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  1. My perception is the ss will take more torque. but you got me looking on the internet and it seems my perception is wrong. Unless the steel alloy is junk...
  2. with 3.75 square of maple, a lag of 5/16" x 2 1/2" in maple with no inserts. Or 3/8" x 2 1/2" Be sure to drill the pilot 1/16" smaller than the bolt and wax the threads. An electric driver may not take it all the way home so have a ratchet handy to drive it home.If the legs are constantly taken off then an inserted thread. But for most tables that stay assembled, a lag with a proper pilot in maple, no problem. Stainless would add to my confidence. I'd have less confidence in pine...
  3. curlyoak

    White oak curiosity question

    Flat sawn is available. All you want. Maybe living in an area with lots of oak might have something to do with not seeing flat sawn. But get on the phone and call yards that sell oak and they will have flat sawn. There is more waste in QS. And it requires bigger trees.
  4. curlyoak

    TWW Outdoor Sitting Bench

    Very nice all around. A legacy bench. I love walnut. well done!
  5. curlyoak

    TWW Outdoor Sitting Bench

    Exceptional work.But not the only "right" way. If the wood breaks before the joint does, then it is right. Nothing wrong with keeping the tenon the full width. But not necessary for one of the multiple ways that is the right way. Since I have had the festool domino cutter my morticing machine and tenoning jig collects dust. Domino's are another right way.
  6. I would just notch out the one side. The face will be symmetrical and that is all that matters. Be sure to build in scribes to anything that touches the wall.
  7. curlyoak

    TWW Outdoor Sitting Bench

    My view. The alignment to the face is the most important. The alignment to the left and right is pencil marks. And the mortice is wider than the tenon. Once in the clamps with very slight pressure, a little bit of tapping to get the pieces on the marks. Then tighten the screws. Creating a shoulder on 4 sides of the tenon.Small amounts of wood removed left and right will not compromise any meaningful strength. Any slight variations of the spacings is not important as the eye has no clue. Here, what matters is all on the same plane and tight joints.
  8. curlyoak

    New member from Nova Scotia .

    Welcome. Any kid would go crazy with your stuff! Including me. I'm only 68...
  9. How thick is it? If it is thick enough I would Cut the sap off of the right side in picture and leave the crotch in place. Then I would re-saw the slab and glue together for a match grained with some crotch and sap and live edge on both sides. Finely polished walnut is beautiful. No matter what you do...wire brush the live edge...
  10. curlyoak

    Competition for Marc S

    I think boring those holes will be fun and an opportunity for a video...
  11. I love, honor and obey all crotches. It is the main feature on that board. As long as the cut and the entire top is sanded carefully to a very fine grit it has to be beautiful. It is walnut. What is the base? Sometimes the art is in the wood. All we have to do is expose it and polish it. And non woodworkers give us a little more credit than is due. Especially with figured material...
  12. curlyoak

    New storage shed

    Found that carving in the trash. I cut the bottom 6" off. It had rotted. The mouth is gone. He keeps quiet that way...
  13. curlyoak

    New storage shed

    plywood is done roof and walls. And inspected. I need to paint the roof trim before the roofing goes on...
  14. curlyoak

    New storage shed

    Code requires a means of keeping the building in place. Strapping roof to walls and j bolts on the bottom. We used threaded rods connected to the j bolts in concrete and through the top plates. Eliminates strapping. A pain in the ass. Threaded rods are stronger and much less labor. With weather luck, the shed should be covered in plywood by the end of the day.
  15. curlyoak

    New storage shed

    We get 70 to 80 inches of rain yearly. All minimum code. Hurricanes make the codes tough. The side door is 3' 0". The big door is as wide as a 12" wall will allow. As much as I needed to go north and see different climates, you need a trip to a tropical destination. Florida is subtropical. It gives you a taste. The Caribbean. I'd recommend Dominica...A lot of strange trees for you... P.S. 8' overhead door...