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    I have been woodworking for over 40 years.I enjoy hand tools and try to use them more than my machines Case work is what I really enjoy cabinets ETC.

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  1. Dennis O'Shea

    End Grain Cutting Board Finish Recommendations

    Yes it's food safe finish
  2. Dennis O'Shea

    End Grain Cutting Board Finish Recommendations

    Mineral Oil and Bees wax and then just a touch up with mineral occasionally
  3. Dennis O'Shea

    My final gift to my wife

    I am saddened by your story and her struggles I pray that she is at peace. And that you can only think of the good times.Your project just show's the caring and the unconditional love you felt for her.And to have a friend to have helped in the way he did also shows how much she was loved. May she rest in peace and you sir may you have peace in your heart till you meet here again .
  4. Dennis O'Shea

    Dewalt 735

    Thanks for all your input made a slight adjustment to the out feed table and that was the end of the Dreaded snipe Yipee Again thanks for all your input or was it output well anyway thanks
  5. Dennis O'Shea

    Dewalt 735

    yes they are did all the cleaning while I changed the blades I need to check the tables I was very careful when I changed the blades yes I do
  6. Dennis O'Shea

    Dewalt 735

    The cut is perfect just the snipe
  7. Dennis O'Shea

    Dewalt 735

    I had run them through my jointer before never had this problem till i flipped the blades
  8. Dennis O'Shea

    Dewalt 735

    I am using the original Blades that were on there I just used the other side I will check the in feed table though
  9. Dennis O'Shea

    Dewalt 735

    I have had the planner for over a year and love it I have never had a problem with snipe it has performed perfectly I decided it was time to change the blades or i guess just flip them around took me a little over a half hour. Here is my problem I now have developed a snipe at the beginning of the cut about three inches in from the start of the cut.If I take the board and feed it at an angle no snipe .It not bad its just annoying did I do some thing wrong when I changed the blades around.Can't figure it out .I would appreciate and suggestions Thanks
  10. Dennis O'Shea

    Mineral Oil vs. Butcher Block Oil

    That's back in the day when the Chicken came in wooden crates packed in Ice and you cut them up in the store That's when whole were 28cent's a pound and cut up's were 31cent's a pound
  11. Dennis O'Shea

    Mineral Oil vs. Butcher Block Oil

    In the Old Butcher shops at the end of the week they would take very course ground salt and cover the top of the block .They had a very course brush with metal bristles about 1/8th wide and would scrub the top of the block to remove the slime from the blood and fat.It was almost like sanding it down with course ground paper.Cooking Oil And Mineral Oil are the easiest and the safest for a food safe application Some people use Peanut Oil not thinking about people with Peanut allergy's
  12. Dennis O'Shea

    Mineral Oil vs. Butcher Block Oil

    I use a mixture of Bee's wax and Mineral Oil 2oz of Bees wax 5oz of mineral oil works great on cutting boards.It's very food safe one I just finished this afternoon
  13. Just fantastic work she has some serious patience
  14. Dennis O'Shea

    David P's Chevron table ... Connecting Top ?

    Not a fan of the top
  15. Dennis O'Shea

    Attach wooden door sill to concrete?

    I have also done this but had to put on a life jacket And of course the bathing suit