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  1. Damon777

    New jointer season? I think so.

    I have plenty of space in my shop to move it around. It will end up non-mobile eventually anyway. Better casters would probably help as well.
  2. Damon777

    New jointer season? I think so.

    My jointer is 84" long. It's way easier to maneuver from one end, and the 4 swivels make it a bear to steer at times.
  3. Damon777

    New jointer season? I think so.

    I would prefer two fixed wheels on my 8" BC. 4 swivel casters is a bear to drive from one end of it. It would be better for one end to steer.
  4. Damon777

    Screwdriver bit sets

    I buy T20, T25, and #2 Phillips by the 25 pack. Don't use any others enough to warrant it. I've had good luck with the Masterforce brand at Menards on these, but the last Phillips pack I picked up was Milwaukee as I needed them now and ACE is closer than Menards.
  5. Damon777

    End Grain Cutting Board Finish Recommendations

    I am a hobbyist. I did not have any this summer, as I lost both of my swarms over last winter. Winter is rough around here, and I am about 50% on if I can get the bees through. I did take a couple of short courses at the UofM on cold climate beekeeping, so I am not going in "blind". (My grandfather and father also had bees for a while, but I wasn't interested when they were doing it.) I have not had any colonies collapse during the summer that I cannot attribute to mites, or losing a queen without sufficient brood/workers to make a new one. Winter losses were either mites or not enough honey to keep them alive all winter. I do post-mortem in the spring when I go out to open the hives up for the year. As far as moving around, when I purchase packages, they come from Mississippi or California. I lean more toward what is used for pesticides in commercial crops causing it around here. In my first beekeeping class, there was a bit of a push against neonicotinoids in crops by one of the professors. A couple of years later when I took the second year class, she said that the attitude had changed regarding these in this area. She suggested not advocating for the ban of these pesticides in non-ornamental plants, as we know how to deal with them from a beekeeping perspective, and who knows what they will come up with next if neonics are outlawed. If you have netflix, I believe this is still on there: https://www.vanishingbees.com/ It's older, and maybe a bit "eclectic", but I feel that it presents a good theory on what is going on with colony collapse. Fortunately for me, I live in an area with sufficient flowering plants that aren't crops so I don't really worry about it. The neighbor's apple trees have gone ballistic since we moved in, though. Our yard is about 5% white clover, and I am fine with that. I also don't kill dandelions in the spring, as those (along with maple trees) are one of the first honeybee food sources of the spring. Sorry for all of the beekeeping stuff on a woodworking forum... This I knew. I was more asking about durability vs. just salad bowl oil and the like.
  6. Damon777

    End Grain Cutting Board Finish Recommendations

    You guys who use MO and beeswax, would this also apply to spoons and rolling pins, etc? I am also a beekeeper, and have a bit of wax around typically.
  7. Damon777

    End Grain Cutting Board Finish Recommendations

    They have it at Menards as well. https://www.menards.com/main/paint/interior-paint-stain/wood-conditioners-oils/howard-butcher-block-conditioner-12-oz/bbwaxbbc012/p-1444433595089-c-13129.htm?tid=7245082855961612073&ipos=6
  8. Damon777

    kitchen table (trestle)

    You could go ahead and just do these. My wife has requested similar benches to replace our dining room chairs and this is the exact image I sent her for approval. I could use some pointers. The table is amazing as well.
  9. Damon777

    Mission end tables

    I finally got back around to working on these. Sanded everything to 180 over the last couple of weeks, and began the glue up last night. I softened the corners by hand with 240 prior to gluing everything together. Here is one of the side assemblies laid out and ready for glue. I glued up both sides, allowed them to "set", then finished gluing up the bases. The lower shelves fit into slots in the side rails, and I found that a slight bevel on the shelf panel ends assisted greatly with assembly. While the bases were in clamps, I decided to finally bite the bullet and cut the table tops down to finished size. I have been putting this step off for a while as I don't yet have a crosscut sled. The miter gauge worked just fine. Here we are now. The bases are glued up, tops cut and sanded to 180. I hope to begin staining and finishing this week, but we will see how it goes. I do know that these things are heavy!
  10. Damon777

    Rockwell Delta 10" almost new but old

    The Unisaw is a fine saw. I restored mine this summer. As mentioned above, the fence can be a bit to get used to. A lot of the time the problem with them not locking square is because of a worn rubber bushing inside the locking mechanism. That and if they aren't adjusted properly with regard to how the rear hook clamps the rail. Always leave the fence unclamped when you are done using it. The bushings take a set when they are left locked up. If I run across a deal on a used US made Bies or the like, I will consider changing the fence, but it serves me well as-is.
  11. Damon777

    Bedroom Audio

    My shop is an uninsulated (this is being rectified this fall) pole shed, so the neighbors get to hear it all. Granted, we are on 5 acre lots for the most part, so there is some buffer. Loud machines drive me toward earbuds anyway.
  12. Damon777

    Bedroom Audio

    I was way into the audio (both car and home) about 15-20 years ago. The amp I am using down there is 4 ohm stable. I was solidly into car audio, and had a dang good mobile SQ setup at one point (Sony XES source, PG amplification, Dynaudio and JL for loudspeakers). Then I put together a modest home setup (Adcom amp, Magnepan speakers) and realized that the automotive environment would never compete with that. Now good enough is plenty good for video games and the occasional movie.
  13. Damon777

    Bedroom Audio

    Ah, I too know the joy of Parts Express. Thanks. I have an older set of Boston 3-way components I just took out of my truck. I was kicking around building boxes for them and using them in the family room as satellites, but this may be a better application.
  14. Damon777

    Bedroom Audio

    That is pretty cool. Care to share a link for the amp?
  15. Damon777

    New jointer season? I think so.

    Because nobody ever talks bout them. It's always 110 or 220. I should probably pay more attention, but most of my stuff is 3 phase anyway.