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    I'm a beginner so I am interested in learning. Lots and lots of learning.
    I do seem to love hand tools the most though.

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  1. I don't know what I get out of posting this here other than warm fuzzies. But here it goes. So I made my first attempt at hand cut dovetails. I cheated and used a magnetic saw guide. The plan was to make a "dovetail box". I pretty much followed the directions from Paul Sellers' video. One large dovetail per joint. This was my very first one which actually turned out to be my best one: Here is a picture before glue up: The worst one by far was the third joint. That thing was a hot mess. I was able to glue and clamp it enough to make it at least look passable. Gluing it up was as far as I got. I live in Arizona and my garage was becoming a furnace so I did not plane or sand the joints yet. I'll do that if there is a cool enough evening. Thanks for having a look.
  2. Coyote Jim

    Love that first coat of finish!

    I am simply astonished! I feel like I need a couple decades of practice before I could pull something like that off. In that last picture, the close up of that chair leg, is that just a solid piece of wood that has that beautiful grain pattern or is that a mitered corner? It looks like you "book matched" it. Also, who is it for?
  3. Coyote Jim

    Jointer Blade Help Please

    Mine are under 1". About 5/8". Thanks for the offer though.
  4. Coyote Jim

    Jointer Blade Help Please

    This is so generous Tom! Thank you so much. I will have a loot at their dimensions this even when I am home from the day job. I have not called them. You mean.....they have like....real live people.....who will actually talk to you?!?!? That's pretty rare these days.
  5. Coyote Jim

    Jointer Blade Help Please

    I looked all over that Grizzly website and could not find the specific part number/blades knives I need for my machine. Is that the right one for my specific Machine? And how did you find it?
  6. Coyote Jim

    What should I use for a wood top wall unit?

    I might get lynched on these boards for this but.... Ikea sells counter tops that have an 1/8" veneer wrapped around MDF. The price is pretty damn good too. They have walnut and oak and a couple other veneers. I have seen it in person and it looks good because it is actually 1/8" of real hard wood. The MDF will also keep the wood movement to a minimum. Here is a link: I am going to go run for the hills before everyone here gets their torches and pitch forks.
  7. Coyote Jim

    Jointer Blade Help Please

    Hello! I recently picked up this used from Offer Up: It is a Grizzly G0654 I know it is not the biggest baddest jointer around but it was a pretty good deal and had very little use. Fits pretty well in my garage. I got the thing home. Waxed up all the cast iron. I got everything aligned all nice and neat using some scrap pine. I was very happy with this new addition. That is where things took a bit of a turn for the worst. Have you ever heard the phrase "If it wasn't for the hard way, I would learn nothing at all"? Well, on my very first board of real hardwood, the board had a nail in it. Dinged up the knives pretty good. Now I need to replace the knives. And yes I bought a hand held metal detector that very same day. The problem is that I have never had a machine like this before and I have no idea what I am looking for. Other than just googling "G0654 Knives" of course. Do I want High Speed Steel: Do I want Carbide: I am just a hobby woodworker so unfortunately this machine will collect more dust than it will make. I don't think I NEED "super long lasting super amazing knives". I just need something that will do a bit of jointing from time to time. Anyone have any recommendations or thoughts that would help me?
  8. Coyote Jim

    Dining room table - COMPLETE

    Incredible Chet! I see projects like that and I think to myself "Someday I will have the skills and knowledge to that kind of thing." But that wallpaper though. Reminds me of my grandmother's house.
  9. Coyote Jim

    Quick Mother's Day Gifts

    Well you don't THROW the knives at holder!
  10. Coyote Jim

    Quick Mother's Day Gifts

    Here is a poorly taken picture of it on the wall. I was wearing a red shirt, that is why the knives look a bit pink/red. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Holds the knives really well and looks pretty sexy as well.
  11. Coyote Jim

    My projects

    Great stuff John! John? I find myself in a very similar spot as you are. Zero woodworking background, then an online woodworker, then only in the last year or two I started making stuff. Lots and lots and lots of learning from my mistakes. In fact, with how many mistakes I have made you would think I would be a master craftsman by now. Don't be scared of making a build journal. I am very much a beginner and everyone on these forums has been very kind and encouraging and helpful to me, even though I am sure they are looking at their screens, shaking their heads and saying "Oh, bless his heart". Keep up the great work and I hope to see more of it around these forums.
  12. Coyote Jim

    Quick Mother's Day Gifts

    The magnets are quite strong and you have too pull pretty hard to get the knives off, do you think that a keyhole would stand up to years of abuse?
  13. Coyote Jim

    Quick Mother's Day Gifts

    I am going to try and keep this short. Which is not my normal M.O. Let me know if you prefer it. With Mother's Day quickly approaching I had the idea of making magnetic knife holders as gifts. I have 4 mothers I need to worry about, my wife, my Mother, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. All of these mothers (heh heh) have high end fancy kitchen knives that would probably look pretty good if they were displayed on the wall. If they don't like it or they do not have room in their kitchen I will give them permission to re-gift. The criteria for this build: 1) Simple, need to be able to build it in one weekend. 2) Not cost an arm and a leg. Here we go! To start, I milled and cut up some wood. No plans, no drawings, not Sketch-up. Just some rough measurements and an idea in my head. Then I glued these pieces in to frames. The wood that I am using for these frames is mostly white oak. Even those really light colored pieces, that is the sapwood of the white oak. One of the frames I have no idea what that is, I think it may be birch with some spalting but I am not a wood-ologist so I have no idea. I bought some walnut veneer that I will be gluing to the face of these frames. I clamped the frames veneer side down onto this piece of square aluminum tubing to make sure that it was perfectly strait. I also sandwiched the frame under another piece of wood in the hopes of a more even clamping pressure. I flushed up the veneer with a smoothing plane, sanded the walnut face, then added a chamfer around the outside edge using a block plane to reveal the wood of the frame. I really like the effect. Now for the magnets. I picked up 4 of these at Home Depot. This is a magnetic tool holder, it boasted that it holds "20lbs per inch"! My initial tests show that these magnets would work great, especially if I remove the magnets from the housing they are in. An angle grinder took care of the welds that held the housing together. There were 9 magnets in each holder. I put the frames face down on my table saw, filled the trough with about 3/16" of epoxy, then dropped the magnets in. The magnets pulled themselves nice and flat because they were magnetized to the metal table saw. This was my first time ever using epoxy on wood. Have I mentioned that I am new to woodworking? I did this 4 times. Once the epoxy hardened these were done and ready for finish. Here are some shots after one coat of Boiled Linseed oil. My finishing plan is to wait 48 hours then do a second coat of BLO. Then 48 hours after that, add a coat of Danish Oil. Then after 24-48 hours after that, use a dark furniture wax. I have used this finish once before and it blew my mind with how nice it worked. I hope it will be that good again. I can post completion pics if anyone is interested in them, but the pics above give you some idea. I was able to knock this all out in one weekend. A more experienced person could most likely build this in one day. I am still very new to woodworking and have a long way to go and have lots of efficiencies to learn. I'm pretty damn slow if I am honest. Cost: Wood I had on hand: Free.....ish Walnut Veneer: $15 from Woodcraft, still have some left Magnets: $13 each x4 = $52 (ouch) Epoxy: $15 but I have a lot left. Total: $82 (ouch) Divided by 4: $20.50 each. (not bad). I still need to figure out the mounting hardware, whatever that hardware is will add to the cost. Should not be more than a buck or two. A big thanks to wdwrker for his advice on how to glue the magnets in. His idea worked very well and should last for years to come. Thanks again you 'ol silver fox you!
  14. Coyote Jim

    Veneer help.

    This is all great suggestions so far. I really appreciate it guys. Anyone have any good thoughts on mounting this to the wall?
  15. Coyote Jim

    Veneer help.

    I have checked out K&J and MY GOD THE PRICE! I have already tested the magnets that I have with the 1/16" veneer and it all works great! And it does not break the bank! What do you mean by "rigid glue line"?