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  2. So....this is embarrassing. You know the old saying "Measure twice cut once."? I re-measured the kitchen and....well....I have absolutely no idea where I got 108" from. Honestly I'm baffled. The kitchen will only accommodate a 6' table. I do believe all of the above advice is still sound though.
  3. I'm going to be doing my first ever large table top. The final dimensions will be around 40" x 96", maybe 40" x 108". I'm going to use 8/4 white oak. Assuming there are no fires to put out at work I will be purchasing all the lumber I need tomorrow (Friday). This being my first big table top my question for you experts is: When picking out my boards what should I be looking out for? What are the red flags?
  4. With the size of the wings I'll call it a hanger.
  5. I just send you my address so you can ship it to me?.....Do I need to come pick it up?....or how does this work?
  6. I have been a bit MIA from the forums recently (not that I'm super active or anything but I do tend to lurk most days) and wanted to share a couple quick projects I was working on. First, I put together some of them fancy pants Krenov Saw Horses. I absolutely love them. I think the wood is maple. Except for the "feet", those are white oak. Except for jointing and thicknessing this was all done with hand tools. Pay no attention to the notches on the top of the left one. Those notches......yup. They are 100% for speed and 0% because I cut something in the wrong spot. Always mark your waste folks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My other project is what I have named: The way overly complex shelves. The reason for the name should be very obvious. Like the saw horses, except for jointing and thicknessing this was an all hand tool build. Finished with a couple coats of Danish Oil then paste wax. I'm very happy with how these turned out. Thanks for looking.
  7. Are we just shouting out science words now? I'll join in. Photosynthesis.
  8. One of these things is not like the others. The issue is that it is supposed to be like the others. Is there a fix for this? Or would the fix take longer than just milling up another board? The mortise is 5/8" x 2.5" (do you like how I mixed fractions and decimals there?) Hand chopped so the inside is all jagged.
  9. Little update: I got a response form This is what they wrote: They were going to send me replacements with no questions asked. They were not even going to have me send the "bad" ones back. I responded back telling them it was human error and there is no need to send me replacements. I have to admit I hesitated and almost just kept my mouth shut but finally decided that I am a decent human being. [Ouch! Almost threw out my shoulder patting myself on the back there.]
  10. A week or more ago Johnathan Katz-Moses (of dovetail jig fame) posted a video about all the great things you can do with squares. It's not bad, you can view it here: In that video he mentions that at they sell "Blemished" PEC squares. I do not know much about PEC but from the very limited research I did it looks like PEC makes some pretty high quality tools. Not quite at the level of companies like Starrett but way better than your normal home center tools. I decided to pull the trigger and get some of these "blemished" PEC tools. I bought: 12" Combination Square that Amazon sells for $79.99 for only $37.99. 6" Double Square that Amazon sells for $49.99 for only $25.99. 4" Double Square that Amazon sells for $45.99 for only $24.99. Plus tax but free shipping. I got all 3 of those for just under $100 They only took a couple days to be delivered and as soon as I got a chance I checked them all for square. And I was very disappointed. The Combination Square was spot on, but both the Double Squares were off. The 6" one was off by almost a 64th and and the 4" one was off by about half that. I was annoyed so I emailed Taylor Tools right away. Then I calmed down. Took my time, and re-checked all 3 squares. This time I did not use crappy particle board to check them for square. I used a board that I knew to be perfect. Turns out....all the squares are perfect. Good 'ol human error. As for the "Blemishes"? I can't find any flaw at all with either of the Double Squares. They look perfect to me. The casting in the combination square has some pits. Non of the pits effect the square in any way. Here are some pictures of the pits. All of these tools have some strange scratch marks on the rulers. These scratch marks look to have been put there on purpose. If I had to guess I would say that during QC, the person responsible for rejecting the rulers scratches them to make sure that they don't accidentally make it into the normal stock. Again, the scratches do not effect the use of the tools. Here is a picture of all the scratches. The quality of these tools is very good. I have never used a Starrett or Woodpecker square so I cannot compare. I can say that after a day of using them (I did a lot of milling and dimensioning today) these are the nicest squares I have ever used. I very much recommend them to anyone that has been getting by with a cheap square. They have more blemished tools on that site (all of which are squares, rulers and gauges) and when I need something that is listed there I feel confident in buying it knowing how good these squares are. If you are interested you can have a look at all their blemished tools HERE.
  11. For my day job I own a sign company. A pretty big one, we are up to 18 employees. So as a sign making professional I can say that for a DIY sign, you done good David. Really good.
  12. My daughter is in competitive gymnastics. She had a pretty good year. These are walnut shelves that I attached using hand cut sliding dove tails..... Just kidding, I just screwed them in from the back. The back is cherry ply.
  13. The wife mentioned she wanted a candle holder. I thought "No sweat, I can make something like that piece of cake." Then I came up with this design. "How hard could it be?" Turns out very hard. For such a small project this took me more hours than I am willing to admit.