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  1. If it is already in this thread, I missed it but what happened to you and I hope you are getting better!!!
  2. I tried a front door of QS white oak. It works up north but not here ion mildew Florida. Regardless of aggressively sealing the door including the ends mildew would get under the finish. It took a year or so to be ugly. I took the door down to bare wood and added a researched chemical treatment and it didn't matter. For the last 3 or 4 years with the right replacement, same design and used the old stained glass using Sapele. Looks perfect. No mold or mildew under the finish. That being said, I know it is the wood of choice up north. And lasts.
  3. I believe with your new shop your productivity will be more. Up to a point, the more space the more productive you are. By adding tools does this mean the build is complete not counting setting up the shop. If so, how did you do on budget? My guess is you went over due to escalating material prices. And sometimes an upgrade gets in your face and you cant say no. Your new shop should keep a grin on your face for a long time. I think you are approaching the ultimate woodworking shop. Well done!!! Most all of us will be jealous. What is the tool on the left near the door?
  4. A long time ago I had access to a Newton horizontal boring machine. 2 spindles and a foot pedal to advance the bed into the bits. It was very accurate and easy to use. Now it would be hard to find and the same or more money than a domino.
  5. Out of context. The next sentence , Unfortunately it just changes the looks of the rough boards. The heart wood is typical.
  6. That would add value. Unfortunately it just changes the looks of the rough boards.
  7. I look at it as adding to the price and reducing the value. Must be some added cost to steam. Today I was cutting some walnut drawer faces and there was no way of knowing where the sap wood was. So for me today negative value from steaming.
  8. curlyoak


    a noid. NO ID lost tag. No name. Lots of these in the plant world. It is a Dendrobium orchid and likely a hybrid. This plant gets its picture taken a lot. It is on the street in front of my house. Seems to be happy.
  9. Sometimes walnut is steamed and in the rough it appears to have no sap wood. On the first pass on the jointer the true colors are revealed. Is the purpose to hide the sap wood making it easier to sell?
  10. Phinds, your data base is amazing.
  11. show the face too
  12. I have made M & T joints many ways. My first machined joint was with a router and a slot cutter. I cut both sides of the joint with a slot. I added a third member. Called a chevron. turn the grain the short way. I sold my delta morticing machine and my delta tenoning jig for my table saw. They were both inaccurate and I owned a domino. It makes sense to make one with hand tools. At least to understand how. I also own the jumbo domino. The small one gets most of the work. Years ago I used a horizontal boring machine. It was very adjustable. But all the other solutions for me are mostly not needed because of the domino. Most importantly it is very accurate. And if time matters, it does for me, then the domino wins the blue ribbon. That being said there is some work offered here that is incredible and all hand tools. Or mostly hand tools.
  13. Came in the mail. It would not work. I called woodpecker and Jessem and they both said it was compatible. It is now. The clear plastic was exactly the height to fit into the groove on the fence. I asked woodpecker to send me additional washers to raise the guide. Got them today and I believe the problem is solved. I like the feel of it. Also I like no need of a square fence.