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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I roughed it up and used the PL Premium, and then pin nails to hold it until setup. I used my laminate roller to seat the glue. seems like it will hold good enough. I will get some of the Titebond Melamine glue to have in the shop for future use. Thanks again. This forum is awesome by the way.
  2. I'll give it a shot. I don't have the time to get the Titebond glue. I figure the nails will help.
  3. I am in the process of making a bed riser for a friend. This is like the RV style, with a lift portion for storage. I am building a 1 x 4 frame, and have 1/4" melamine panel to attach to the frame. I was planning on using PL Premium and some small finishing nails to hold the melamine panels to the framework. Will the PL Premium adhere to the melamine? Thanks
  4. Come to find out it was not the edge banding that was coming off. It is the oak veneer on the cabinet ends that is coming off. The contact cement is letting go. You can almost peel the hole side off. I think I will get some spray on contact cement and re-attach them as best I can. I think I will use the hot glue for some of the edges that are coming apart.
  5. Thank you for your help. The regular woodworking glue I have is Titebond. I will check it out with my iron to see if it will re-set. If not, I think I will use the hot melt glue gun. I don't want to have to peel it off and try to match the color, since it has been installed for 16 years. Even though the owner has some of the same color stain, I would think it has faded quite a bit.
  6. First time posting on this forum. My brother and I made some kitchen cabinets for a friend 16 years ago. The problem he is having is the iron-on oak veneer is peeling off in some areas. I told him to try using an iron to re stick it, and he told me it didn't work. I will be going over to his house to verify that, but had a question. If I need to glue this back down, what would be the best adhesive to use. I don't think, but not sure if I can use contact cement. Any suggestions? Thanks Kevin