walk.
  16. A steady supply of nutritious dog and cat food plus some human food scraps for dessert.
  17. Anyone who thinks Amazon is a well oiled machine couldn’t be more wrong. My company sells a decent amount on Amazon and it’s really opened my eyes to how much goes wrong. That being said, I still order things on Amazon very frequently. Now it amazes me how often things go right. Though at over 1.5M packages shipped per day, even a 99.9% accuracy rate is still 1,500 errors every day.
  18. LV has top notch customer service.
  19. If you don’t want to bag it or otherwise manage the moisture content, take it down to final thickness. It’ll go out of round but that will give it a chance to not crack.
  20. Welcome! Very interesting. Any pictures of it with the cushions? And the most important thing- is it comfortable?
  21. I like my car that has no buttons , well it actually does have a few buttons. Not sure what the issue was. At one point I did have a problem when water got inside a wiring harness and corroded the contacts and wires, causing a number of electrical gremlins. Could have been related potentially.
  22. Same. Nav button was there but didn’t have the module. Not sure if I was just (un)lucky, but the bluetooth connection and Pandora service were very unreliable. Bluetooth would drop out and fail to reconnect, sometimes when I’d start the car the Bluetooth menu would be gone until I started the car up the next time, and the Pandora service would constantly crash. Forgot and re-paired my phone dozens of times. Tried factory resetting infotainment system several times, etc. Tried several times to get Mazda to fix it, they blamed Johnson Controls. Called Johnson Controls and they blamed Mazda. Eventually they both concluded that the last supported iPhone was 5s (2013 release!) so I was SOL. Some bluetooth modules had a TSB and were supposed to be replaced, but they told me that mine wasn’t included.
  23. I had a ‘15 CX-5 and the infotainment system was infuriating. I got excited when Mazda announced that they were adding Apple Carplay to current and prior models, but by the time I sold the car I still hadn’t heard any more about it.