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    Just getting started in furniture building. Restoring and using vintage industrial equipment. Hope to get into turning once the lathe is done.
  1. Need to freshen up my table saw. Powermatic.

    I would go with straight air before I got it wet with any other cleaner just to see if it blew off. I would hate to make sawmud if I didn't need to.
  2. Dremel Rotary Tools?

    I see they have 1" wheels on Amazon. As for the dremel, I've been through a few of them. 2 speed was OK, cordless was OK for light stuff. The multispeed is the way to go. They typically only last 2-3 years for me, so I don't buy top of the line. I do things with them that I probably shouldn't (aftermarket saw blades to trim subfloor for plumbing), so I understand why I kill them. They are really handy for things that require them.
  3. Unisaw Inspection

    The Bies fence from your contractor's saw may bolt onto the Unisaw. Delta liked to use the same bolt pattern on those saws. The bolts on the uni may be larger, so you may have to open up the holes on the bies rail, though.