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  1. They look great! It’s a shame it was such a frustrating build.
  2. Thanks! With the new path prediction, it looks like it won’t be too bad for us. Unfortunately now it’s also looking much worse for a lot of people.
  3. Hurricane prep. Restacked all of my lumber up on my assembly table in case there is any flooding. It had been about an inch off the ground, and my cherry and walnut were at the bottom to keep them flat. I also put my in progress desk and (later) some of my tools on top of the wood to keep it off the ground. Since Florence turned south a bit, the outlook here is much better, but we are on the edge of a flood zone, so better safe than sorry.
  4. I agree with YouTube going downhill. It does seem that my preferred channels are putting out less content on YT these days, and are instead relying on other sources of income. I bought the Highboy Guild project with no intention of ever building it, I just wanted 10+ hours of quality woodworking videos to watch!
  5. I don’t follow her much anymore, but occasionally watch a video of her’s when it pops up and looks interesting. She’s not the ‘finest’ woodworker on youtube, but her skills are always expanding and improving. Whether or not she is capable of finer woodworking, she has picked a good avenue of appealing to the broader range of crafty makers as well as getting a foot into the door of more specific interests. You can’t knock her for getting all the sponsors and deals she does. She works hard and works smart. She may get a boost by being a female in a field largely dominated by males, and spo
  6. I had no idea how much I'd use my 10" bandsaw until I got it. It opens a lot of doors and can take some of the white-knuckled operations away from the table saw. In theory, yes you can. In practice, it might be more trouble than it's worth. It will be difficult to find pieces that are long and straight enough to be useful, and you will end up with very small stock, especially if you are trying to avoid the center and sapwood. Might be reasonable if you have sentimental value in a tree that has to be removed, you could make a small box from it. You do have opportunity for co
  7. It seems there’s a big jump in build quality and usability from the 9” bandsaws to the 10”, then again going up to 14”+ I would never buy a 9”, all the ones I’ve seen just feel flimsy and plasticy. I have a 10” Rikon and have been happy with its performance. Bandsaw cuts are in a whole different class than jigsaws. They are also much more enjoyable to use. One day I’ll get a 14”+ bandsaw for resawing and keep the 10” for smaller things and curves. I don’t even use my jigsaw for rough cutting lengths. It just collects dust.
  8. Can’t wait to see this come together! I was impressed by your previous chairs. I’d love to make a chair one day, but I already have a long list of projects and I’m pretty intimidated by the idea of making chairs.
  9. My local lumberyard sells FAS 4/4 S3S SLR in the $4-$5/bf range. Some random CL posts in my area (Virginia)- Cherry 4/4 $5, 5/4 $5.5, 8/4 $6 4/4-8/4 random sizes. $4.25 - $6.50 per bdft depending on the grade and size of a piece. 4/4 Cherry random sizes, 75bf, $150 total ($2/bf) The first post was the most 'legit' of the three, and the other two were pretty similar to your link. Sounds like a good price if it's decent quality. Probably worth checking out if it's not too far from you. Might be willing to sell you a small batch, then you could inspect and mill a
  10. Beautiful work, Chet! Great attention to detail and grain selection. It’s pieces like this that got me interested in woodworking.
  11. Nice! I bet you’ll be happy with it. I have the original Nova Comet, and from what I’ve seen about it at the local woodcraft, the Comet II looks like a huge improvement. (Not that the original Comet is bad)
  12. Looks great! Some houses in my mother's neighborhood had their copper downspouts and gutters stolen a while back.
  13. I bought the Stanley version a while back used. When I got it, it had the same issue. I tried and tried to get it working, but couldn't figure out why that was happening. I stuck in in the back of a drawer, in pieces, because I was so frustrated with it. A couple weeks ago, I pulled it out and put it back together. Remarkably, it went together and works fine now! I have no idea what I did differently, I'm know I had tried everything I could imagine previously. Sorry this doesn't help you at all, but I hope you get it figured out!
  14. I forgot one of the most important parts- I also got this Kennedy toolbox at the auction. I had been using it for years as a normal toolbox, but roust recently switched it over to hold my hand tools (while they still fit in it).
  15. Thanks! It's definitely coming along, and I'm figuring things out as I go. I'm looking forward to the day I have a more permanent setup, and can invest some more time and better materials into my shop setup. At the same time, I'm grateful to have the space I have. The people who got me interested in woodworking would love to have a ~20'x20' space to work with!
  16. Some interesting finds while I was going through some boxes- I had quite a stock of grinding wheels! I had a specific use for these and needed a nice sharp edge on the wheel, so I would only use them a couple times for that purpose. I didn't have much need for them otherwise. Anyone need #68 drill bits?? Each blue envelope contains 12 and each pack on the left contains 144. I've already given away about 1k of them in the past. These were included with the auction lot that I got the metal drawers in. These are cool. They are some sort of self contained s
  17. I made mention in another thread that I am reorganizing my shop, and I thought I'd post some things here. I currently have a 2 car garage as my shop. We are in a rental house because we had only planned on living in this location for 3 years. The garage doesn't have an automatic opener, so I was able to claim it (but I also need to keep other garage items in it as well). It's got bare studded walls and no insulation. It's not ideal but it gets the job done. I've added some shelves, but nothing serious or permanent, since it's not mine. It has gotten to be quite a mess because when we move
  18. Let’s see, it’s been a while since I posted an update. I’ve had a couple side projects come up that took my attention— a TWW kid’s kitchen step stool for our daughter, and a couple small gifts on the lathe. Then it got hot. Then I decided that I needed to rearrange a lot of the things in my shop (garage). I haven’t finished yet, so there’s always stuff in my way. I also found some mistakes, and then made some new mistakes. My shop time lately has been frustrating, so it has been more limited Back to the desk- I realized I hadn’t incorporated any sort of front rail, and the top
  19. Good tip, I’ll probably do that. I don’t at all regret buying it, it just adds up quick, and I bought some other things as well. Before I knew it I was at the price tag of the DF-700. I’ve received a lot of requests (family and friends) for some of the smaller projects I’ve done recently, so I’m going to do some small batches of pieces to sell. I’ll make far less $/hr than in my normal work, but it’ll be nice for my shop to generate a bit of cash I can put into new tools or lumber for my own projects. The Domino will make this feasible, and will be useful for my own projects as well.
  20. I did a thing... Picked up the DF-500 and tenon/bit assortment this morning. Had one last moment of panic and doubt when they gave me the total, but I'm glad I got them. Now I just need to find some time to use it!
  21. Have you completed this project? Let us know how it turns out!
  22. Before you apply the clamps, if you lay the boards on a flat surface, how do the joints look? Are they tight and consistent just by sliding the boards together? Then flip them over and do the same thing. How do you drill the holes for dowels? If you do a dry assembly with dowels, are the joints still tight and consistent (same as they were without dowels)?
  23. I agree on frequency, but not on sharpness. I don't think it's necessary to take your lathe chisels to a sharpness beyond bench chisels and plane irons. The turners I know use the lathe chisels straight from the 120 grit wheel on the bench grinder. From what I've seen on youtube this isn't an uncommon practice.
  24. Probably so. I bought a 24k gold Swiss watch from an estate sale for $4 while there was a cheap Casio or similar next to it for far more. It was a women’s watch so the writing was much smaller and harder to read, so they didn’t bother looking into it.