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  1. Nice! I bet you’ll be happy with it. I have the original Nova Comet, and from what I’ve seen about it at the local woodcraft, the Comet II looks like a huge improvement. (Not that the original Comet is bad)
  2. Looks great! Some houses in my mother's neighborhood had their copper downspouts and gutters stolen a while back.
  3. I bought the Stanley version a while back used. When I got it, it had the same issue. I tried and tried to get it working, but couldn't figure out why that was happening. I stuck in in the back of a drawer, in pieces, because I was so frustrated with it. A couple weeks ago, I pulled it out and put it back together. Remarkably, it went together and works fine now! I have no idea what I did differently, I'm know I had tried everything I could imagine previously. Sorry this doesn't help you at all, but I hope you get it figured out!
  4. I forgot one of the most important parts- I also got this Kennedy toolbox at the auction. I had been using it for years as a normal toolbox, but roust recently switched it over to hold my hand tools (while they still fit in it).
  5. Thanks! It's definitely coming along, and I'm figuring things out as I go. I'm looking forward to the day I have a more permanent setup, and can invest some more time and better materials into my shop setup. At the same time, I'm grateful to have the space I have. The people who got me interested in woodworking would love to have a ~20'x20' space to work with!
  6. Some interesting finds while I was going through some boxes- I had quite a stock of grinding wheels! I had a specific use for these and needed a nice sharp edge on the wheel, so I would only use them a couple times for that purpose. I didn't have much need for them otherwise. Anyone need #68 drill bits?? Each blue envelope contains 12 and each pack on the left contains 144. I've already given away about 1k of them in the past. These were included with the auction lot that I got the metal drawers in. These are cool. They are some sort of self contained set screw systems. I'm sure there's a better name for them. The screws are stored in the handle, which has a hex socket on the end. The screws have a hex cap that fits into the socket on the handle. Also included in the auction lot. Never found a use for them. Some sort of inspection lights? Also from the auction lot. Yet another auction item. I was told it is an electric metal engraver. I'm always slightly worried it's going to explode while I'm using it. It gets very hot. I had a machinist friend that I gave a lot of the auction items to - hundreds of taps and dies, large drill bits (1-3"), mill tools, metal gears, etc. This was all back when I thought that metal working was awesome and woodworking was lame.
  7. I made mention in another thread that I am reorganizing my shop, and I thought I'd post some things here. I currently have a 2 car garage as my shop. We are in a rental house because we had only planned on living in this location for 3 years. The garage doesn't have an automatic opener, so I was able to claim it (but I also need to keep other garage items in it as well). It's got bare studded walls and no insulation. It's not ideal but it gets the job done. I've added some shelves, but nothing serious or permanent, since it's not mine. It has gotten to be quite a mess because when we moved in, all I had was a jobsite saw and some hand tools and a few handheld power tools. I still have a long list of "wants" and "needs" but I find ways to work around them until I can add more. I've cleared out most of my storage space so I can reorganize everything in a better way. This means all of my stuff is on whatever horizontal surface will hold it. The center of my shop is the little Ridgid jobsite saw. I got this to test the waters to see if woodworking stuck. It definitely did. I've got my eye on a SawStop, but for now this does fine, and I built a stand for it with some drawers and storage. The top two drawers are empty at the moment. I made this to serve as an outfeed table and assembly/work bench. It's crude but solid enough. I store tools under it- Oscillating belt/spindle sander, lunchbox planer, bench grinder, router, biscuit jointer, and now a Domino! Often it is a catch-all for when I inevitably have several projects going on at once. I added a crude vise to it, when it was needed for a project I was working on. Otherwise I've been able to just clamp things to the surface of the table. I made pens on this lathe (original Nova Comet) when I was a kid, and my dad has been moving it around with him for years without ever using it. When I got into woodworking, he gave it to me. I built a stand for it and wired up a better switch for it. I don't like the tool rack I put on it, but it's a low priority change. . I just got this HF dust collector a couple days ago. I had been using a shop vac, but had several struggles with it. I am much happier with this setup! I didn't want to go all out on a DC until I'm in a more permanent shop and know what will work. I might add the thien baffle or better filter, but will run it stock for a while first. I have a couple shop made lumber racks on the wall. I mostly use these for current project stock. I had planned on adding more for my actual lumber storage, but didn't get around to it before getting distracted with other things. The rest of my lumber is stacked on stickers on the ground. It's below the racks I made, and I can stand on my lumber pile to access the top rack easier. I've got poplar, maple, cherry, and a bit of walnut. Then I have some sheet goods and 2x4s stashed in the corner. 2x4s are just used for making shop furniture, since they will likely get scrapped when we move. An old desk that was damaged in the move serves as another catch-all and is always messy. It did catch a bandsaw though! Scrap storage under it. Some drawer units I have. Mostly empty at this point. I just recently moved them into the shop. I got the metal ones at an auction in 2004, and got the plastic ones for free when the hardware store I worked at switched fastener suppliers. I had many more of these, but gave most of them away. Glue, finishes, and other supplies on top. My wife got me this heater last winter. It did a great job of making the shop bearable in the cold. I had wired it up quickly to start using it, but recently disconnected it so I could use the breaker space. I'll wire it back up once it cools down.
  8. Let’s see, it’s been a while since I posted an update. I’ve had a couple side projects come up that took my attention— a TWW kid’s kitchen step stool for our daughter, and a couple small gifts on the lathe. Then it got hot. Then I decided that I needed to rearrange a lot of the things in my shop (garage). I haven’t finished yet, so there’s always stuff in my way. I also found some mistakes, and then made some new mistakes. My shop time lately has been frustrating, so it has been more limited Back to the desk- I realized I hadn’t incorporated any sort of front rail, and the top drawers limit how tall it can be. I also had cut upper mortises into the insides of the front legs, which wasn’t needed. In order to cover this up a bit, I made a twin dovetail/tenon thing. It came out looking terrible, but should be strong enough with some epoxy to fill the gaps. It won’t be seen, anyway. I have also finished the stiles go divide up the panels. I cut the tenons before cutting the grooves, which was a mistake looking back. It made cutting the grooves a bit sketchy, so I took the cuts slow and easy. It’s slowly coming together. I’ll use my new Domino to speed some parts of this up.
  9. Good tip, I’ll probably do that. I don’t at all regret buying it, it just adds up quick, and I bought some other things as well. Before I knew it I was at the price tag of the DF-700. I’ve received a lot of requests (family and friends) for some of the smaller projects I’ve done recently, so I’m going to do some small batches of pieces to sell. I’ll make far less $/hr than in my normal work, but it’ll be nice for my shop to generate a bit of cash I can put into new tools or lumber for my own projects. The Domino will make this feasible, and will be useful for my own projects as well.
  10. I did a thing... Picked up the DF-500 and tenon/bit assortment this morning. Had one last moment of panic and doubt when they gave me the total, but I'm glad I got them. Now I just need to find some time to use it!
  11. Have you completed this project? Let us know how it turns out!
  12. Before you apply the clamps, if you lay the boards on a flat surface, how do the joints look? Are they tight and consistent just by sliding the boards together? Then flip them over and do the same thing. How do you drill the holes for dowels? If you do a dry assembly with dowels, are the joints still tight and consistent (same as they were without dowels)?
  13. I agree on frequency, but not on sharpness. I don't think it's necessary to take your lathe chisels to a sharpness beyond bench chisels and plane irons. The turners I know use the lathe chisels straight from the 120 grit wheel on the bench grinder. From what I've seen on youtube this isn't an uncommon practice.
  14. Probably so. I bought a 24k gold Swiss watch from an estate sale for $4 while there was a cheap Casio or similar next to it for far more. It was a women’s watch so the writing was much smaller and harder to read, so they didn’t bother looking into it.
  15. Glad your class is going well! I hadn't recently thought about checking the local community colleges for woodworking classes, but will look into that this weekend. I have also found it to be a black hole in the addictive sense, and quickly found myself spending all of my shop time at the lathe. I got a bit burnt out of in after causally suggesting to my wife that I could turn pens as Christmas gifts for family members last year. Before I realized what was happening, I was turning dozens of pens for family, friends, coworkers, etc. Now I turn an occasional bowl or other item for a fun change of pace in the shop, or use it when I need knobs or something else for a project. I'd imagine the wood piece would deflect or break before you are able to apply enough force to cause damage, unless you are attempting to turn something large.
  16. Looking forward to watching this come together! I also recently had good luck in having a piece of "scrap" fill a need with almost no waste. It was a very satisfying feeling, and now I can see how some people's "scrap" piles get so huge.
  17. nice find! I hadn’t considered finding decent tools at thrift shops, but now I’m itching to go look!
  18. It sure is a black hole. I got a lathe for free, and it still cost me several hundred dollars.
  19. This is helpful. I primarily use 3/4-4/4 stock and had assumed the 5mm would be fine for this. But when I saw the 5mm tenons at the store, they looked a bit wimpy and I started to doubt my assumption. I know the 5mm will be more than enough for panel alignment. I was mostly trying to avoid starting a project and having to stop in the middle of it to go buy a different sized bit for the domino. I'll probably just stick with the 5mm until I find that I need something else. I had seen you recommend this in another post and took note of it. Great idea. I'll have to see if the roundover bits I have are close enough.
  20. Well, I had worked myself up and convinced myself the purchase would be worth the price tag. Drove to the local Woodcraft all excited, but they were sold out. Guess I should have called ahead. Are there any good charts/info on selecting bit sizes and tenon widths and lengths for the domino? I know that generally traditional tenons are recommended to be sized 1/3 material thickness.
  21. What about a drop of CA glue in a couple of the corners? It would keep it from shifting around, but then could easily be popped free if you needed to remove it for any reason.
  22. What are the round parts you need? Things like table legs can be ordered online in a wide variety of styles and sizes. If you want to do it yourself, see if there is a “maker space” near you that has lathes. If you have a Woodcraft/Rockler near you, they often have wood turning classes. You could get in touch with the instructor to see if you could do a slightly different project than the class, or use the class to make a connection with someone that owns a lathe in the area.
  23. A friend of mine would grab a stack of the little sauce cups from Waba Grill every time we would get lunch there. He used them as paint cups for scale models. I have a lot of small plastic and glass jars from puréed foods for our daughter, but haven’t seen any that same shape/size.
  24. I've found myself seriously considering buying a Domino. I'm not too excited about spending $1k on it though. Would you all consider buying one used from Craigslist or would it not be worth the savings? Is there something that goes bad on these that I should look out for if I do buy used? I check festoolrecon occasionally, but haven't seen one on there yet.