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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I think I’ll go with a full panel. I made a little more headway on the model last night, but will need to play around with the rail/stile sizes to get the right look. There will be a matching frame and panel along the back to match the front/sides. I also added a taper to the legs. Now I'm thinking the vertical parts of the hutch should also be frame and panel.
  2. I agree. It has a bit steeper of a learning curve (even with a decent amount of experience with other Autodesk products), but I am liking Fusion 360 better than Sketchup. Currently I can mock up a rough design much faster in Sketchup, but I'm assuming that with more practice, F360 will be similar. That's a great point. I was planning on doing that after switching leg styles, but failed to mention it. I think the drawer cases will be frame and panel, with the legs being two sides of the frame. Edit: or would it look better to have a full frame between the legs?
  3. Greetings! This will be my first project journal, so hopefully I can keep it updated. Progress will likely be very slow, so please bear with me. My wife requested a new desk to fit in a little nook in our 'office' (extra bedroom). She did some internet searches to find specific design aspects that she wants, then we went through several revisions in Sketchup. I'm sure that the plan will change along the way, but at least I have a starting point. This will actually be my first build using all solid wood and no plywood, so I'm excited. She wants it painted so most of the desk will be Poplar
  4. I’m quite lucky. She has been very supportive of this hobby, and wants me to upgrade to a SawStop (she works in the ER and has seen people come in with fingers in a jar). She hasn’t at all objected to my tool purchases, though I do try to be pretty frugal. I’ve come to realize that one of my big sources of mistakes comes from changing my plans on the fly. Except for the little step stool, I have made full plans for my projects in advance (AutoCad, Sketchup, and more recently some Fusion360). I print out the plans, part list, and cut lists to keep out in the shop as I’m building it
  5. Thanks! That was mostly a joke, I do plan on making project journals for my future projects. I've seen how much valuable help and constructive criticism you all have to offer.
  6. I've been lurking these forums for quite some time, and just recently started posting a bit. I joined here to get involved in the woodworking community, so I suppose I should actually get involved instead of hiding in the shadows! A bit about myself: I have helped renovate several houses in the past, and I've always enjoyed fixing things and working with my hands, but I had no prior exposure to woodworking except for turning a couple pens. My high school offered wood shop classes, but sadly at the time I thought it was "uncool." Luckily I did have much interest in the school's offer
  7. I've had a Kennedy machinist toolbox like the attached for about 15 years and the felt/flocked drawers have held up surprisingly well. It has been a general toolbox for many of those years. I don't just place precision tools in the drawers- I throw wrenches, screwdrivers, files, hammers, etc in, sometimes from several feet away if I left the drawer/top open. I haven't applied flocking, so I'm not sure how it compares to the lining in these drawers, but it looks similar.
  8. Bidding is only fun in person. I stopped using eBay several years ago when it got flooded with sketchy listings and sellers. I occasionally use it for price checking, but only look at Buy it Now prices.
  9. I've had some friends over the years that are all-or-nothing with their hobbies, which are usually short lived, and I could see a couple of them doing this. "If I'm going spend $3k on a table saw, I might as well upgrade to X for only $1k more, and if I'm going to spend $4k on a table saw, I might as well get Y for another $1k. What's that? I don't have 3ph 480v in my garage? That's okay, I'm really into knitting now." Most likely a company that overestimated their growth rate. Good deal for someone who is in the market for a saw like this.
  10. I’ve recently received a couple surprise packages from Amazon. After calling customer service and providing some information from the shipping label, we learned that they were mistakes. One box had a duplicate shipping label for an item we did order and had already received, but inside were several Moana themed items that some little girl was probably sad hadn’t arrived. The other was a total mystery, and they couldn’t tell me who ordered it. (I’ve run into this a lot lately, since they have stopped including packing slips by default. When someone sends a gift, they have to include
  11. I’m in VA near the coast. I have 8-10bf maple from the same source that I bought last summer, and it seems to have stayed straight and true, but I wasn’t sure if I just got lucky with it. I was able to sneak out to the garage at lunchtime to cut some stickers and restack the wood. I put the nicer and wider boards at the bottom, hoping the weight will keep it flat. But if not, it will be a good excuse to buy a jointer.
  12. Thanks for the quick replies! I'll make some stickers and restack it as soon as possible. My shop and the garage are the same space, so I am relatively motivated to get the stacks off the ground to free up space. I have a lunchbox planer, so I can skip plane if needed, and will eventually make a jointer sled for it unless I buy a jointer first. Woodworking is just a hobby for me, so my time in the shop can be pretty limited at times.
  13. JohnG

    Phone dust

    I haven't had any real issues with sawdust in my iphone connector, but have worried about it. Interestingly, I have found that my phone collects the same amount of dust whether it is in my pocket or out in the open. I have a small tupperware like container that I put it in when I am generating a lot of sawdust. That way I can still quickly access it if needed, and it is still in bluetooth range.
  14. I'm fairly new to woodworking, other than some plywood projects and 2x4 construction projects over the years (if you can call those woodworking). I just bought a bunch of lumber from a lumber yard in the area and I am starting to worry myself about storing it. I don't often have access to a truck so I bought more than enough for the few projects I have immediately planned. It will be stored in an unconditioned garage (except for a small heater or fan when I am currently working in the garage). I live in an area with average humidity of about 65-75% and average temperatures ranging from 50-90 (
  15. At the time they I think were about $.75-$1.50/lb depending on the size. Not sure if the big box stores would stock it. You might also be able to find it at a sporting goods/hunting store if that is more convenient. I’d call first. You can also find them online, but it looks like they are closer to $2/lb unless you but a lot. At that point a steel weight would probably be cheaper.
  16. You could also look for lead ingot. I used to work at a hardware store and we sold it in 1-, 5-, and 10-pound bars. It would be easy to drill a hole and attach with screws and you wouldn’t have to deal with melting and casting or making a container.
  17. I also have a Pica and like the toxic green case that is pretty hard to lose sight of. I struggle to get a sharp point with the sharpener though. Not sure if it is user error or an issue with the sharpener. Whenever I get close to a fine point, the tip breaks off in the sharpener. I mostly use it for rough layout now.
  18. If you used epoxy on all sides, wouldn't that prevent the wood from changing it’s moisture content, or at least significantly reduce it, minimizing wood movement to the point of it being a non-issue? Or is epoxy not *that* impermeable? I’m new to this, so I may well be missing something, but it seems like this would be the case.
  19. I just recently moved (back) to VA and brought along my new found love for woodworking. After a year or two of e-woodworking (watching YouTube videos and listening to woodworking podcasts) I finally made the dive and bought myself some tools. I’ve only made a few things so far, not counting pens on the lathe, but have only become more and more obsessed, and have many projects planned. I managed to take over our 2 car garage to use as my shop, but do share it with a bit of storage for bikes, lawn tools and supplies, etc.
  20. In the early 2000s I used Inventor (v5 and 8) and Acad (v2000i) pretty extensively in school, then Revit and Acad 2005-2008 for work in HVAC design. I was never a fan of Revit, even for building systems, but wasn’t given any training and was expected to do the work in both Acad and Revit and still meet the original deadlines. I’m pretty new to woodworking, and so far have been using Sketchup for my projects. When I first started using it, I found myself longing for the features and control of Inventor, but somehow didn’t think of digging up my old copy of Inventor that autodesk gave
  21. Don't leave the chuck key in the chuck when you turn on the drill press!