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  1. I think what I will do is just use screws at first and see how it is. I was copying a Rob Cosman idea about gluing the sides in order to make it more structurally sound. If the screws will prevent racking in that will Work great. I do really appreciate everybody’s help with this.
  2. I think I probably stated my intentions incorrectly. Glue along the long grain edge only should still allow for expansion across the board as long as I elongate the screw or nail holes. Am I missing something? No glue on the inside edges of the shiplap. Only along the case side. I tried to set this up so it would move to the front of the case. No glue in the slide doves either.
  3. Got the back routed to accept the shiplapped boards. I have this routed at 3/8 wide and 1/2 deep. I think I'm going to widen it to 1/2 along the outside edge to have more room to screw or nail the boards. I was also able to get the adjustable shelf pin holes drilled but no pics of that.
  4. I appreciate everyone's time and opinion. I'm looking at Jessems but until I get the money, I'll make my own with some plywood.
  5. Thanks guys. I’m going to ponder on it some more while I wait for more shop time. I wanted to glue along the long grain in the back corners in the rabbet and leave the top, sides, and middle free to move. Got the idea from a Rob Cosman build
  6. Ok fellas what do you guys think about attaching the back. I’ve got the bottom shelf in with a half dovetail dado. I plan on routing a 1/2” deep x 3/8 wide rabbet all the way around the inside for the shiplapped boards. Probably gonna be 3 wide boards. My thought is to glue the long outside edges to the sides and nail or screw the boards into the top, bottom, and middle shelf with elongated holes so they can move. What about the middle board? Just nail or screw it in the middle so it can move out both directions?
  7. Using a sacrificial board worked like a champ.
  8. For all the tools I have owned in my life, I’ve never had a router table. What’s yalls opinion on the tables available today?
  9. That's absolutely what I should have done and in the future I will. I actually thought about it when I was planing the second one but I wanted to see if I could do it. Stupid pride ha ha
  10. Thanks. I really love using hand tools but it can be very frustrating. I feel it’s like playing golf. That one good hit every round is what keeps you going back.
  11. Well today I had more luck with the plane but made a dumb mistake with the saw again. I cut the recess dado too wide. The dovetail end looks better and the ears didn’t break off. Still not really happy but I’m learning a lot about this joint and using this plane.
  12. Here it is in all its frustrating glory
  13. I had two issues. One being the blowout from the plane. It wound up chipping off the corner of the dovetail and makes the joint look sloppy. The other was the saw hopped out of the kerf and scarred the corner of the socket. That was all me. I have cut these befor using saws and chisels and had more success with it looking tight. I’m going to practice more with the plane and see if that helps before I cut the other side. I recommend cutting yourself a saw guide to use if the cut is very long. Mine was 11” across.
  14. Well I made the ugliest sliding dovetail in history tonight. I’m using an emmerich dovetail plane to make the tail and I cut the female side with a back saw. I had a lot of trouble with blowout with the plane. Gonna tinker with the depth of the iron and the knicker when I cut the other side. Not happy with this work though.
  15. Made some more progress. Got the side pins cut and fitted. Took a while and had a setback with my first tail board splitting. I wound up milling another board and recutting them. Less pins and wider tails on the new one. Also got the front crossmember done with mortise and tenons. I flattened another board tonight which will be my center shelf. I’m getting pretty good at hand flattening. The dovetails have lots of gaps which I’m not happy with. The sides will be covered with molding when finished so at least those won’t show.