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  1. I'm thinking 100g sanding would go right through the color change...If it won't go to 80g
  2. This is my 6" square. I have had this square for at least 25 years. My new 1812 woodpecker above is a real help in cabinet work managing sheet goods.
  3. On your new shop, why not have the roof extend another 12 to 15 feet overhang? You would have more room in nice weather and when the inspectors are gone you could add some walls?...
  4. Here is the other 3 door panels before 400g sanding and in the door frame.
  5. Drawers are done. Cabinet backs and shelves...then a final sanding...then varnish.
  6. The old combination starrett square has a 24" blade. The newer red one is 18 x 12 inches. I have recently semi retired the combination square. It lost its square due to the frequent sliding has worn a part. I got many years so no compliant. I was amazed at the price of larger squares. I paid $175. A 26" just like it is 250. add if you want a fancy case. No case for me. Even with the crazy prices I am glad to have this square. It gets a lot of use. Please consider posting a picture and description of your best squares. Thanks
  7. curlyoak

    Private Well

    Yes, test the water. If it fails calculate the cost of a remedy. With the cost is the property still worth it?
  8. That is the guess. One way or another the trays needed to clear the blum hinges on the bottom.
  9. Thanks. Those are trays. There'll be 4 drawers all across the top. And those drawers will go on hold for 2 or 3 days. I need to finish the previous project. Expected and anticipated...
  10. trays are done. Next 4 drawers...
  11. It would be better if you furnished a few pictures.
  12. If you do not need the router motor, I will sell it without ...
  13. This is what Was trying to explain earlier.I used some biscuits for alignment. Just the front of the side will show. The refrigerator hides most of it.
  14. At the moment the panels look dull because I sanded the last coat. It will get more varnish later. Above is pre sanded.
  15. Sapele face. The cabinets on the bench are reversed. On the left installs on the right. Etc.I have a scribe edge going against masonry. The area feels like inside but there is one open wall to the outside. The cabinets are well protected from the weather. And the finish is high gloss Lush urethane. I recommended sapele for its beauty and weather resistance. The panels are book matched with flat sawn sapele. Between the cabinets will be a beverage refrigerator under counter. A granite counter will go wall to wall over the 2 cabinets and refridgerator. Inside one will have adjustable shelves and the other cabinet will have pull out trays. And 4 drawers on top. Not shown but on the side that is next to the refrigerator has 5" wide piece of sapele on the face edge attached to the plywood. The refrigerator will cover up most of the cabinet side but the front part will be seen.