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    I have been woodworking for over 40 years.I enjoy hand tools and try to use them more than my machines Case work is what I really enjoy cabinets ETC.

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  1. Dennis O'Shea

    Mineral Oil vs. Butcher Block Oil

    That's back in the day when the Chicken came in wooden crates packed in Ice and you cut them up in the store That's when whole were 28cent's a pound and cut up's were 31cent's a pound
  2. Dennis O'Shea

    Mineral Oil vs. Butcher Block Oil

    In the Old Butcher shops at the end of the week they would take very course ground salt and cover the top of the block .They had a very course brush with metal bristles about 1/8th wide and would scrub the top of the block to remove the slime from the blood and fat.It was almost like sanding it down with course ground paper.Cooking Oil And Mineral Oil are the easiest and the safest for a food safe application Some people use Peanut Oil not thinking about people with Peanut allergy's
  3. Dennis O'Shea

    Mineral Oil vs. Butcher Block Oil

    I use a mixture of Bee's wax and Mineral Oil 2oz of Bees wax 5oz of mineral oil works great on cutting boards.It's very food safe one I just finished this afternoon
  4. Just fantastic work she has some serious patience
  5. Dennis O'Shea

    David P's Chevron table ... Connecting Top ?

    Not a fan of the top
  6. Dennis O'Shea

    Attach wooden door sill to concrete?

    I have also done this but had to put on a life jacket And of course the bathing suit
  7. Dennis O'Shea

    Bent gas strut

    It looks to me to be a clearance issue Also what weight of the lid ?
  8. Dennis O'Shea

    Command Chief Stripes plaque

    Well done
  9. Dennis O'Shea

    Delta Unisaw 36-L53L opinions?

    It's a pretty good deal have you seen it run ?
  10. I also use Highland Hardwoods and have always been treated well there. I have found there quality to be very good .And what makes it really nice it ten minutes from my house .Good luck
  11. Dennis O'Shea

    Need some help or info so ask the experts

    Thanks I will give bench craft a try thanks for all your input much appreciated
  12. I just finished mounting a vise on the end of my bench .What I am looking for is some leather to put on the jaw's of the vise I am thinking of a thicker cow hide facing the ruff side out I am open to any suggestions thanks for your help
  13. Dennis O'Shea

    Recent work

    Do they ship also ?
  14. Dennis O'Shea

    Gap fix

    I honestly believe that no one will ever notice it I do like trying a sliver fix but for me it's good to go
  15. Dennis O'Shea

    Its Just about done

    Just have the vises to mount and it finished I am really happy with the height at 35 1/2 inches I also went with the Pine dowels it seems the oil darkened them just enough to give it some contrast I was looking for