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    I have been woodworking for over 40 years.I enjoy hand tools and try to use them more than my machines Case work is what I really enjoy cabinets ETC.

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  1. Dennis O'Shea

    Sad Storry to Share

    For me I feel for your friend but I may be old fashioned but when ever I change the blade the saw is getting unplugged I don't care what kind of switch you have .I take my chances all day long with unplugging it
  2. Dennis O'Shea

    Merry Christmas

    I just wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas ! And thank you all for the helpful information that you all shared.Throughout this past year And Have a Happy And Healthy New Year
  3. Dennis O'Shea

    Resaw Blade

    That's the way I am leaning after doing some reading And getting info also thanks much
  4. Dennis O'Shea

    Resaw Blade

    My question is I have a Laguna 1412 .And I am wanting to get a resaw blade I will only use here and there.I don't want to break the bank I need to know what to get there are so many available out there and by a ton of different companys The Blades I have used are Timber Wolf and I have gotten a couple from Blades .Com .And have good luck with both of these companies My question is width of blade and TPI any help in this Matter would be greatly appreciated I will be using for Walnut and Cherry and Soft Maple mostly
  5. Dennis O'Shea

    Christmas Dining Table

    You should be very proud workmanship is out standing And it turned out awesome Who ever is getting this will have a Merry Christmas Again great work
  6. Dennis O'Shea

    Bathroom Cabinet

    Great Job to nice for T.P.
  7. Sounds like a fun Christmas Morning
  8. Dennis O'Shea

    Christmas Dining Table

    Outstanding love the wood choice and love the design. I too like working on the fly with no plans keep the pic's coming again looks great
  9. Dennis O'Shea

    End Grain Cutting Board Finish Recommendations

    Yes it's food safe finish
  10. Dennis O'Shea

    End Grain Cutting Board Finish Recommendations

    Mineral Oil and Bees wax and then just a touch up with mineral occasionally
  11. I am saddened by your story and her struggles I pray that she is at peace. And that you can only think of the good times.Your project just show's the caring and the unconditional love you felt for her.And to have a friend to have helped in the way he did also shows how much she was loved. May she rest in peace and you sir may you have peace in your heart till you meet here again .
  12. Dennis O'Shea

    Dewalt 735

    Thanks for all your input made a slight adjustment to the out feed table and that was the end of the Dreaded snipe Yipee Again thanks for all your input or was it output well anyway thanks
  13. Dennis O'Shea

    Dewalt 735

    yes they are did all the cleaning while I changed the blades I need to check the tables I was very careful when I changed the blades yes I do
  14. Dennis O'Shea

    Dewalt 735

    The cut is perfect just the snipe
  15. Dennis O'Shea

    Dewalt 735

    I had run them through my jointer before never had this problem till i flipped the blades