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  1. Don’t forget that now you’ll have a lovely 25% duty on the value of the saw in addition to the freight charges.

    For freight, you’ll have to pay the ocean freight to get it to the port, then pay a trucking company to pick it up from the port and deliver it to you. And potentially a ‘last-mile’ freight company if the trucking company will not deliver to your door. 

    Personally I’d just look at Felder/SCM, or just get the slider table on a Sawstop. Without seeing one or talking to someone with direct experience with one, the risk is far greater than the cost difference for me.

  2. I’m not aware of any handheld power tools being made in the USA. It’s unlikely that a company would be able to do that and stay competitively priced, especially for a more niche product like the Domino (not to mention the patent issues). There just aren’t enough people willing to pay the premium for USA made products for a company to justify investing tens or probably hundreds of millions of dollars into the necessary manufacturing facility. 

    I did see that Festool is making some guide rails in the USA and plans to make some other products here as well, but the actual power tools probably won’t be made here for a very long time, if ever. 

  3. Congress passed the Real ID Act back in 2005. Since each state manages their own driver’s licenses, there’s no consistency in type or effectiveness of security features across states. Real ID sets minimum standards to enable it to be used for federal identification in addition to state identification. It will be required (or passport, which is another federal identification) to enter some federal facilities and to board flights (TSA is a federal program) and some other federally managed programs. The new deadline is 10/1/2021.

    When we moved I had to get a normal driver’s license instead of Real ID (my passport was with the passport administration since I had sent it in for renewal soon before covid hit) and it says in bold “Not for Federal Identification” on it. 

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Jeremyeverydayblades said:

    I ordered a belt grinder from woodcraft weeks ago. Never got any confirmation that it shipped. I emailed them three times I got three emails back saying they were too busy to respond. I called them multiple times set on hold forever. Finally several weeks after I ordered this item I got a hold of someone at woodcraft. They said they would contact the manufacturer and tell them not to ship the item. So this means they are drop shipping everything they sell. I would not advise doing business with any company who drop ships from the manufacture. Horrible company stay away from them. 

    That is an unfortunate situation that you encountered. However, given that the supply chain for most markets and most countries is still severely broken, it’s not too surprising. Woodcraft should have done a better job communicating your order status. Customer service has definitely taken a hit across the board over the past year. 

    How do you figure that since they are drop shipping one single line item order to you that they are “drop shipping everything they sell?” 

    And maybe you don’t realize how common it is for companies to drop ship certain orders or certain items. You will have a hard time online shopping if you refuse to do business with any company that drop ships some orders. 

    Good luck. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Chestnut said:

    2,800 sq ft house.

    What did they say/do that was so unhelpful?

    I'd be careful completing work without permits in some jurisdictions. Often the fine is WAY worse than the permit. Around here fines are 200% permit fee plus paying the municipalities lawyer and engineering fees is not unheard of.


    Their office is not open for walk-in questions, and their website didn’t answer some questions I had. They wouldn’t answer or return phone calls so I emailed them. They answered verbatim with the vague information on their website. When I responded and explained why that did not answer my question and rephrased my question for clarity, they again gave the exact same response. I tried again three more times and got the same answer every time, even from a couple different people. At that point I decided that if they weren’t interested in helping me I wasn’t interested in helping them. Additionally, their records already show our basement as finished instead of unfinished, so we would really just be skipping out on some plumbing and electrical work. 

    Maybe I’ll give them another chance when we get closer to starting the project. 

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  6. I just spent $40 on a sheet of T1-11 last week. Lumber prices are still way up. 

    Global shipping is definitely a mess. We have had ships sitting for weeks and in some cases well over a month just waiting to get into the port to unload the containers. 

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your father.

    As the others have mentioned, your carvings look great. I'll check out the offerings of zoom classes. Those would be much easier for me to swing than in person (primarily time wise, but maybe cost as well).

    I did pick up some wood carving goodies yesterday including a couple chip carving knives.


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