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  1. Man, that looks great! Hard to beat cherry.
  2. This. Or the large number of people that never even bother to look at their statements or activity and just pay whatever they are told.
  3. I'm sure the amount has to be pretty high before the credit card company would even consider taking action. If there was a large enough amount from a single merchant, the CC company would likely go after the merchant for reimbursement, then it would be up to the merchant to go after the individual. For a few hundred or even a few thousand the bank would likely end up spending far more in researching and taking action than just eating the cost.
  4. A similar thing happened to my wife a number of years ago, they made a couple small purchases to verify it went through, then spent a couple hundred in some online games. I didn’t even bother contacting the places to get them to reverse the charges, that’s the bank/credit card company’s job. Just notified the bank and they went through the charges to verify which ones weren’t my wife, took the bogus charges off her account and issued a new card. If the bank wants you to do the legwork, it’s time to switch banks. I only use cash when absolutely necessary, credit cards these days offer far better purchase protection and you can get cash back. Win win in my book.
  5. I'm currently just using a jobsite table saw, and would like to upgrade to a cabinet saw. My wife works in the ER and has seen people come in with fingers in a jar, so she is supportive of the idea but I'm not sure she was expecting the $3k price tag. I don't have a jointer at all yet, just been using S3S for projects. Luckily the dealer I use does a pretty good job and the boards have generally stayed square and straight (except for a couple odd boards). I've got a 10" bandsaw, but would like to be able to resaw more than 4". The bandsaw upgrade will probably be the last of the three. I do have Peart's books on my 'wishlist'. I'll probably buy one or both in early 2019.
  6. Sawstop pro, 36” fence, 3hp. 14” bandsaw. Jointer (pref parallelogram 8”). Probably wouldn’t buy all at once, but are purchased I’d like to make in the somewhat near future. May settle for a 6” jointer if a good deal comes up that I have the time to jump on. I’ve seen some good deals on 8” jointers, but just haven’t had the availability to rent/borrow a truck and drive out to get them. I’ve only been into woodworking for a couple years, but have always enjoyed building things and working with my hands. My skills at woodworking still have a long way to go, but it’s an enjoyable learning experience. I see a lot of improvement with each project. The first guild project I bought was the highboy project when they were running the Fathers Day sale. It’s 11+ hours of video. I would never build a Queen Anne highboy for myself, but I learned a lot from watching it, and have put a lot of it to use on other projects. At your level, based on this desk, there may not be as much benefit in just watching them. I didn’t even take a wood shop class in high school (at that time I thought metal working was cool and woodworking was lame), and didn’t grow up with any woodworkers in the family. I’m still learning a lot of the best practices and rules of thumb, so I’m trying to absorb as much info as possible. I also don’t know any local woodworkers, and the guild projects have been a much better value than the one Woodcraft class I took. I will have to do some specific G&G reading and research. I just drool over some of Peart’s pieces.
  7. I’ll check out that FWW article. I own several guild projects and have bought some of them just to watch, with no intention to ever build the piece. They are well made and enjoyable to watch, and the lessons are easily transferred to other projects. Once I finish up a couple in-progress projects, I’ll propose a G&G style item to my wife and see how she feels about the style. I may have to hold off on a ‘me’ project since I also just proposed about $5k in machines I want to buy but I will definitely reach out to you for some tips/advice when I get around to a G&G project.
  8. You can use any knife or other piece of sharpened metal. The only thing special about any marking knife is how easily it fits in tight spaces, and how well or easily it registers against the edge of a rule or work piece. The more expensive ones also tend to have handles that look and feel better than the cheap ones. Paul Sellers uses a cheap Stanley folding knife, below. I have one of the same, but find it difficult to register the small bevel sometimes. I mostly use it for opening packaging and miscellaneous tasks now. You can also buy single bevel or double bevel blades for it.
  9. Are the dowels glued into the legs or do they just float in there? Do the dowels fit tightly into the seat, or is there a bit of wiggle room?
  10. I had run into the same issue. A while back I checked out a book called Making Tiny Toys in Wood that had a couple trucks/cars in it, but they were smaller than I expected, mostly using 1/8"-1/2" stock and a few inches long overall. Then I realized the book was intended for scroll saw work. I scanned the templates and have considered scaling them up, but I think the proportions might not scale well.
  11. I agree with Isaac on the pocket screws not being enough for this application. They do a pretty good job at holding things together (better than many people give them credit for), but this isn't their ideal application. It's hard to tell from the angle of the picture, but it looks like they were drilled at the ~3/4" setting, so it's a shorter screw and there isn't as much material between the head of the screw and top of the leg as could be used. It would feel solid as is and may continue to feel solid for a few years, or it may not.
  12. Very cool! I've been wanting to make something similar for my daughter and a few of our friends' kids. Did you just make it on the fly or find the template somewhere?
  13. I use a Pfeil marking knife (the smaller of the two available at Woodcraft). It has a single bevel, but is double sided so you can easily use on both sides of joinery. It is a relatively inexpensive knife, and the finish of the wood handle shows it. I think it was on sale for $15 or $20 when I bought it.
  14. Agreed, I enjoy certain birds but won't be traveling solely to lengthen a life list. If we travel somewhere and have an opportunity to see some interesting birds from the area, it will be an added bonus to the trip, not the main reason. What changes would you make to the desk? I really like the modified blanket chest. I regret not purchasing the guild project while it was on sale a couple weeks ago. I have a blanket chest on my "future builds" list, and lately I have been very interested in the G&G style and Peart's work.
  15. Interesting read, thanks for sharing! +1 for adding some sort of corner brace to prevent racking if it will see regular use. If it will just be decorative and only rarely sat on, it may be fine to leave it as-is.
  16. Ah, didn’t realize you provided your number. That is really annoying. I always assumed powermatic would have better service than this. Not much of a “gold standard.”
  17. It is possible that they only have 1-2 customer service reps, and that they did watch the videos but want to discuss the next steps via phone rather than email. In any case, they should have been more informative in their response. Not off to a good start. Hopefully they can turn it around and make it right.
  18. I don’t yet own this particular guild project, but have 6 or 7 others. For all of the ones I have, the value of the instruction goes far beyond the particular project being built. You start to see the individual techniques and methods and how they can be used for countless other things. Well worth the price.
  19. It turns out that I'm not very good at keeping up with this journal. I finished priming the pieces and then glued up the base. I did it in a few stages- first the side frame and panel assemblies, then the rear. I glued the stiles in place and left the panels floating, and clamped them up and dry fit the legs in place to keep everything aligned while the glue dried. Second I glued the legs to the side F&P assemblies. Third was everything else. I used epoxy for the third glue up, since I knew it would take me a while to make sure everything was straight and square. It went pretty well overall, I did catch one part misaligned before the epoxy set and was able to fix it. Next I painted on a coat of the base color (wife wants the 'distressed' look). Then installed the drawer slides and drawers. This brings us to here- I hate working with drawer slides, and I always worry that I am doing it wrong. Other than one mindless mistake, I got the drawers installed and working well. The fronts for the sides have been cut to final size and sanded. I need to do some final sizing and determine the profile for the front of the middle tray. However, as I finished installing the drawers and was feeling pretty good with myself, I noticed a major flaw in my design. I had planned for the top drawer fronts to match the height of the top rails on the side/back panels. As seen here. (Don't mind the rough paint job, there will be another base coat and sanding before the top color goes on) Unfortunately I had not originally planned on the flat rail going across the front of the desk. So now my drawer fronts will actually sit about 3/4" lower than the rails. Any suggestions? I can either live with it and chalk it up to a learning experience, or I can cut down the top drawer from 2.25" deep to 1.5" deep and move them up and remake all the drawer fronts. The current location for the desk is a little nook, so the sides won't be seen. Future locations are unknown.
  20. They really are an incredible creature. Watching it lower its head and just plow through the trees was humbling. It was similar to when my wife and I were camping in Yellowstone and each morning would wake up with small herd of bison within a couple hundred feet of our campsite. When they would get spooked by something and run off, we could feel the ground shaking. I use iBird also! I bought it right after my daughter started pointing out birds in our back yard, and then went out and bought a feeder to draw them in closer for her to see. I've been interested in birding for a while, ever since my wife (girlfriend at the time) took an ornithology course in college. I went on some bird watching outings with her (she was bird watching, I was "bird" watching), and ended up enjoying it. My daughter loves the outdoors and I intend to foster that as much as possible. Looking forward to much hiking, camping, and adventures outside with her. To bring it somewhat back to topic, have you built other G&G style furniture as well? Or is this desk the only one?
  21. I should add to my response that I also do not have any experience with this brand. Given the price points, I cannot think of a scenario where I would buy the basic chuck over the Talon.
  22. A benefit to the Talon Chuck is that you can tighten/loosen the chuck with one hand while you hold the piece in place with the other. It uses a chuck key and operates in a similar manner to a drill chuck. The basic chuck requires that you use two rods, which generally takes two hands to operate.
  23. Agreed. I just have a Ridgid lunchbox planer and it gives better results. Definitely something wrong with that batch of Jets. Bad luck, Steve! Glad the dealer took them back for you to get something else that will work.
  24. Here's a terrible iphone pic of the moose. We drifted and watched it for a while, then it took off into the woods. We could track its path up the hill from the noise and watching the saplings fold over. Pretty neat experience. Of course we also saw many bald eagles, loons, and other wildlife, and had a beaver just outside our tent one night. When my daughter is old enough to enjoy learning nature walks like that, I may be able to justify some long lenses. I'm sure she will enjoy that one day, but for now is more interested in looking at the pictures in Sibley books and on a "Backyard Birds" deck of cards we have. She likes pointing them out when we go on walks, but isn't yet interested in knowing more than the fact that it is a bird and it is flying (or hopping on the ground). Having kids makes you really evaluate your priorities. I had hobbies that I thought were lifelong hobbies/obsessions, that I have hardly even thought about since she was born. Not necessarily a bad thing, since it has let me focus more on a couple hobbies and look forward to focusing on others as she grows older. Watching her near full-time plus a full time job means that I use my free time very intentionally. Sorry for hijacking your thread. Maybe we need a photography thread in Off-Topic.