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  1. new2woodwrk

    Making your own shop lighting

    I keep both my phone and computer's video cam off - I never answer my phone since I don't need it for business. If it's important, they'll leave a msg and I'll call back - if not - oh well.
  2. new2woodwrk

    Making your own shop lighting

    "Would you like to play a game?" LOL
  3. new2woodwrk

    Researching Scroll Saws...

    Sweet - thanks for the link and the info - much appreciated Pooh, that link/url doesn't work Got it:
  4. new2woodwrk

    Making your own shop lighting

    Yah, not a fan of those intrusive things from google and amazon, but yeah that's the idea I use the remote switches all day long - they work really well.
  5. new2woodwrk

    Researching Scroll Saws...

    Thanks all, @Rapid Roger It appears the porter cable is no longer sold separately so the price is now over $200 What about either of these units:,default,pd.html I'm pretty skitish about Skil stuff (isn't this low end Bosch now?) as I've purchased 3 Skil tools and only one of them is worth its salt. Thoughts?
  6. new2woodwrk

    My first video

    Good stuff for your first I specially like how you kept it "real" - discussing some issues and booboo's you made - very cool for doing that! Best of luck with your site and videos - can't wait to see more. I will subscribe to your feed as well
  7. I have rubber mats laid down where ever my car is not. I have the ones from HF behind my workbench, and I have thinner rubber mats at each station. Works fine for me - not really interested in making it look "pretty" - the way i work, it would just get messy after a few days anyway. Either way, what ever you decide - take some pics - let's see how it looks when you're done
  8. I've started researching scroll saws so would like some recommendations for a new purchase for someone who has never used one... Usage would more than likely be small items such as numbers for clocks, perhaps a few small template cutouts - nothing major or very intricate - at least not for awhile The budget is as always a major concern. I am looking at other types of machines as well, so from a price perspective, the Porter Cable for $119 seems like a decent enough unit at the right price. I also looked at the HF $99, but the reviews were terrible so I think I'm going to pass on that one. Thoughts? Thanks as always in advance
  9. new2woodwrk

    A couple small boxes.

    Very nice looking boxes - multipurpose as well! Thanks for sharing
  10. new2woodwrk

    My Modern Desk Build

    Very nice project - grats on the build and thanks for sharing
  11. new2woodwrk

    Making your own shop lighting

    I don't have a solution to your building new lights - however one suggestion I do have to save you stumbling around in the dark: Get one of these (or more) remote power switches: - put the remote on a hook at the entrance to your garage and turn the lights on as you enter. I use these on my dust collector (can turn it on from anywhere in the garage) as well as my rope lights on my lanai. I'm actually going to buy several more for some of my tool cart outlets. Press a button and the cart is live!
  12. new2woodwrk

    2 hp HF Y intake Port

    I have looked at so many threads, articles, pictures and videos my brain has turned to mush and still I didn't see, read or hear an answer to a question I have regarding the Y intake port on the HF 2 hp dust collector. Is it better to leave the Y on if only using one side of it, or swap it out for a straight/elbow connector? Not sure if the straight/elbow connector would affect the suction enough to make a difference. Thanks as always in advance
  13. new2woodwrk

    Episode 274

    OMG - incredible build! Thanks for sharing - that is one to be proud of for sure!
  14. new2woodwrk

    My Jointer Discussion - PC 6" - PC160JT

    Thanks @Chet I have a chart I use to identify which pallets I work with and always use a P100 filter when cutting the wood. Pallets are labeled by how they are made - HT /MB etc. I do understand that you never know where a pallet has been since it may be used over and over and recycled etc. however, I don't use stained pallets, and only use pallets labeled as HT. Some pallets you can "smell" the treatment - these I use for cleats after cleaning them up So far so good - I'm not dead yet - I know it's not a funny subject, but it does save me a lot of money
  15. new2woodwrk

    My Jointer Discussion - PC 6" - PC160JT

    Can't I do the same thing with jointer? I've read a few articles stating I can edge and flatten boards with a jointer. I don't know much about planers yet, but aren't they mostly for raw boards? I don't buy that type of wood.which is why I ask