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    domino joiner

    Remember that the 4mm cutter is shorter than the others and so using the 12mm depth setting will NOT produce a 12mm deep mortise. As I recall you are supposed to use the 20mm setting to end up with a 10mm mortise, but double check that before making cuts on a work piece.
  2. This is a pretty lame excuse and/or bad policy. Without specifically looking for them I have read several cases, including one in this thread, of Sawstop directly replacing a brake cartridge for end users. Problem with product - sawstop accepts bad product - sawstop provides refund (in the form of a product). I think you said they wouldn’t even let you exchange it for the PCS base, which make it easy for them since they wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of issuing payment to you (which, for a large company, can be quite a hassle). I have worked for large, international companies that do not do any direct sales to end users, but wouldn’t hesitate to replace, repair/modify or refund a product for an end user who had an issue with it. These companies sold goods well into the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per item, so it wasn’t just little trinkets. I’m also surprised that the distributor that you work for wouldn’t help you out, either with a refund or exchange of some sort. Unfortunately you can’t always talk sense into people!
  3. Might be good to just remove the outer bars first to be certain that it will clear the fence once it can flip all the way down. As for this thread, can it be renamed? Then another thread can be made (now or later) that remains on topic. Definitely good to have this info posted and discussed, so it would be a shame to delete the thread.
  4. I had the same thoughts. The ebook version is available on the taunton store, and they don't have the print version right now. I'm guessing they are waiting on another print run. I'll see if the Woodcraft has it next time I'm there, but I'm guessing they won't.
  5. Hopefully you purchased it using a credit card so you can dispute the charge if BC fights you on returning it, as it seems they may do. In the meantime, it may be worthwhile to do a quick inspection of the parts to see if you can find any damage, even if minor. Reporting some scratches or marring might make them slightly more receptive to accepting a return or exchange.
  6. While it is understandable that they may ask if there was any visible or noted damage, the went about it very poorly. To give such a short and unconcerned response is bad customer service in any situation. As much as I hate calling customer service lines, in this situation I'd be tempted to call and see if you can find someone that at least cares a little bit. Even if only to get them to make note of the issue and look into their process later, or to have it on record if you were to have issues with the vise down the road.
  7. Maybe he wants to mill it into lumber one day and doesn't want to hit nails?
  8. FYI - click on the user's name or picture, then to the right of their user name at the top, there is a button for "message." Alternatively, you can click on the little envelope at the top right of the any WTO page (just to the left of your user name) and click "Compose New" and then type in the user.
  9. If the detent tracks (is there a name for these?) on the Incra are the only thing you didn't like about it, I'd suggest the Incra. The tracks on the Incra are just held on with some screws. It should be pretty easy to replace those with some other strip of plastic or wood. I have a 1000HD and the detents do annoy me sometimes, but the other times I like them, so I haven't tried to swap mine out yet.
  10. Yikes, that is really frustrating. I had only heard positive things about their customer service and product design before this. Their online saw builder also shows the ICS base and folding outfeed as compatible. Did you hear back about the cartridge? Will your employer let you swap out the bases? Are the design changes needed to make it work something you can easily modify yourself?
  11. JohnG

    domino joiner

    Enjoy it! There’s also some good tips in this thread-
  12. I've been wanting to get that one, and this may just push me to go ahead and order it. I've been enjoying Mike's presence, insight, humor, etc. on the STL podcast.
  13. Very cool and interesting! These complex turnings make my head spin when thinking about the process to make it, and making all the curves match or compliment eachother.
  14. JohnG

    domino joiner

    I I bought the Q set and have not yet used either of the attachments it came with. The Woodcraft here only stocks the Q set so that made the decision for me, since I didn’t want to wait for one to be shipped. You can can use the 5mm on 3/4 plywood. They only sell one length of 5mm tenon(30mm), but you can make longer ones or wider ones yourself to match the ‘wider’ and ‘widest’ settings on the domino. Take the time to do test cuts, and think about reference faces and depth of cut before making cuts in your project material. For tenons into the face of 3/4 ply you will need to make the mortise shallower so that you don’t cut all the way through, then make the mortise into the joining edge deeper.
  15. Put it in the freezer for a while and then try?
  16. Looking great so far! Will enjoy watching this one!
  17. Following this thread, as I’m hoping to buy one this year. Good to know there is a way to check if it would fire, but I can understand not doing this test before all cuts. While an inadvertent Trip is inconvenient and not inexpensive, it is still far preferable to it not tripping when it should.
  18. However, resawing thicker material into thinner panels or sheets of veneer does generally lead to cost savings compared to buying material at the thinner dimension. The problem with buying slabs is that they ‘are so hot right now.’ The price has been driven way up on slabs. You can buy same thickness lumber in higher grades for less. Unless you are buying from someone like Cremona, who doesn’t seem to care about the market price of slabs. However, if you want to buy, put together, or rent a mill of some sort and cut your own slabs, it is a great way of sourcing your own material and you can make it to whatever thickness you want. You just have to be patient enough to let it dry.
  19. This was yesterday, but I just realized that the stop block on the Incra 1000HD can actually be used as TWO stop blocks. Only took me maybe 6 months to realize that? Feel so dumb now, as there have been several times I could have used that feature.
  20. I’m also not super experienced, but have turned a couple projects with a similar situation. Are you set on using the scraper? A bowl gouge gave me better results than a scraper.
  21. It is illegal for car manufacturers/dealers to require that you have routine service performed at their dealerships (or any specific repair place) in order to keep your warranty valid. They can, however, require that you use certain authorized shops for warranty work that is to be done free of charge. They can refuse to cover a repair that is normally covered under warranty if a related repair was previously done at a non-authorized service center and they can argue that the failure was due to improper repairs done at that other service center. This sort of stuff is covered by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act if you are concerned about any of the specifics.
  22. When I’ve had things cut at the various cutting stations at HD or Lowe’s, I’ve enjoyed noticing how often the code for the machines are 1234 or 1111. A couple times I have seen that the code is actually written on a post or shelf next to the keypad.
  23. JohnG


    Veneer is commonly around 1/40” thick, or about half a millimeter, so it can be easy to accidentally sand through it. Especially if using lower grit sandpaper on any powered sander. If you purchased this dresser second hand, you also don’t know if previous owners had sanded and refinished the drawer fronts at some point, leaving the veneer even thinner. It looks like there are some areas on other drawers where the veneer is nearly worn through. Like on the 2nd drawer down, just to the left of the lock and under the left knob. Out of curiosity, what was your process for sanding it (grits used, type of sander or by hand).
  24. I see the Workholding Kit thread in the new activity, and I do not belong to the Woodpeckers club. I had also been curious about this, so I’m glad you asked! I’m still curious how the clubs work, and how they differ from sub forums.