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  1. Well, that’s what I’ve always used them for, too. But that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t use them to allow for movement!
  2. Drawer slides often have some slotted holes. If you are attaching a drawer slide to a solid side panel, use the round hole at the front and then horizontal slotted holes for the rest of your attachment points. This will allow the panel to move without the metal slide restricting it. As mentioned previously, the holes also have some inherent wiggle room as well.
  3. Thanks @pkinneb Actually came earlier this week, but… life.
  4. We got these tags for marking plants. They are a metal foil over cardstock. You can write on them with a pencil or any blunt tip and it leaves an impression. Won’t fade or wash away.
  5. Won’t the landscape fabric prevent the daughter plants from taking root and growing? Or am I missing something?
  6. I’ve switched from mineral oil to Osmo Polyx for my wood cutting boards and utensils. The utensils seem to hold up fine in boiling water, and I use the cutting boards as trivets when we are baking things. The polyx has also held up better in the dishwasher than mineral oil (put in the dishwasher by someone else!).
  7. Got up to my eyeballs in poison ivy vines to pull out a tree that recently fell. Some is destined for firewood and some will be milled. Also found a little friend when I was about to make a cut. Rough green snake (I believe).
  8. I did just get the 15gal version to keep the weight down a bit. I’ll fill it up and see how it handles tomorrow. I don’t back the mower up under trees/brush much, but will certainly consider moving it closer to the 3pt hitch. I’m currently without a welder but can either remedy that situation or use the welder at work. We have a decent machine shop that I can get access to if needed.
  9. Got this idea from Tom’s boom sprayer thread. Playing with different placement options. Also got a couple extra aux tanks.
  10. Oh that’s right, boxes!
  11. Looks better than my first dovetail joint. More than good enough for a strong, functional joint. Like @Chestnut said, time go make some drawers!
  12. I’m curious to find out if burning wood in our water stove affects our indoor air quality, and how much it lingers around the house. Though maybe I don’t want to know…
  13. If Tom doesn’t change your mind, I’ll take it
  14. JohnG

    Feet Up Rev 2

    Actually yes. Never thought I’d go on a weekend trip like that but it was really nice. Kid free weekend and getting to sleep in until 7am was fantastic. You got me there. My feet were up, but not in frame. I can photoshop in some feet if that would help.
  15. I’ll be doing all spot spraying, almost exclusively poison ivy.
  16. Thanks Tom! Do you find the mixing ratio reliable (enough) with the aux tank setup? My rotary mower is just a single wheel 5’ cut, I’d probably mount it centered behind the gear box. Making sure the rotary mower is properly set up and aligned (in respect to the ground and to the tractor) goes a long way for cut quality. I’ve been very pleased with the finish mine provides.
  17. This is great! I’ve been wanting to get a sprayer, but couldn’t decide between a tow behind or mounting one on my carryall. Hadn’t considered mounting it to the rotary mower, but that’s a better solution.
  18. JohnG

    Feet Up Rev 2

    Puerto Rico over the weekend
  19. I agree with @Chestnut. Gaming gets a bad rap. While it can become a problem (like anything taken too far), it isn’t necessarily bad. I used to play a lot but now it just feels like a waste of time.
  20. If we go with stereotypes, the 7” wide shelf will be plenty wide for his energy drinks and doritos.
  21. I think you are over generalizing. If you watch Cremona's build videos, you will see that he takes advantage of having the full width slab. He pulls leg pieces from the quarter/rift sawn sections and case parts from the plain sawn areas. Panels/drawer fronts are selected for continuous grain or for interesting grain. He doesn't often use the full width of the slab, therefore making it similar to buying some plain sawn and some quarter/rift sawn boards from a lumber yard. Mills do sometimes cut to maximize quarter sawn or rift sawn material, but not always. There is a lot more waste and time involved in this. That's why these select grain types usually cost more than plain sawn lumber. That's why at lumber yards you see mostly plain sawn boards and only some select quarter sawn. More people don't follow the same path as Cremona because (1) the amount of space it takes to have a mill, log storage area, and milled lumber storage area, (2) The cost of a mill and equipment to move the logs, and (3) the time involved in milling the logs and waiting for them to dry. Many people do some smaller scale milling, often with an alaskan chainsaw mill or small bandsaw mill. To some people the process is a "hassle" and creates a lot of waste, and it's easier to go out and buy material closer to the finished product's needs. To Matt, it gives him the freedom to choose whatever grain selection he wants for whatever project he wants to make, and he seems to enjoy the entire process.
  22. Just a quick thought- as seen in this picture, be sure to add a good bit of clearance on all sides of his PC tower dimensions. The desk will surely outlive his current machine and who knows where the trend will be in a few years. Also, it’s a huge PITA to connect/disconnect peripherals if you only give a couple inches of total clearance (don’t ask me how I know).
  23. If you want the TS to be more precise, you can use a miter gauge with a stop block that has micro adjust, or you can use shims/feeler gauges and a stop block to take off small amounts without the ‘guesswork’
  24. It wouldn’t be advisable to go out and BUY slabs to cut down to make into the piece of furniture, since slabs sell at such a premium per bdft compared to roughsawn or surfaced lumber. But if you are doing the milling, it certainly makes sense. The exception to that would be if you bought a figured slab to resaw for panels/doors/drawers/etc.