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    I'm a beginner so I am interested in learning. Lots and lots of learning.
    I do seem to love hand tools the most though.

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  1. Coyote Jim

    Fishing Rod Holder

    Why in the world would you floss a fish's teeth?!?!!?
  2. Coyote Jim

    Fishing Rod Holder

    Well stop chewing on it and you won't have to do that every year. Come on Drew, that HAS to be a better way to floss!
  3. Coyote Jim

    Plant stand

    This pisses me off! It's leaps better than anything I have ever made. If you need me I'll be sulking.
  4. Coyote Jim

    Octagonal table

    I have 2 ideas. Both are a bit unorthodox. Idea 1: Find a CnC company. Or a Sign Shop or a Custom Cabinet shop, most of these companies have a CnC. They can cut you a perfect octagon. Will take them 30 or so minutes once they can cram it into their production schedule. If you lived in my area I would do it for you in my shop. Idea 2: Steal a STOP sign. Flush trim router the octagon from the stop sign. Replace the STOP sign. STOP signs in residential neighborhoods are 24". STOP signs on busier roads are 36" Either of those ideas would give you a perfect octagon with perfect angles. Which I think would help in making the frame?
  5. Coyote Jim

    It’s a Coffee Table

    Stunning Chris! And yes....very dope. In the 3rd picture it looks like one of the boards that make up the top is like 15" or more inches wide. Is that a just the camera playing tricks or is the top made from just two super wide boards? Also, for a split second I thought that cat was a huge hamster.
  6. Coyote Jim

    Buying tips.

    Thanks Chesty. Those are all good things for a noob like me to be aware of.
  7. Coyote Jim

    Buying tips.

    I want to ask you this again because I just bought a 4.5c and a 5c a day or two before you posted that. What is it you don't like about corrugated plane soles? Is it even worth the elbow grease of fixing up the ones I just bought or should I try to post them online somewhere in the hopes to recoup some of my money?
  8. Coyote Jim

    Buying tips.

    Would this sandpaper be a good one for flattening a sole? The fact that it is so cheap gives me pause.
  9. Coyote Jim

    Coffee Grinder Sale at Woodcraft

    Well I bought one. Sales have a way of making us Americans do that kind of thing. It looks as good in person as it does in the picture. It IS a sexy little mechanism. BUT, those gears are plastic. I don't think it will stand the test of time. My opinion is it will be an awesome piece for a casual coffee drinking. Not for someone grinding beans every single day. Which makes me sad because of how damn good it looks. This lead me to do some searching on OfferUp for some actual antique coffee grinders. And there are quite a few and reasonably priced. I will most likely get a couple that I saw. Like this one: The box looks beat up and bland. Pretty sure I could take it off that box and do better. I still love the idea of these for Christmas presents so I will be on the look out for antique coffee grinders in my area.
  10. Coyote Jim

    Coffee Grinder Sale at Woodcraft

    That grinder box is super cool @pkinneb!!
  11. I just saw that these coffee grinders are on sale at Woodcraft: It's just the grinder. You build a box or something to attach it too which would catch the grounds. This looks like a fun project that I could make as easy or as hard as I want. They would also make fantastic gifts because a lot of people in my family are coffee snobs. Has anyone bought hardware like this from Woodcraft and could speak to it's quality (or lack there of)? I am going to go by there after work today and have a look at them but I wanted to know if any of you have had a good or bad experience with something like this from Woodcraft? OR does anyone know of a competing brand that might be better/faster/stronger?
  12. Coyote Jim

    Dosch miter trimmer

    That is super interesting. Do you have more info to share? What line of work he was in and why he needed to have invented it and so on?
  13. Coyote Jim

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    Don't give me that. You sure can help it. I was raised in a small town in rural Missouri. We are talking in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. And I don't speak as if I am wearing overalls, a straw hat, no shirt, no shoes. And I don't speak as if my cousin is a potential mate. And I don't speak as if I have an amazing recipe for opossum stew. And I don't speak as if "I aint got no time for that fancy book learn'in"! And I don't speak as if I often catch catfish with my bare hands. And I don't speak as if I have multiple rifles hanging in the back window of my truck. .etc .etc My brother on the other hand.....let's just say that he sounds exactly like he was raised in a small rural Ozark town.
  14. Coyote Jim

    Buying tips.

    Well where were you 3 days ago! I literally just bough a number 5 and a 4.5 with a corrugated sole on Tuesday! Can you share what you don't like about them? Also, that is good info on the blades. Do you have link to where you buy your blades from? I assume Lee Valley?
  15. Coyote Jim

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    My only issue with April his her accent. She throws a "L" at the end of the word "saw". It bugs me to no end when she uses her table "sawl" to "sawl" her projects. On a related note, I hate when people say: worsh instead of wash Wall Marts instead of Wall Mart will instead of wheel and many many more.