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  1. Thanks Chestnut, all glued up now, hopefully the hinges will be here by tuesday along with the handels,locks & clear sealer.
  2. Windows are all rebated and glued up,
  3. Thanks Steve , I was hoping he might get an email notification that someone had replied to his thread,
  4. I know I'm a bit late ,but welcome to the forum. The boat & box's look great, how's the boat coming along? Smiffy
  5. I went out to the workshop this morning , I thought I would try and get the rest of the openers morticed and ready for glue up, unfortunately my wrists are still to sore. I'll try again on Friday .
  6. Midlife

    I'm building a shop!

    Nice building , you'll be very happy with the A3 41, did you get the spiraled cutter head ?
  7. Midlife

    Mitre Fence for Slider

    Nice job.
  8. I thought the op was asking about a mitre saw blade
  9. Have you thought about a guillotine for cutting the laminate flooring , no mess or dust
  10. Midlife

    New toys

  11. Midlife

    New toys

    Perfect description woodenskye 10points to you.. I'm out now , so I'll post a picture up later with some wood under it .
  12. Midlife

    Help me understand

    What you need is a sliding table saw, no fence to jamb against . Fingers away and your standing to the side away from kicked back timber .
  13. Midlife

    New toys

    The clamp & shoe turned up while I was away driving a truck to the UK . Also the proper wheel kit for the FB600.
  14. Midlife

    Pine floor refurbish

    If you remember send me the info please, I have 350 m2 to do in a few months.