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    I'm a beginner so I am interested in learning. Lots and lots of learning.
    I do seem to love hand tools the most though.

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  1. Coyote Jim

    Considering DiaSharp Diamond Stones

    I am far from a seasoned veteran but I have used both Japanese water stones and DMT plates. I get a sharper edge with the water stones (I used 6000 then strop) than I do with the DMT 1200 then strop. Not much sharper, but definitely sharper. The DMT plates are SO much more convenient than the water stones. Because of how quick and mess free they are I tune up my edges WAY more often than when I used the water stones. For me, getting sharp quickly and conveniently are more important. If I had a bigger shop and a dedicated sharpening station, like a shop sink or something like that, and I could have my water stones set up ready to go at all times and all I had to do when I needed to touch up my edges was walk 10 feet across the room, sharpen for 3 minutes then get right back to work, well then that is for sure what I would do. But in my garage with very limited space, DMT stones are what I chose. In one of Christopher Schwars' books (I think it is the Anarchist Tool Chest) he says all of the sharpening systems will get your tools sharp. So pick one and get good enough with that system so you are getting very sharp results and you are getting them very fast. That way you can get back to what you came into your shop to do in the first place which is woodworking.
  2. Coyote Jim

    Fine Woodworking Archive.

    This is kind of along the same lines. I have had my eye on these reproductions of The Woodworker Magazine. Have any of you bought any of these books? Do you know if they are as good as the people who are selling them say they are? The books from The Lost Art Press are a bit expensive but they are extremely high quality.
  3. Coyote Jim

    Happy Daughter, Happy Wife

    Wow! Can you share how you got such a tight joint on the top in the front on that curved piece?
  4. Coyote Jim

    12" Jointer

    Thanks for the input guys. I have no idea what that kind of thing goes for so having good folks like you giving me some input sure is helpful.
  5. Coyote Jim

    12" Jointer

    Is this as good of a deal as I think it is? One of those one in decade finds? Does anyone know anything about J.A. Fay & Egan tools?
  6. Coyote Jim

    What Lighting Do You Use?

    Thanks for the info and the recommendation on American Green Light. Looks like they are having a pretty decent sale right now so I picked up a couple. Have a look:
  7. Coyote Jim

    Okay, what's the next buy?!

    Go with this router. It is worth every penny:
  8. Coyote Jim

    Tool wall for deep bench

    What about this style of a TV wall mount? You could attached a piece of plywood to the face and do all your tool hangers on the plywood. Then you can just pivot the thing around and out of your way. These kinds of mounts are usually good to hold up a couple hundred lbs so it should work.
  9. Coyote Jim

    My 2nd box!

    The color of your pottery works perfect with that purple heart! If I remember correctly, the first time you posted you had links to boxes that were made for high end hookahs. Is that what your pottery is for? I spent a few months in Egypt and I think hookahs are absolutely gorgeous. I'm not going to decorate my home with them or anything but the nice ones are stunning. I can't tell from the picture, does the inside of the doors have finish on them? The picture makes it look like they do not. If not then you need to get finish on them quick before the doors cup on you. Same with the inside of the oak.
  10. I don't want this right? It's entry level and not super high quality right? I already have a jointer and a planer and the space saving in my garage shop will not be that much right? Jet Jointer/Planer
  11. Coyote Jim

    My 2nd box!

    Looks great! Well done! But I gotta ask, what goes IN the box?
  12. Coyote Jim

    Joinery Question

    I have a fairly simple build. I am building a monitor riser for my desk at work. I have not figured out final dimensions yet but it will be in the neighborhood of 48" left to right, 10" front to back and stand about 3-4" tall. The top is all one board that I have already milled, because I had trouble getting that board flat it is only 5/8" thick. Should be more than fine to hold a couple of monitors. I did an extremely poor drawing of it: I'm wondering what the best way to attache the two "dividers" to the underside of the top. See the arrows above. I think that a sliding dovetail would be super overkill. Would a dado be overkill? If I orient the grain the same direction as the top would dowels be fine? These dividers will not be seen from the front side of the desk, I plan on this having a face (is that what you would call it?) so that I can hide all my messy papers under the riser and not have them seen from the front. I'm probably overthinking it but does anyone have any suggestions for me? And by the way, is it strange that I found flattening this 10.5" wide board to be super fun?
  13. I somehow stumbled across this video. I'm at a bit of a loss. I have no idea why this video is so satisfying, but it is. As you will see it is the most overly complex stool I think anyone has ever made. And he was able to do it with a had saw, a plane blade, a chisel and a piece of rope. His "clamping" technique is so simple it hurts. Anyway, I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I did.
  14. Coyote Jim

    Tusk Bookshelf

    This looks great! Thanks for sharing. Quick question here. The shelves have dados and through tenons. Is it common to for a shelf (or any crosspiece for that matter) to have both? I'm not questioning what you did here as a critique, I am just still super new to woodworking and would just like to know best practices.
  15. Coyote Jim

    Passing On The Skills To The Next Generation

    Interesting timing that you posted this today because this just happened last night: