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  1. Sounds like a good day to stay inside!
  2. Thanks! Yes, concrete floor with some rubber horse stall mats for impact and sound reduction. Still plenty firm for lifting on.
  3. It’s the Lifeline brand. I still need to move a few things to get a bit more clearance, but that will be quick and easy. I haven’t unpacked the plates yet, but got 2x45, 2x35, 2x25, 2x10, 4x5, and 2x2.5
  4. When I worked at a (small) hardware store we always cautioned customers not to start a plumbing job on a Sunday. All of the specialty plumbing stores were closed on Sundays and chances were that something would come up and they'd need a specialty part that we didn't carry. Many times we had "told you so" conversations. I got my olympic bar and plate set that I ordered a little while back. It was unfortunate timing that the covid hom gym rush happened at the same time that we moved into our house and I was able to have a dedicated space for weight equipment. It worked out well though becau
  5. I have to work at keeping her extra blankets OFF my side of the bed! Congrats! My marriage advice is to ignore 98% of all marriage advice you receive. Nobody else knows what your relationship or situation is better than you, and relationship advice is not universal (other than the few obvious things). Before marriage, our relationship always felt effortless and easy. However, for many reasons I won’t go into here, the “honeymoon” period of our marriage was actually by far the worst period of our relationship. We worked through it and now it is better than we ever imagined and it con
  6. It’s an 084. Came with 36” bar and chain (bar got stuck in customs a bit longer for some reason, on the way). I was ready to buy a new 661, but then came across this saw (actually, @Bmac found it).
  7. still waiting for the bar to arrive, but this thing makes my 20” 271 look like a toy!
  8. That was the last woodworking related goodie I got, a couple months ago.
  9. Oh wait, that’s probably not the thing in the box that you want to see. Even closer peek- Too close?
  10. I do know, and it’s not actually a christmas present! There’s also someone else on this forum that knows, and it’s not something they sent me... a closer peek-
  11. Christmas came early for me! First new woodworking related goodie for me in a while now. Still waiting on the second part of the shipment.
  12. I’ll take a humid 90 over a dry 105 any day. I always find it curious that my relatives from out west feel claustrophobic out in the woods over here with no “view,” and I feel the opposite discomfort in SoCal with nothing for miles around and no “view”.
  13. We lived in SoCal for a few years... couldn’t wait to get back to the *right* coast. Fine for visiting, but not where we felt at home. We do miss the mexican food, avocado selection, and oro blanco grapefruits though.
  14. That’s not my project, just showing something similar that someone else did. @NSBrad may be able to provide more details, though he hasn’t been on here in about a year. I can’t tell you which wood to use, it would be best to do a test to make sure you can get the results you want.
  15. JohnG


    Here’s a new made in china “security” head lag screw...
  16. Not quite sure how this thread got to drag racing, but we live a few miles from a drag strip. I’ve been wanting to go watch sometime.
  17. JohnG


    There can only be one @wtnhighlander
  18. For the record, the two people that had bad allergic reactions to the vaccine had a history of severe allergic reactions. There’s not enough data to be certain that a subsequent infection will not be worse than the first. There have been cases of it going both ways. My wife’s coworker got on one of the trial groups for the vaccine and he did agree that it was pretty rough. 2-3 days of strong flu-like sympoms, much worse than a typical flu shot. I hope that will not dissuade the masses from getting it.
  19. Metal leaf is not difficult and would give a good result. It looks like there was also some gold over the red strip, sometimes a red base layer is used before applying gold leaf to give it a richer tone. You can buy gold leaf (real or imitation) in sheets or flakes.
  20. I also don’t frequent any other forums. Typically too much drama for my taste.
  21. An imposter! You know I’m the real deal because I have an ‘h’ in my name! Jokes aside, welcome to the forum! It’s a great bunch and very valuable resource.
  22. From what I’ve seen, splitting axes and mauls have similar profile, but mauls are a bit bigger/heavier and have a more reinforced back for driving metal wedges. Of course each manufacturer has their own classification and styles.
  23. Yeah, not at all interested in going that route. Cool machines, but I have zero desire to own one. I do enjoy splitting, and have been holding myself back from buying a nice Gransfors or two. I keep telling myself that once I'm in good shape again, then I can buy a splitter. But then I argue with myself that at that point I won't need one. It's probably just something I'll look at occasionally after hours of splitting, but there are plenty of things I'd rather spend the money on.
  24. I’m quite sore today. Anyone have thoughts about powered log splitters?