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  1. Thanks Chet Keep in mind though that I am still learning the ropes. @ Stew I have the Delta 20 inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw. From what I have read online, this was a joint effort from Delta and Dewalt, to create a new kind of saw. It has a liftable arm, which makes it so much easier (and faster) to change from one inside cut to the other. All you do is untightened the blade at the top, lift the arm, slide your product over the blade, lower the arm, tighten the screw, and you're good to go. @ ClassAct thank you so much. I assume you're talkin
  2. Thank you Chucklz and New2woodwrk for those nice comments. Within a few days I am going to start my first real big project. It's going to be a 30x30 inch wall-art-object-thingy :-) I will keep you updated and take some real pictures.
  3. Hi everybody. My name is Arie Boom, and in this post I like to show some of my first efforst in woodworking. I have alway's liked wood, but never really got a chance to dive into it. It's actually quite interesting when you think about it. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, aka Holland, and moves to the U.S. in 2010. The word Holland derives from German - Holz Land ( meaning Wood Land ) Americans always say that I have the coolest last name ever; Boom. What they don't know is that Boom translated into English is Tree. You could say that I am Arie
  4. Thank you all for your wonderfull words of welcome. @ Tom King Yes I do read as well as I write, and am currently reading as much on this forum as I can. Thanks for those links, I am going to check them out. @wtnhighlander That is a wonderful idea. Problem with that is that I basically don't know any woodworkers. I moved around in this area, let's say a 20 mile radius from where I live now, in the beginning. I actually never moved so much as in the first 5 years of being here. I am not really planning on staying focussed on Scrollsaw projects only. I
  5. Hello everybody I just found this forum while I was looking for some answers, but I will introduce myself properly. My name is Arie Boom and I live in Bucks county, PA (Yardley - Morrisville area) I am a scrollsawer, who is currently switching to other forms of woodworking. About 8 years ago I moved from The Netherlands to the U.S, so that I could be together with my American wife. Back in The Netherlands I was a CNC programmer / manager in a steel company, specialized in small parts, and had done that for more then 25 years. When I came to the U.S,