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  1. Tom..yup...pexuniverse is the place! about $1.21/foot for a 300' roll. I might use compression fittings and skip the tool. The price tool vs. fitting might break even in the long run. Cheers
  2. If you're just starting out, sell on... ETSY- Open a Facebook page based on your work, no website, no calls, still gets seen,
  3. LED's do put out RF, not to mention blue light which messes with your bodies natural rhythms, Circadian rhythm. You might have to invest in quality LED to avoid some of these problems. I am going to take my LEDs to the point where I can adjust the colors throughout the day and mimic the natural patterns of the day since my shop has very little natural light. But to answer your question, yes the LED is the cause of the FM interference.
  4. Hey, Been busy....I am not going to use PVC-period. I have decided to use 1" PEX-AL-PEX. It is basically the same thing as the "blue" hose being sold as a kit. I'm not worried about sunlight, it's inside, not worried about the pressure-the PEX-AL-PEX is rated higher than reg PEX. Plenty of youtube videos showing the regular 3/4" PEX being pressured up to 900+ PSI before it lets go. I will let everyone know how the install goes, when it happens. Thanks for all the feedback!
  5. Thanks, Tom! I live in AZ so water isn't a huge problem for me. I do plan on building a "radiator" between the compressor and where the air reaches the "field" and then install a water trap. I used to drain my compressor twice a day in Maine, but I never get water in AZ. Thanks for all the feed back!
  6. I've never heard of anything positive about PVC. Yes, it's easy to install, duck and cover when it fails. It's a bomb when it lets go. I'm installing PEX inside, in the free air. The temp changes won't be extreme. I don't doubt that there is movement in PEX, but I can factor that in with "slack" in the system. I like PEX just for the fact that it moves where PVC is fixed and can blow. I'm "only" going to have 125psi on the system. Thanks, J
  7. I did a Google search and one of the garage forums was all for it, no issues with it from anyone on the forum. Just asking here. J
  8. Hello, I have the chance to layout a 3,000sq. ft shop from the ground up. It's a blessing and a curse. I am pricing out a "pre-made" air hose system-one of the "Blue" ones and the price is silly. Does anyone have any feelings or thoughts on using 3/4" PEX tubing for the main line and the drops? Using PEX I would be able to create a ring main and add more drops for a 1/4" of the price of the "Blue" systems. PEX is better than PVC, but is it good to go? Thanks, Jeff
  9. Anyone have any experience with a Felder RL160, or any of the RL's? I'm looking at the 160 just because I need around 2,000CFM for the CNC machine and the Felder is HEPA rated. Thanks!
  10. Hate to throw a wrench in this, but I am also in the market for a bandsaw-setting up a shop from ground zero. I am leaning heavily towards a Felder FB510. I agree with Craver, buy quality. I'm going to buy this shop once and have it for the next 25-30 years. Does anyone have pros/cons on the FB510? Anyone have a recommendation for a good, quality blade? Thanks!
  11. So....Kapex or the Bosch Glide? Which one is the winner?
  12. So...what would be recommended for finishing? I was just about to purchase a FT-150 but now I'm reconsidering it for a drum sander and card scrapers. Suggestions for a good finish sander?