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  1. curlyoak

    refinishing a dining table top

    Thanks Chet. With mineral spirits that tells me you are using the oil base. Do you have an opinion or experience on the water base. Do you have a sheen preference? Thank you for your comments.
  2. curlyoak

    refinishing a dining table top

    What about a top coat? I played with the water base arm r seal and I had a problem with it flowing out. Brush/wipe marks were visible on very close inspection. Would thinning be the answer? Thanks.
  3. curlyoak

    refinishing a dining table top

    It is white oak. It has a waterlox original sealer finish. I would like an oil base application because I like the amber color. I want a hard finish that can take spills and clean easily. I prefer gloss or semi gloss. I do not spray. Which general product do I want? Thanks!
  4. curlyoak

    info on General finishes

    I used the water base arm r seal. I liked it. I was surprised how clear it is. I think I will prefer the oil base to get a little amber. A preference thing. I did not get a good flow out. I applied it with a foam brush. With very close inspection I can see the lines from the wiping. I am thinking if I thinned a little it would flow better. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  5. curlyoak

    info on General finishes

    sjeff, Competition and the desire to continue to grow earnings will usually force better customer service. Sometimes with a unique product line the company develops an arrogance. You need a lot of game to do it. But that leaves vulnerability and another competitor could change the game. My view is to give back more as my business grows. Don't be greedy. Nonetheless, if it is a good product I want it.
  6. curlyoak

    info on General finishes

    trees layer, thanks for the tip. The funnel is a must. I was able to do it myself. I would have liked a third hand. The added spout was a big help too. If you get a can spout, the trick is to attach it to the inner rim. And water base is so easy to deal with. My 16 oz deli cup and the funnel and spout washed in seconds with water. The only thing to throw away was the foam brush. And I have foam brushes that the handle is reused and the foam is replaced at woodworkers supply. I am not comfortable in saving anything leftover in the job bucket. Any leftover is painted on to my workbench. I am confident that with the good influence here, I have found a better system. Thanks all!
  7. curlyoak

    A differnt type of project

    Nice work. I know when you work in miniature anything less than accurate shows up. If you liked doing the project why not explain that it is very time consuming however if they got the cash you are willing. Sometimes people will surprise you. All they can say is no or maybe a yes. Cant hurt. Unless you prefer to move on.
  8. Steve, I imagine trying to calculate the man hours must be daunting. On complicated and or larger projects I have asked for time and materials with a no guarantee estimate. With the money pressure gone I think it brings out better work. Not all people will accept time and material though. The fact is on a bid it can never be perfect on the number of hours. The customer or the woodworker will be short changed. On a firm bid we end up with an extra windfall or working for too low a rate. And custom work leads us down a path we have never been. It may be easy work but different so it makes it harder to calculate the time. Time and material ends up the fairest with no overpay or under pay...If you can get it...
  9. curlyoak

    Pre-finishing advice

    I make an effort not to finish the cabinet backs. They are finished when I install. On door panels I do the same as chestnut. One coat in advance. All the rest is finished after assembly.
  10. curlyoak

    info on General finishes

    reusable then will mean better financial efficiency. So I will get some. Just ordered with the funnel and 4 extra caps.
  11. curlyoak

    info on General finishes

    I like the stop loss idea. But at $4 a bag it motivates me. But another 4 plus for freight. Do they charge freight? I might have a half a can left. So is it worth it?
  12. curlyoak

    info on General finishes

    The corporate phone number is a recoding that starts with no call backs from any messages...This is a unique business approach that defies logic...
  13. curlyoak

    info on General finishes

    I just bought 4 different quarts. 2 satins, 2 gloss. On the video he dipped his cloth into the can. I would rather use a small amount in a job container. Keeps it cleaner. I use a 16oz deli cup. My deli keeps me supplied. I would like to find a narrow ladle rather than pour it out and make a mess. Unless someone has a trick to avoid the mess. Is it punch a hole in the rim?
  14. curlyoak

    info on General finishes

    I watched the video. Thanks John, it was helpful. I don't blame them either for not getting on the phone for support. But I think it is not a good business move. It might give them a happy day but not good for business. But if the product is good then I do not care how it affects their business with no phone. Any experience on the high performance water base top coat? Thanks
  15. curlyoak

    info on General finishes

    That is a fax number. I don't think they want to talk to anyone. At least there is no phone number other than a fax. Have you used the satin, semi gloss and gloss? Do you use all three? Do you always use zinnser seal coat or can the sealer be a finish? Thanks