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  1. Wimayo

    Lifting cabinet saw solo

    While you are buying 2x8s for your ramp, get a few more and build an "A" frame for lifting, with block and tackle, onto the base. Years ago, I did this to lift an engine out and into a car. Works great.
  2. True. My statement was made on the basis of experience and judgement. If in doubt, you could, of course, use some on-line calculators in order to be more precise. Then, the question would be moot. The fact that it is there lends strength to the whole if glued.
  3. Wimayo

    full extension wood drawer slides

    Go to the site I linked above and you can get a free trial membership to FWW. Using this you can see the whole article including drawings. No need to purchase anything.
  4. But why? What is your reason for only gluing part of it. Because it is a "happy medium" does not help some one who is learning the process. There is good reason for the floating panels. There is no good reason for not gluing or partial gluing of the center divider.
  5. Wimayo

    full extension wood drawer slides

    For the slides I linked above: https://www.finewoodworking.com/2000/08/01/full-extension-wooden-slides You will likely find that making one pair is rather tedious. But, once you are set up, it is easier to make several pair.
  6. I respectfully disagree with only partially gluing the center divider. I see no reason for not gluing it in fully. It is not wide enough to cause expansion/contraction problems and fully gluing it will contribute to the over all strength of the headboard; particularly against racking. It appears that the floating panels with space balls will accommodate any wood movement that may occur. If I am too late with my comment, I apologize. It will be OK without fully gluing. Nice looking headboard. Good work.
  7. Wimayo

    full extension wood drawer slides

    All of the drawers in my shop are made from this FWW plan: https://www.finewoodworking.com/2000/08/01/full-extension-wooden-slides Put a little wax or paraffin on them and they work great.
  8. Wimayo

    Waterbourne finish for a crib?

    I'm no expert, but I have read several times in several places that most any finish, once cured, is safe. However, if your finishing must be done inside the home, water borne is the way to go from an odor standpoint.
  9. Wimayo

    Oxalic Acid to reduce grain vibrance?

    No. It won't. I don't think a two part wood bleach will do it either. Without having tried it, I think one way (maybe the only way) to do this is to find a stain or dye color that matches the denser darker grain as closely as possible. As you know, the softer wood (summer wood) absorbs color more than the darker (winter wood). This is why most stains or dyes end up giving the contrast you don't like. So, find a color that evens them out. Of course, just a clear finish without any stain (particularly a water based clear) will result in less contrast. I've not tried it, but I think you can seal the wood with shellac and then use a glaze rather than stain to provide color. Some one with experience using glazes I'm sure can elaborate.
  10. Wimayo

    Lieutenant Lathe

    Sounds like a plan. Enjoy.
  11. Wimayo

    Lieutenant Lathe

    I think you will find that you need more than just a plank as it will tend to twist and bounce around under use. I think you will need to mount it on a sturdy bench. If you don't want it to be permanently mounted, you could mount it on the plank and then clamp it to a bench top when in use.
  12. Wimayo

    Lieutenant Lathe

    That is a nice find for $15. I don't mean to sound negative, but to my eye, looking at the picture, that hole doesn't look like 7/8". Are you sure? Also, the bed ways don't look very rigid. I think, like some other similar lathes of that era, they were made with the intent that they be mounted to a sturdy rigid base. Just the entry way to the rabbit hole. Again. Nice find. Have fun.
  13. Wimayo

    Safe Heater

    For a long time, I used a couple of quartz radiant heaters, 1500 watts each, in my 16x20 shop. They worked OK, but the heating was somewhat uneven. I recently installed a 5000 watt electric heater that has an internal fan. It mounts from the ceiling out of the way. It has an integral thermostat, but I bypassed that with a line thermostat that mounts on the wall. The down side to this is that you must have enough electric service to accommodate it. It requires a dedicated 30 amp circuit with 10 ga wire. At full power, it draws 22 amps. I haven't used it much yet, but we have recently had some 40 degree nights and it has been able to easily maintain 60 degrees in the shop by running only occasionally as the thermostat demands. I normally use heat only when I'm there, but I have been doing some finishing and want it to maintain at least 60 degrees while the finish is drying. It's doing the job and I'm comfortable leaving it on at night or when I'm otherwise not there.
  14. Wimayo

    Tools for Glueing huge areas

    I use a small short nap paint roller. Works just fine. Easy to clean or throw away. Take the squeeze tip off the bottle and just pour and roll.