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  1. Glad your class is going well! I hadn't recently thought about checking the local community colleges for woodworking classes, but will look into that this weekend. I have also found it to be a black hole in the addictive sense, and quickly found myself spending all of my shop time at the lathe. I got a bit burnt out of in after causally suggesting to my wife that I could turn pens as Christmas gifts for family members last year. Before I realized what was happening, I was turning dozens of pens for family, friends, coworkers, etc. Now I turn an occasional bowl or other item for a fun chan
  2. Looking forward to watching this come together! I also recently had good luck in having a piece of "scrap" fill a need with almost no waste. It was a very satisfying feeling, and now I can see how some people's "scrap" piles get so huge.
  3. nice find! I hadn’t considered finding decent tools at thrift shops, but now I’m itching to go look!
  4. It sure is a black hole. I got a lathe for free, and it still cost me several hundred dollars.
  5. This is helpful. I primarily use 3/4-4/4 stock and had assumed the 5mm would be fine for this. But when I saw the 5mm tenons at the store, they looked a bit wimpy and I started to doubt my assumption. I know the 5mm will be more than enough for panel alignment. I was mostly trying to avoid starting a project and having to stop in the middle of it to go buy a different sized bit for the domino. I'll probably just stick with the 5mm until I find that I need something else. I had seen you recommend this in another post and took note of it. Great idea. I'll have to see if the roundo
  6. Well, I had worked myself up and convinced myself the purchase would be worth the price tag. Drove to the local Woodcraft all excited, but they were sold out. Guess I should have called ahead. Are there any good charts/info on selecting bit sizes and tenon widths and lengths for the domino? I know that generally traditional tenons are recommended to be sized 1/3 material thickness.
  7. What about a drop of CA glue in a couple of the corners? It would keep it from shifting around, but then could easily be popped free if you needed to remove it for any reason.
  8. What are the round parts you need? Things like table legs can be ordered online in a wide variety of styles and sizes. If you want to do it yourself, see if there is a “maker space” near you that has lathes. If you have a Woodcraft/Rockler near you, they often have wood turning classes. You could get in touch with the instructor to see if you could do a slightly different project than the class, or use the class to make a connection with someone that owns a lathe in the area.
  9. A friend of mine would grab a stack of the little sauce cups from Waba Grill every time we would get lunch there. He used them as paint cups for scale models. I have a lot of small plastic and glass jars from puréed foods for our daughter, but haven’t seen any that same shape/size.
  10. I've found myself seriously considering buying a Domino. I'm not too excited about spending $1k on it though. Would you all consider buying one used from Craigslist or would it not be worth the savings? Is there something that goes bad on these that I should look out for if I do buy used? I check festoolrecon occasionally, but haven't seen one on there yet.
  11. If you are finishing the rest of the wood before engraving, I don’t see why you would need to add another layer over it. I would just seal the leaf and call it done. Am I missing something? Also remember that any texture on the substrate will show through the leaf. So if you are using a wood with a strong grain pattern like white oak, the leaf will inherit that grain pattern. You may want to do some extra sanding/sealing to the wood after engraving.
  12. They also make a spray on sealer and adhesive, which may be easier depending on your project. I do not have personal experience with those. Speedball’s customer service is very good, if you call them I’d bet they would be happy to help you decide which would be better for your application. And if your results (on your test piece) are not satisfactory they should either help you pinpoint any application error or otherwise take care of you (refund/replacement/exchange). You do not want to use the gilders mop for applying the adhesive or the sealer. I used decent quality synthetic flat artis
  13. I have a bit of experience using the Mona Lisa (Speedball Art) metal leaf products. They make a sealer that did not dull the leaf in my experience. It will dull the leaf if applied improperly (additional costs before dry, excessive brushing, etc). Whatever you go with, I’d do a test piece to be sure. Full disclosure: I am related to someone involved with the company.
  14. I have yet to find a disc my Super Drive will eject! Agreed on contacting the seller.
  15. I don’t think anyone was suggesting having the side of the organizer be flush with the edge of the top. In his drawing, the desk top overhangs 2”, while the organizers are set in 3/4” (estimated dimensions). I was suggesting to have those match, so the desk top and organizer top are aligned, and the organizer side and legs are aligned. It is a nice design having the top of the organizer overhang and rounded to match the desk top.
  16. I’d decrease the side overhang of the top. Then align the organizers so the outside edge is in the same plane as the outside edges of the legs. If possible, I’d also adjust the width of the organizers to have the inner edges of the aligned with another feature- the edge of the drawers or the start of the cutout in the apron.
  17. Paul Jenkins made a flip top cart youtube video a while back with hinge blocks to lock the top. Slightly different execution though- he used standard hinges, then added a magnet so the blocks would stay in place. Definitely a neat idea.
  18. Where did you find the picture? Unless it was from a site that sells the plans, chances are very low that you would find plans for that exact crib. It looks like the pictured crib has a drop side, which are now illegal to manufacture, sell, or donate in the United States, Canada, and some other countries. This thread is quite old, but it does have some good info on safety concerns when building a crib, as well as a few links and references to available crib plans. If you haven't already, go back and read the prior posts. Crib mattresses are a standard size (mostly), so it would be fa
  19. A nice handsaw might also be a good option. The BearKat saws look like they are heirloom quality, but I don’t have any personal experience with them.
  20. Thanks for the replies! No, the drawers are not file size. My wife figured that since I have (2) 24” depth file drawers on my desk, she doesn’t need any. I keep all of our family stuff organized anyway, and she doesn’t need any filing space for her use, so we took out the file drawers from her desk design. There will be a top drawer about 3” tall and a lower drawer about 6” tall.
  21. JohnG


    I’m a Mr. Mom by day, Accountant by night. I’m self employed and do contract accounting, finance, and a bunch of other things for a group of private companies.
  22. If the struts otherwise work well (assist in opening, keep the lid from slamming shut), I’d leave them mounted where they are and notch out that horizontal piece to give them clearance. If you don’t want to do that, you could move both sets of mounting brackets toward the front of the chest so the lid mounts are in front of that horizontal piece. You can’t mount the brackets equidistant from the hinges. That would prevent the lid from closing.