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  1. Wimayo

    Shellac and Dye

    I don't claim to be an expert. This is the first time I've tried it. I sprayed an old rocker with garnet shellac with some medium brown Transtint mixed in. I wanted the rocker to be a redish brown and was concerned, due to the nature of the wood, that a stain would result in very uneven color. I tested the color on some scraps as I added the Transtint until I got the color I wanted. The resulting mix, of course, gets darker as coats are added. It has worked out pretty well. I will add a couple of coats of clear top coat tomorrow.
  2. Wimayo

    Wood finishes for beginner set

    +1 Waterlox is a super easy finish to apply. My understanding is that the contents are very similar to the BLO, MS, Varnish mix. Both are great finishes for beginners. However, neither is as durable or spill resistant as poly.
  3. Wimayo

    Wood finishes for beginner set

    I think one of the easiest finishes to use is the old time equal parts mix of boiled linseed oil, mineral spirits, and varnish. Great for a beginner. It is reasonably durable and very easy to apply. I apply it with a folded piece of blue paper towel. It dries slowly enough that you don't have to hurry and this allows you to backup and correct mistakes if needed. There is lots of information on the net about it. You can substitute tung oil if you want a lighter amber color. You can also substitute turpentine for MS and poly for varnish.
  4. I just throw enough pieces of scrap wood in mine to hold it down.
  5. Wimayo

    Grain direction opinions?

    Nice looking project. These doors are 2" wide vertical veneer strips over solid material. I'm not totally pleased with it, but there have been no problems.
  6. Wimayo

    Mortising tools

    I usually hog out most of the mortise with the drill press and then clean it up using the router table. I may cut tenons on either the router table or table saw.
  7. Wimayo

    Grain direction opinions?

    You have already decided. So, my 2 cents worth is only worth 1 cent. But, here it is anyway. Make the grain all go the same way regardless if it is vertical or horizontal. The horizontal and vertical dividers with mask the lack of matching grain either way. Looking at the last sketch, the end panels and drawers all have vertical grain. Having the grain of the doors going horizontal looks like a mistake.
  8. Wimayo

    Avoiding "puddles" of dyed epoxy

    This won't help you now, but in the future just use clear epoxy. Once you put a finish on it blends right in. I wonder if you can tint the finish the same way you tinted the epoxy. Maybe it will blend in. You might try it on some scrap.
  9. Do I understand correctly that the fireplace is not centered in the wall with the left wall being 7" wider than the right side with the corner bump? I assume you are measuring to the adjacent wall, not the bump. If you extend the bump on the right and then put in a false bump on the left so it looks the same on both sides, you will still be left with the 7" difference that you have now. I'm not sure that would bother me. If you find it bothersome and feel that the shelf units must be the same on both sides, you might consider making the "false" bump on the left wider by 7" so that the shelves are then equal.
  10. I think that is the way I would do it. I believe it would look more "finished" and "planned" rather than a "work-a-round".
  11. Wimayo

    Attaching face frame

    I don't understand what you mean by gluing the shelf stiffeners to the uprights and fear that the dados won't line up. However, to glue the stiffeners to the shelves, clamp a length of something stiff like a 2x4 across the front at the location of each shelf. Use some small spacers to hold the 2x4 about 1/4" away from the shelf stiffeners you are gluing onto the front of the shelf. Then use a series of small wedges to apply pressure to the stiffener until the glue dries. Regarding the use of pin nails; do you understand that pin nails are headless and would be almost imperceptible?
  12. Wimayo

    Sturdier French cleat for shelf

    If the wall is not straight, you will need to shim the wall mounted part of the cleat so that it stays straight. If after screwing it into place it ends up with a bow in it, it won't match up with the bevel on the shelf.
  13. Wimayo

    Sturdier French cleat for shelf

    All good advice above. One other thing to consider is that even if your french cleat were a perfect fit, the shallow height of your shelf will tend to lever the wedges apart when the shelf is loaded. Matching rabbets might work better. Actually, I think the key wedge is a good idea for keeping the cleat from levering apart. Instructions for its use would be simple. I would only add something to keep it in place. Maybe a small screw from underneath. Or, a small screw holding a fender washer against the wedge.
  14. Wimayo

    Joinery Question

    If I understood correctly, your supports will have the grain running the same direction as the top. This means that the supports will have vertical grain. This is good as you would otherwise have a cross grain situation which might cause splitting. Your top piece is getting rather thin to be cutting a dado. However, if you cut it shallow and glue in your support pieces, you should be OK. Especially since your supports won't be seen from the front (and even if they were), I think I would consider using 4 approx. 3/4" dowels for support legs glued into holes about 1" from the front and back edges. simple and quick and should provide enough support.
  15. Wimayo

    Recommendations for planer

    I think the 734 is better than "decent". I have used one for several years. I'm not sure when the 735 came out, but I think I got my 734 just before it did. The 734 does a very smooth job and I almost have to force it to snipe. I have run many many BF (mostly cherry) through it and am still on the original blades. I agree. If you don't want to spend for the 735, you can't go wrong with the 734.