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    I have been woodworking for over 40 years.I enjoy hand tools and try to use them more than my machines Case work is what I really enjoy cabinets ETC.

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  1. Dennis O'Shea

    Recent work

    Do they ship also ?
  2. Dennis O'Shea

    Gap fix

    I honestly believe that no one will ever notice it I do like trying a sliver fix but for me it's good to go
  3. Dennis O'Shea

    Its Just about done

    Just have the vises to mount and it finished I am really happy with the height at 35 1/2 inches I also went with the Pine dowels it seems the oil darkened them just enough to give it some contrast I was looking for
  4. Dennis O'Shea

    Recent work

    Wow nice piece of walnut
  5. Dennis O'Shea

    Misc Hardware

    When I got it .It had paint stains on it and he had put the little wooden knobs on the drawer's Drilling through the knob and putting a small threaded bolt a lock washer and a nut on each one >I changed the knobs and cleaned it up I was going to put poly on it but then I thought he must have used some type of varnish so that what I put on it I turned out pretty good And it has done the job for me
  6. Dennis O'Shea

    Misc Hardware

    My Dad made this about 55 years ago when he passed I asked my mother if I could have it shipped up to where I lived. All made out of plywood and the drawers are all hand nailed.He knew where every thing was in them .Unlike his Dumb Ass son who has to open quite a few draw's to find something.
  7. Dennis O'Shea

    Quick Bench Update

    The pine base and top less than 175.00 the money is tied up in the walnut About 140.00 in the walnut
  8. Dennis O'Shea

    Quick Bench Update

  9. Dennis O'Shea

    Quick Bench Update

    Got the top on finally we have had quite the heat wave here in the Northeast so haven't done much. Started to trim it out with the walnut then I will mount the end vise next . I need you guy's opinion I want to plug the holes not quite sure if I should do it with walnut plugs.Or use pine like the rest of the bench for some contrast against the walnut any opinions would be greatly appreciated
  10. Dennis O'Shea

    Beginner - Impulse Buy

    The saw looks great safety as a beginner is the biggest priority.The other thing and you seem to have that down is ask questions. The folks on here are full of advice on all topic's .There are 1000's of small projects on you tube and with some fair amount of instruction .You do not have to incorporate all that's there you may add some of your own idea's .Take your time and be safe from what your photo shows you will be fine remember mistakes happen and every person on here has made at least one. That's part of the fun of the hobby figuring stuff out Good luck and post some pic's of the next project and don't be afraid to ask question if your not sure of how to get there .There are no secrets in wood working "Well there are the biggest is not having the misses find out you bought another tool "GOOD LUCK"
  11. Dennis O'Shea

    Japanese joinery challenge update

    Just outstanding you should be very proud of your craftsmanship
  12. Dennis O'Shea


    You are not the first and you will not be the last Happens to the best But have a great Sunday ARRRR
  13. Dennis O'Shea

    Bench Base

    I have learned so much about manner's and rear ends This all started about the word Sir It has surely taken on a life of it's own .Someone just observing this post might say.You folk's need to get out of the shop more .For myself at 70 years old I have found it quite educational And I thank you
  14. Dennis O'Shea

    Bench Base

    All looks I now regret it a little my wife came into the shop to see and she said the grooves make it look pretty I said HUH!!!!!!!!1
  15. Dennis O'Shea

    Bench Base

    It was a 3/8 cove and just a couple of board clamped to each leg as stop blocks easy peasy