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  1. Y’all have really made some great points for me and I appreciate all the feedback and knowledge y’all have shared. I will take a look at the Rikon, I can’t find much logic to go larger than a 14in bandsaw for now.
  2. That was what I was inferring by what I have initially read, however, the PM 15in looks like maybe the best of both worlds, but is a good amount more money and may be more saw than I need. I guess my only question is, is the Laguna worth the little bit more? or is stepping up to that almost worth trying to get the PM 15in.
  3. So I am a new pretty new woodworker and have been acquiring my first tool in most categories over the past year. I am a big believer in buying something that is of high quality and does not cause tons of frustration and/or unnecessary maintenance over the years. I plan on using the bandsaw for general purposes (cutting curves, breaking down rough sawn material, some but not a ton of resawing, etc.) So far with my research and the 10% off sale coming for black friday I am looking to pull the trigger this weekend on a machine. 2 main options I am looking at.. Though I’m open to other ideas