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    Do this as a hobby and want to learn and enhance my capabilities. Would love to feel confident enough to build furniture for the house one day.

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  1. Chuklz

    Just Curious - Hackberry

    Man I'm tired, I read that as huckleberry I do like the contrast, never have seen hackberry where I go. Nicely done.
  2. Chuklz

    Danish Oil Recipes

    Definitely a lot to learn and glad I found this forum. I picked a fun yet costly hobby, but have no regrets as I thoroughly enjoy the time I have in the shop. It is funny how I underestimated the time and skill it took to make things until I started doing it myself. Now trying to convince friends that want stuff made of that same fact is another story and a much longer conversation that I'm sure has been had on here more times than people prefer to discuss. I've read a little about making your own glue and figure that's something that's definitely down the road for me.
  3. Chuklz

    Anti-snipe tip

    Great tip, thank you for sharing. Will definitely try this.
  4. Chuklz

    Danish Oil Recipes

    When you say shorter shelf life, would you say weeks or months? I typically would be storing them in some mason jars.
  5. Chuklz

    Danish Oil Recipes

    Any recommendations on the varnish that you use? I'm a year into wood working and have no experience with finishing other than the watco danish oil, rattle can lacquer and big box store shellac. I have a bunch of scrap pieces that I'm going to leverage to practice various finishes on, but if I can learn from others to at least start me in the right direcition it will help save some money not buying products that won't necessarily benefit me. I'm excited to try some finishes out on scrap, but honestly have a bit of anxiety when finishing my actual pieces. I'm sure with experience the anxiety will subside a bit.....hopefully.
  6. Chuklz

    Danish Oil Recipes

    Thanks to some good advice from other threads, I've been looking into making some danish oil. Do you use different ratios in certain situations? I don't plan on adding color just yet, but was curious what recipes others use when adding color to their recipe. When adding stain how is that worked in to the ratio?
  7. Chuklz

    Finishing on a few jewelry boxes

    Thanks, I'm going to go with the danish oil, do you mix your own or use off the shelf?
  8. Chuklz

    Finishing on a few jewelry boxes

    Thank you, checking that out now. I used off the shelf danish oil and it works well, just wasn't sure how durable it was for a jewelry box.
  9. Chuklz

    Finishing on a few jewelry boxes

    Thank you, The box a centerpiece that my wife wanted for the breakfast nook table. Then with the finished look she wanted
  10. Chuklz

    Finishing on a few jewelry boxes

    Right now i only have an airbrush, some advice I recieved was that I could use that just cut the lacquer 50/50, spray a coat, wait a few minutes and repeat 3 times, then wait an hour sand with 300, do the same steps 2 more times followed by sanding with 400, and then cut the final spary with 25 lacquer and 75 thinner. I could apparently do this with either shellac or lacquer. I plan on trying it on some scraps first if I go that route. The reason I didn't mention lacquer is I am spraying in the basement which has a sliding glass door for ventilation, but with as cold as it is outside might not be the right time of year for spraying.
  11. Being new to woodworking I started out doing a bunch of pallet projects for family members that really didn't require much in the way of finishing other than some ploy or shellac. I'm now moving on to try to build more polished pieces and have built my first small jewelry boxes. I was reading on various finishing techniques and one was to wet sand BLO starting with 220, then 300 and finish with 400 grit sandpaper. I have done the first to sanding steps and plan on getting the rest done tonight and tomorrow since I don't have much shop time during the week due to the rat race commute that is my life. My question is after letting the boxes cure for a week would you recommend a simple wax finish, shellac or poly? The process says to finish off with wax, but I've read that a wax finish requires upkeep which I'm sure the people I give these too will not have the means or desire to do. In your experience what would you recommend? The picture below is before applying the BLO
  12. Chuklz

    Vintage Hinges/Hardware

    It is a shame. Picked up a bunch of hinges, knobs and pulls. Stuff arrived as described and couldn't beat the price. Guy called today about my other order because he was short one of the items I ordered and offered a similar item. Told me he has two trucks he still needs to sell off then he is closing his doors for good.
  13. Chuklz

    Vintage Hinges/Hardware

    I was looking for some vintage hardware and came across this site. Store is having a liquidation sale. I found quite a few good deals on here and received my package within 2 days and was in good order, in case anyone is interested. Right now it is up to 60% off regular price, the price listed on the items reflects the discount.
  14. Chuklz

    My first efforts in Woodworking

    I lived in Antwerpen, Belgium for 4 years from 2009-13, took a few trips through the Netherlands. The family loved our time over there. The elephants look pretty awesome, i could see why your coworkers would love them. You're quite the artist.
  15. Chuklz

    Leaf coffee table

    This is an awesome table! I love it.