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  1. My wife knows not to come into the shop if I have power tools running. The door to my shop has a large window and my most used tools generally face toward the door, so she waits at the door until I see her and turn off the tool. If she has our daughter with her, she waits until I come open the door, after I put away/move anything as needed, to be sure it’s safe. She’s an ER doc and is very aware of the potential dangers of the tools.
  2. I saw that one too, but by the time I had a chance to email them, the ad was gone.
  3. My oscillating belt sander has caused the most bleeding. Luckily the only other shop injuries I've had were little nicks from chisels/marking knives.
  4. I've been eyeing that one. I missed a DJ-20 on CL earlier this year that was cheaper, but looked to be a bit rougher around the edges.
  5. Photography as a hobby or profession? The desk looks fantastic! Very well done.
  6. Looks like fun! Especially squeezing through the gate.
  7. I’ve spent some time in the BWCA and understand the need for the 98% DEET spray. One year I took some ~30% and it didn’t even start to slow them down. Those mosquitos are brutal.
  8. These are my first experience with green turning, and I'm really just winging it. I'm turning them to final size and letting them do their thing as they dry. I figure that I can flatten the bottom on the belt sander after they settle a bit. After just a couple days inside they developed a decent wobble. The bowl I turned tonight, and posted the initial picture of, is the smallest and thinnest walled one I have done. One of the logs I got had a big crack in it, presumably from when the tree fell. I was able to save a piece of it and this was the largest round I could get from it. I also decided to try making a tenon 'foot' for this one. I intentionally left it larger than I think looks proportional, knowing that I will need to flatten the bottom in a few days. Quarter for scale. And a pic of the three I have turned. The first two were completely turned on a faceplate, then I used a thin parting tool to remove the bowl from the faceplate and cut a slight hollow into the bottom. These live edge bowls have been making me be more patient to avoid losing chunks of the bark. The middle bowl above was the first I turned and I got too aggressive in removing the bulk (or too lazy to sharpen my gouge again) and lost some bark. I tried to find the piece to glue back on but couldn't. You can see a couple of the spots/lines of green-ish on the top bowl.
  9. I’m sure the pieces did touch the ground. Good to know for if I end up with a fallen tree. The tree smashed a friend’s fence, and their only focus and concern was to remove the tree and fix the fence. They are not woodworkers and thought it was strange that I asked to come take pieces of it I’m also not sure what the condition of the tree was before it fell. It was mostly cleaned up before I arrived. It’s quite possible that it had some previous issues and the strong wind was the final straw.
  10. Cool. I have turned three bowls from this stock and two of them have had it. I’m all for spalting, ambrosia, and other things that add interest to the wood. I just figured if it was something I was directly causing, I could either avoid it or try to take advantage of it. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I know there aren’t a ton of bowl turners here, but I figured this might be an easy answer. I have some green spots/streaks showing up in maple I’m turning bowls from. Is this inherent in the tree or something I did wrong in storing the pieces? They are there as I turn the bowl, and don’t seem to be changing over time after the bowl has been turned. The wood is still quite green (wet) at the time of turning. I grabbed some pieces of maple from a tree that fell in October after one of the hurricanes passed through. They were already cut to 2-3’ lengths and about 8” diameter. I painted the end grain with some latex paint. I cut a couple of them down to the rough blanks and put them in a cardboard box with some of the shavings to keep them from drying out too fast during the couple weeks it would take me to turn them into bowls. I had read that people put them in paper bags with shavings, but I don’t have any paper bags. Any tips or insight would be greatly appreciated! I am far from an experienced turner.
  12. Looking forward to watching this progress!
  13. Looking great so far, and I can't wait to see the finished product! Tables always look low without chairs next to them.
  14. JohnG

    Tool stand

    It's coming right along! I'll probably start a similar build this winter.
  15. Coop, too bad your comment lives on in the quote That reindeer looks great!
  16. There’s a slight gap in range for the G3 kit. I know because I’ve done the same thing!
  17. I haven't used Pocket much, but I believe it retrieves the page when you have internet connection and it can locate the page, and 'archives' it for when you are offline. So I would assume that if the URL is removed or changed, you should still have access to the page as it was the last time Pocket refreshed the archive of the page (presumably the last time you visited the page). Evernote and OneNote are more like taking a snapshot of the page, but retaining the text as text that you can search (and edit). When using the in-browser 'clipping tool' it will also include a hyperlink to the original page.
  18. I doubt the URL will change, but the thread could be deleted. The main benefit to using Evernote, OneNote, or similar is the search function. If you are only saving a few threads, it's easy to find what you are looking for. But if you end up with dozens or hundreds of WTO threads, blog posts, and other articles/pages, it can become necessary to be able to search for certain terms to quickly find what you are looking for. The downside to using those is that if more info is added to the thread, you have to manually add or remake your saved note to include the new replies. Just depends on how much/what type of info you are saving and how you are using it.
  19. +1 for @Mick S recommendation. The search function in Evernote is very good. You can “tag” notes with different keywords to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. If you have the Evernote app on a smartphone or tablet, you can take pictures and save them directly into a note. If I see a piece of furniture I like the design of, I’ll take several pictures of it and save it to Evernote. I’ll also take pictures of articles in FWW. They may have improved it, but as of a couple years ago the handwriting OCR that Mick mentioned was far better on Mac than on Windows (confirmed by Evernote techs).
  20. I enjoyed that segment and Mike's attempts to get around the limitations of picking two Joints: I was going to choose M&T and dovetail, but now you have me thinking M&T and box joint. Wood: I'd also pick Cherry and Walnut. I love everything cherry, and then walnut to have a darker wood too. Haven't actually done much with either yet, but I have some projects with them on the to-do list.
  21. The brand and style that Lewis pictured comes in various widths, from 1.5”-6”. They also make an all plastic framed version that has rollers that easily pop in and out for cleaning and to use different types of rollers. That style comes in 4”. Other brands may offer different widths and frame styles.
  22. It’s a beautiful piece! If you are planning on more kids down the road and want to use it again, maybe you can repurpose it for the time being. Could be used as toy/book storage or changing table supplies.
  23. JohnG

    Malibu Fires

    Sending my thoughts and prayers. Scary stuff. My brother-in-law and his sister were living in Paradise. They had enough time to grab a few clothes, the laptops, and their dogs, but that’s about it. They are sure the house is gone.
  24. The one by me does. They have many of the popular Festool offerings out to handle and they will let you use them as well. When I went in to buy my 500, they were out of stock but offered for me to take home the demo unit until the next Festool shipment arrived. Since they are independently owned franchises, it will depend on how your local store is run.
  25. I bought the G3 kit on a similar deal from Woodcraft. In addition to a faceplate, live center, spur, and pen mandrel, it has covered all of my needs on a midi lathe. I have yet to use all of the included jaws, but it seems to be a solid kit. I have been very happy with it. I have turned some bowls, knobs, pens, and some random other things with it.