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  1. IAMark

    Hello from Iowa

    Thanks for the welcome and info much appreciated.
  2. IAMark

    Hello from Iowa

    Treeslayer i live in Des Moines. right now just have a circular saw, but i am planning on getting a portable table saw just trying to decide which one. Have some bigger projects down the the saw will come in handy on. Have a long list of tools to get but just going to pick few things to get me going chisels, a plane or 2 and couple hand saws like to get practicing on cutting dovetails. oh yeah and forgot layout tools need them for sure lol.
  3. IAMark

    Hello from Iowa

    Thanks for the replies appreciate it. probably start out with birdhouses, jewelry boxes and maybe boxes or cabinets for holding supplies and tools.
  4. Hello all new to the hobby, always wanted to get into the hobby and 47 here i am. Lots of good info hopefully find the info i need to get going. Interested in working with hand tools. Have no garage but have a 12X8 shed. Any advice be much appreciated thanks in advance. Mark