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  1. Johnny4

    A Roubo from beams?

    If you can’t stand the aluminum knobs, you’re welcome to come over and use my lathe.
  2. Johnny4

    What kind of hinge is this?

    Any chance you have a link?
  3. Hey all, I have a coworker who likes to restore furniture. She recently acquired a 1930s radio cabinet with this type of hinge, but one of them is broken. Have any of you seen this, and if so, what type of hinge is this, and where can she get another one? This is a top down view, the door opens out normally. Thanks!
  4. Johnny4

    (Sigh)....Roubo time

    Got the hole patched and scorched over an 8th of an inch. Everything works! In a related note, my benchcrafted kit didn’t include the flange bolts for the tail vise. I emailed them, and the sent them out that day. Ripped another piece of maple for the dog hole strip and front laminate. I am going with round dogs. Feel free to rap on that.
  5. Johnny4

    Track saw kickback

    I’m just glad you’re ok. I would agree to just make the top narrower and cut off the damaged bits.
  6. Johnny4

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    Thanks fellas. I keep going back to that same Home Depot hoping to score again. I think the whole board was like 30 bucks.
  7. Johnny4

    Morris Chair Cushion option

    This is the beauty of our craft. If we want something shorter or taller, we just make it that way. Ain’t it grand?
  8. Johnny4

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    I built this shelf out of off the rack red oak a few years ago. I saw all this curl in the back of the pile and bought the whole board. Used Marc’s recipe for popping the grain. I think it turned out well. I have no beef with red oak.
  9. Johnny4

    (Sigh)....Roubo time

    Hit a snag....the hole I drilled is slightly off. I am using the barrel nuts from BC, and I basically need to scoot the hole over about 1/4.” I see two options: 1) chisel out the section to the right and put the barrel but in there( it’s the underside of the bench, and it doesn’t bother me) 2) plug the hole and drill a new one. Thoughts?
  10. Johnny4

    (Sigh)....Roubo time

    Look at that! An end cap!
  11. Johnny4

    (Sigh)....Roubo time

    And....we’re back. Had to figure out why the jointer was acting up. After chasing some wild geese, changing and resetting the knives was the trick. New blades make everything better. I hadn’t done that before, and it was overall a good experience. I’m not scared of the jointer anymore. Milled the end cap. The advice Marc gave about giving yourself permission to spend some time setting the knives was well taken. Onward and upward!
  12. Johnny4

    Jointer knife setting jig?

    Got the dang thing done. Thank you for all the advice. I ordered new blades from’s like having a new machine. Didn’t realize how dull those blades were. Wow.
  13. Johnny4

    (Sigh)....Roubo time

    Hey y’all. Had to get through the holidays. Had some drama dad nearly died from a heart attack, found out we are having a girl in June, and my cat was diagnosed with cancer. In other news, my jointer is out of whack, and I have been learning how to tune it. Will have it up and running soon! Bleedin Blue, I got the maple from upick hardwoods in st Charles. I love them for dimensioned lumber. I love Wunderwoods for slabs, big sizes, fancy wood. Are you local? Tenon is done...took my time getting everything really square. Off to find a router bit for the screw cavity. The recommendation is a 1/2 shank, 1/2” diameter....what about overall length? Spiral upcut? I am also making a southpaw version of the bench before you guys get up in it.