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  1. My brother asked the same mechanic about battery replacement, and he said that in his years working on them, battery replacement was very very rare.
  2. Awesome! I might build future hive boxes and frames, but it’s not at the top of the list for shop time right now.
  3. My brother’s is a ‘14 Camry hybrid. He and his wife love it. No issues in the ~4 years they have owned it.
  4. I think my brother’s hybrid is the Camry. He’s had it for a few years, I’ll ask him about it and will let you know.
  5. Lee Valley is where I got mine. I don’t recall any customs fee. They are a great company to deal with, I’m sure they would have a friendly answer to a call or email about it if you are concerned.
  6. Yeah probably should have started with the faceplate. If you don’t have a chuck and are needing to use the faceplate to hollow it, you’ll just have to turn down the outside until it’s in round again.
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    What’s a nail?
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    Hey @Coop is it okay to store a fire extinguisher outside in freezing temps? I’m thinking maybe I should keep one out by our outdoor wood stove. I can put it in a place that will mostly be sheltered from rain and snow, and up off the ground. Should I put it in any sort of enclosure?
  9. One benefit to yellow jackets is that they do prey on grubs and beetles, but overall I prefer not to have them around. They are not as effective at pollinating as honey bees are.
  10. I’ll start a thread when I start to assemble the hive boxes. Then if people are interested I can continue to add to it regarding managing the hive and extracting honey, etc.
  11. Honey bees are generally very docile. If you get unlucky and have a generally mean colony, you just find and kill the queen and when they rear a new one, chances are they will be much nicer. The whole colony's disposition is dictated by the queen. Honey bees often die after stinging, so they certainly don't want to sting unless they feel that they need to. Some people see a swarm of bees and fear that they are aggressive when they swarm, but that's the opposite of what is true. When they swarm, they don't have a home to protect so they are not aggressive at all. You can walk right through
  12. Haha she spoke with the queen and invited them here. No, we took a beekeeping class together in college. She reached out to the professor who said he would send us a colony from the school’s apiary. Probably when one of the existing colonies prepares to swarm he will capture them in a nuc and mail that to us. Or intentionally split a colony and give us one.
  13. It came yesterday but I opened it today. My wife bought me some hive box kits and arranged for bees to be delivered in the spring.
  14. Per CDC guidelines, if you get tested on day 5 after known exposure and are negative, you can end quarantine after day 7 from the exposure date.
  15. I’ll follow this thread. I don’t really see the benefit to building one from scratch unless you will get enjoyment from the process. If that’s the case, then go for it! My assumption is that you will save some cash in the cost of the setup, but may end up spending a bunch of time getting it up and running, troubleshooting, and testing to ensure the precision and accuracy. I’d much rather spend a little bit more to get something that works out of the box (mostly at least) and has support if anything ever goes wrong. Maybe someone will show that my assumption is wrong. Some other compan
  16. I was joking too. Though 6hrs of sleep is pretty good by my book. I think there is something to having some level of background noise while the kids are sleeping, but it might all be old wives’ tales.
  17. Trust me, we are far from tiptoeing around, but there’s an upper limit to what’s reasonable. And if I wake the kids, I take the kids, so that means no more shop time. Planer and impact driver into the walls are probably the only things I have that are off-limits during nap time. Also, it’s much different saying that pre-kids and nearly 4 years into sleep deprivation and you just. want. one. moment. of. peace. and. quiet.
  18. No complaints about the basement setup, just a change in the plan timeline. I had been holding off doing a lot of setup in the basement thinking we were going to build sooner. The basement has some definite advantages like the bathroom with utility sink and no climate control needed. It’s a decent size and I have easy access to the breaker panel, which reminds me that I need to run some additional circuits. I just have to be more aware of dust (which is a good thing) and sound to some extent (kids).
  19. Building a shop is going to have to be delayed, so I got around to making my basement shop a bit closer to usable. Got my clamps and wood off the floor, which makes it feel much more like a shop, and frees up a bunch of floor space.
  20. Yeah, so far they only have pretty mild symptoms. Masks were worn but we worked in close proximity for an extended time so now I have to quarantine. I got a test 5 days after the initial exposure and it came back negative, so I was set to end after 7 days, but then another coworker I was around on day 5 (which is when we learned about the first) turned out positive also so that reset the timer. Me being negative while the other coworker was positive supports my belief that I had it back in February. That or a false negative test.
  21. Oh, and I fired up my 084 today and that thing is awesome! I thought it might be tough to start without the decompression valve but it really wasn’t. The bar seems to be lost along the border somewhere, but hopefully it will eventually arrive.
  22. For real. And we usually run a bit behind schedule so it’s often 8:45-9 before we can actually focus on anything else. I’m on covid quarantine now so hopefully I can sneak in a bit of shop time between working.