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    For me it means crunch time. Year end financials and reports, 1099s and 1096s, property tax filings, begin income tax prep. Then I get to figure out how much catching up I have to do on my Q4 estimated tax payments.
  2. JohnG

    Porch Pirates

    Huge props to Lee Valley - I filed a claim with UPS regarding the missing package, since my ...very observant... neighbor didn't ever see packages sitting on our porch. They recommended notifying the vendors, so I emailed Lee Valley late last night and told them the whole situation. Just got an email back and they are sending another one free of charge. I know that this may be covered by their insurance or be budgeted for, but it's still great to quickly receive a cheerful response that resolves the problem in the best way possible. Definitely will be a repeat customer.
  3. Luckily it’s in Riverside, not LA Fly into the Ontario CA airport and you’ll be close and not have to step foot in LA. The guy that helped me make the ukulele lives close to that museum. I’ll check to see if he has been there and if he recalls Maloof chairs there.
  4. If you want to make an exact replica, you could buy it for a cool $18,500 and take all the measurements you want!
  5. JohnG


    My wife and I took a beekeeping class together in undergrad. We will have our own hives eventually. Probably once the kids are old enough to understand what they should and should not do around the hives. Honey bees are generally very non-aggressive. Yellow jackets (wasps) are responsible for most “bee” stings. If you just want them for pollinating your garden you can become a “bee haver” rather than a “bee keeper”. That just means buying (or making) some hive boxes and leaving them out for bees to populate them and do their own thing. Colonies will come and go. If you want to harvest honey and wax, you’ll need to become a bee keeper. Check on the hive a few times a year and take any necessary action to help the hive. Honey harvesting takes a good bit of time and equipment, but local beekeeping clubs often have the equipment and let you reserve or rent time with it. A strong, healthy colony needs very little help or work, so long as bears, skunks, etc can’t trash them. And don’t use insecticides on your property.
  6. Yes, they reportedly repackage many stolen plans as well as incomplete and seriously flawed plans.
  7. We lived in the “Inland Empire” for a few years. Driving East from there I always chucked at the highway signs for “Other desert cities”. It’s just a day’s drive up to the Krenov school though!
  8. Thanks. It looks like the project will be pushed back until this summer or fall. My grandfather died a week or so before Christmas, and just a few days before his 100th birthday. He was a pilot in WW2 and Korea, flying 52 combat missions in bombers. My dad wants to make the flag display with me, so it will be done after I move this summer, when we will be closer.
  9. Unfortunately I now have a flag display on my project list. I had wondered about using box joints and remembered this thread. I may end up doing miters and splines though. I'll probably borrow your base design, it looks really nice!
  10. They’ve been on my list for a while and fit in the price range for our gift exchange. I’ve been wanting those too, but haven’t had a true need for them yet. I’m surprised they are really the only player in the drawing bow game.
  11. I got: Preppin' weapon sanding block Lee Valley Router Plane (stolen off porch, to be reordered) Nakashima's Soul of a Tree Krenov's Impractical Cabinetmaker Woodpeckers mini square magnetic base adjustable LED light I'll probably use part of my year-end bonus or distribution to buy myself something else, but I haven't decided what yet. Was thinking about a bigger bandsaw, but we will be moving out of state in about 6 months so I'll probably wait until we move to buy any more machinery.
  12. JohnG

    Porch Pirates

    Agreed, I enjoy his videos.
  13. JohnG

    Porch Pirates

    I have heard that they have started prosecuting around here now, which is good. This was the first time we’ve ever had a package stolen. If it becomes a trend, I’ll do something about it. I’d probably make a package lockbox before setting up cameras though.
  14. JohnG

    Porch Pirates

    One of those jerks has a nice new Lee Valley router plane More annoyingly, they also have two packages of gifts for my kids sent by extended family (not just amazon orders).
  15. Good info above. Is the gap consistent all the way around your inlay? It looks to me like it is (at least in the section shown), in which case you just need to fine tune the width of the strips.
  16. This was the first time I used one, but I don’t think I’ll ever trim splines any other way. It’s pretty simple. Mine is two layers of 1/2” MDF pin nailed together and then blue tape and CA glued to my regular fence. The thickness of your pieces will depend on your frame thickness and spline location. The lower piece is narrower and they are flush on the fence side. This creates an overhang over the blade. You align the blade to exactly flush with the edge of the top MDF (or just a fraction of a hair proud of the MDF). You use the edge of the frame as a reference to ride along the L Fence, with the splines riding under the top MDF piece. I raised the blade into the top MDF piece slightly, making sure not to raise it higher than the thickness of the frame. FWW articles and podcast mention many other uses for the L fence you can make them with much larger overhangs and use them for template cutting and other flush-cutting operations. Edit to add: You can see on the last pic that I used these cutoffs to dial in the blade location. There’s a visible ledge on the bottom 1/3 from when the blade was too far out. I settled with a spot where you can find a ledge only if you are closely inspecting the frame. That way I ensured that the splines would be flush and no glue residue was left on the frame, but just a swipe or two with 220 grit will remove it.
  17. Made more headway on my picture frames. Glued in the splines yesterday so today was trimming the splines flush and sanding the fronts and backs of the frames flush. When taping up the frames I try to get all the faces aligned, but sometimes there are pieces that just don’t want to cooperate. I made a quick L fence for trimming the splines and it was fantastic. It felt like cheating. Trimmed 23 frames in just a few minutes with no tearout or fuss. Then started sanding the frames on my pottery whee— er — horizontal low speed disc sander with foot speed control and sawdust basin.
  18. Just hope the tax man doesn’t change his mind before it arrives Looks like an awesome machine!
  19. Looks good! Miters look nice and tight And the inlays line up well. @gee-dub on here makes some beautiful frames. Mine stay pretty simple, but maybe I’m just afraid to try fancier ones!
  20. Mine doesn’t use the miter slot, so I have to clamp it onto my crosscut jig, which I also don’t like anymore, and I end up with a bunch of blocks and clamps to hold everything in place. I want to make a wide one that uses the miter slot, and maybe recess a piece of T track to use a stop to register the piece. Something like the jig Cremona made for the tea box project with some modifications. I have the logan point driver and it seems to work well, but I haven’t used any others.
  21. I’m not going to do any profile on these, keeping it simple. For frames I keep or that I give to family with a photo in it, I have a point driver that I use. If I give it away/sell without a photo, I put those little turn buttons on the back. I don’t particularly like my spline jig, it’s crude and is a pain to set up and use.
  22. More progress... All of the 4x6 frames glued up and dried 5x7s in the “clamps” now. Then splines, sanding, and finishing.
  23. Another vote for the 3rd chair either mixing the two or doing it straight up.