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  1. I kinda knew that the answers would be along this line , I am going to skip the frame or do like Kyokahn suggested cause she also likes walnut and that might just be the solution if she is set on the frame look. Thank you all for all your input it is very helpful
  2. the last sketch pic is one that I raised the Fram and widen it to make a small overlap to accommodate the movement but we don't like this option for cleaning purposes
  3. I have some oak planks that are used for truck beds and semi trailers flooring. My wife wants a table made from them. I have used sketch to see what breadboard ends style would look like and we both agree that a frame around it would look better. My question is will this act like solid boards and expand and contract with changes in humidity ( I live in Wi. ) I have made a countertop with it before for someone else and have not heard anything bad from them about cracks Thank you for any input