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  1. Still trying to find the zerks on it... But yes, TSC55
  2. I hadn’t seen those steering wheel ZTRs before. Will your land let you mow at 14mph? I had planned on going ZTR over GT due to mowing speed, but our pastures are too rough to really go much, if any, faster than the GTs go. I’m noe considering the Husq 48” GT just for mowing the lawn and perimeter of the fields, and pulling a little trailer around. My ZTR can pull my log splitter but only just, especially when going uphill. The GT should do better with it.
  3. Tom, do you have another link to these spouts? The link above seems to be dead. I did order a grease gun in preparation for the tractor being delivered.
  4. JohnG


    For the record- ordered 1/21, shipped 1/22, scheduled delivery to NC 1/26.
  5. The other option would be to just affix some of those plastic sliders to the bottom of the legs. I put those under all of our furniture in our carpeted rooms when we first moved in and were figuring out layout. Even our heaviest furniture slid almost rather easily on those.
  6. Kubota LX2610su. I wanted something big enough to do what I need it to, but small enough to navigate the woods and not destroy the lawn when driving over it. Had been leaning toward the B2601 but the sales guy (good friend of a friend) talked me into the LX. Slightly bigger frame and capacities, but not too big and without all the emissions stuff of the next size up. Considered a tiller for getting our garden started, but I might just rent that since it will be used very occasionally.
  7. I ordered a tractor yesterday! Headed back on Monday to pay for it. They have it in stock but will have to get it ready and install a couple options. Hopefully not long before delivery. Got a bush hog, pallet forks, and box blade with it.
  8. Which one did you get? Sounds like the reaction my wife’s coworker had to the Moderna vaccine during the trials. He did not react as much to the second part.
  9. Most finishes are safe once they are fully cured. For some finishes this can be a month or more. Shellac or osmo polyx are good options that are more open about being food safe. Personally my kids never chewed on their cribs so I would have felt safe with anything.
  10. JohnG


    Didn’t see that one. I got a TSC-55.
  11. JohnG


    So what’s the typical time from order to delivery from FestoolRecon?
  12. Except not really. US currency is mostly cotton and linen, not wood pulp.
  13. I can’t help but imagine about 8 chairs in every room of your house. Beautiful work!
  14. JohnG


    Welcome Neal! I’m a couple hours East of you. I’ve only done hammer veneering, and used hide glue for that. I do understand that contact cement is NOT recommended.
  15. Grip it and rip it! I start out slow, but once it gets a mice divot I go pretty fast. Haven’t ever had a tile crack on me except the one time the hole placement left about 1/16 of material left on the edge. But I do always have a slight fear that they will crack. Used my 084 today. That thing is a beast. Cut through some big oak logs like butter. Then had a big stack of longer logs and just sliced through the whole pile. Also picked up a log splitter and split a bunch of wood.
  16. I think this is the right manual. If you look at the parts diagram it shows one left hand thread nut holding it onto the shaft. Do you not see that on yours? Page 25. Is removing the wheel necessary?
  17. You’d think that with waiting over a month for the bar I’d have plenty of time to assemble my granberg (which I got before I ordered the saw) before the saw was ready... but you’d be wrong. I’ll get it put together this weekend. Now I just need to find some trees to mill!
  18. No pics no care, right? Next to my little baby saw- 20” 271
  19. The 36” bar for my 084 FINALLY arrived today. No fault of the seller, but it just sat at the Canadian post office from 12/2-1/4 when it was finally sent to customs and accepted into the US.
  20. Yeah I’d hit that... with some wipe-on poly.
  21. To quit only doing 90% of something before I go and start somethi
  22. I went to my local Klingspor woodworking store ready to buy a Festool RO sander but they were aold out of the ETS EC 150s and weren’t sure when they’d be able to get more.
  23. Following. We are adding a full bathroom to our basement this year and need to start deciding on fixtures, etc.
  24. Pretty sure this is a bot user. They posted another thread (which has since been removed) with a link to an affiliate marketing site, their profile links to a similar site, and their profile pic is a stock image.