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  1. There is an extremely good design and plans for a bookshelf in The Anarchist's Design Book. All boarded construction. I'm going to make one pretty soon. The design is based off of pieces that lasted hundreds of years. If nothing else, I recommend the book pretty highly. I have drank the Christopher Schwarz cool-aid though.
  2. Thanks a ton for all the input guys. I already have the handle made and I don't want to make a new one so I think the best way is for screws or dowels. Next time I will make some kind of mortise situation.
  3. See the handle in these pictures? How would you attach it to the lid? The base of the handle is JUST under 1/2". Like 7/16". So just glue it on? Screw from underneath? Small dowels? Something else I have not thought of?
  4. Everything above worked great! Thank you very much.
  5. Genius! According to my tracking number I should have all those items by the end of the week. (P.S. Is it a bad sign that I had to google how to spell genius?)
  6. I love this. I think I have my answer. I'm sure I have a piece of steel laying around her somewhere.
  7. Doing this would mean I need to buy a router! Don't get me wrong, I love buying tools, but two dowels is a pretty weak excuse to buy a router. I suppose what I should do is just come up with a better excuse!
  8. Thanks J-Dub! I'll add that to my ever growing Amazon wish list. I only need 2 very short dowels at the moment. So that $57 price tag is super steep for 2 super short dowels. I know that you have a video on making your own, I have yet to watch it, if all I need is one size for something small would that video give me the know how to make a single size one time use dowel plate?
  9. Can anyone recommend me a good dowel plate? Or is making my own so simple that I should not really even consider spending money on one? Follow up question: Is there a such thing as a "good" dowel plate? It's just a piece of steel with some holes in it right?
  10. Thanks @Ronn W! This is all great info! Quick clarification though. When you say "coat of glue on the faces of the pins only" you mean glue on every face of the pin that will be touching the tails, including the face that will touch the baseline of the tail board right? I sure will but, I work at a snails pace and I have very limited shop time. So keep an eye on these forums sometime in the fall. That's a joke...mostly. This is a great idea. Thanks. @Tmize I'll have a look for Cosman's video. It's my understanding that guy knows a thing or two about joinery.
  11. I'm in the middle of making a small dovetail box. Due to a slight miscalculation I have 1/16" proud dovetails. I WAS going to plane them flush but I absolutely love the way they look. Kind of a happy accident. Here is a pic: I was thinking about the glue up. Won't the pins get covered in glue as they push through? Anyone have any tips to keep this glue up from being a messy disaster? Second question, chamfer the proud tails and pins before or after the glue up? I'm thinking before.
  12. Was that a pun? Great advice everyone! This is why I like to come here first. I really like Mark J's suggestion about hitting the books and learning all I can about what's what. Thank you!
  13. I get all my wives imported from Russia does that make them "exotic". They also cost less than that table.
  14. After checking out the price of Auriou files and rasps, I'm liking strait edges more and more.