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  1. curlyoak

    Coffee table for my nephew

    Thanks for sharing your website! There is more than enough for 2 or 3 books! Maybe more. You should be published. Your body of work is a lot. And you have a full time career also. Thank you for the insight about your father. He clearly influenced your work. Your site has been bookmarked. It will be a pleasure to look at all the treasures...
  2. curlyoak

    Help with kitchen peninsula table top

    Walnut is a very friendly wood to work. And so beautiful. On the peninsula end you may consider adding a bread board end. A 3"rip perpendicular to the rest of it as long as the top is wide.
  3. curlyoak

    Help with kitchen peninsula table top

    You mention hardwood but not which hardwood. That can make a big difference. And is the wood dry? Kiln dried or air?
  4. curlyoak

    Coffee table for my nephew

    Museum quality. Beyond perfect. I would like to see an album of your work. Thank you.
  5. curlyoak

    Help with kitchen peninsula table top

    If you rip a board and roll it under for the double up, you get a match grain edge...
  6. curlyoak

    Making a corner desk - first major project.

    Also 4x4 will take up a lot of extra space. It might not matter if the room and wall it is on is very big.
  7. curlyoak

    Sculptured Lectern/Music Stand

    Your church members will be very happy! I like your book matching and favoring the audience is the only answer. From start to finish this has been fun to watch. Great execution. Thanks.
  8. curlyoak

    I've never done this...

    Thanks for all the replies. I feel compromised. I also feel I have no way out except to build what the lady wants. Part of the deal is to show some pre-finished choices. We are friends. They visit me And us to see them. We eat at their house and they break bread at our house. I know their kids and grand kids. And I like them. I have said no in the past on situations like this. The difference was I did not like them. I learned as a kid to take out the garbage when asked without a word of complaint. I was going to do it one way or another. If I did it immediately I was praised. If I moaned and complained and did it anyway but no credit. Woodworking is a part time job today. I like the extra cash but it is not critical to my cash flow. It is my passion. Half days is all I want. By the time I start to work on the following day I have adjusted my game plan for the good. The daily considerations of the following days work add to the whole experience. And now an added part is the thoughts and comments of friendly woodworkers. This desk is to be built at my convenience. I have run out of space due to materials building up in my inventory. I have plans to add a storage shed. To get a permit around here is crazy. They want to know the historic flow of water in my back yard. There is no flow or standing water. The might demand I cut a swale.Wacko! It has been months to do a weeks work. Just a 12 x 15. Everything started to change After Hurricane Andrew. Now all things must meet Andrew to the point of being ridiculous. I will have over $1000 in paper work. Plans with multiple required scheduled materials. And a site plan. And an environmental report on historic water flow yet to be paid. I knew I had to build this desk. The work will motivate me regardless. And the conformation provided here will add to my peace of mind. Also the closer is I added to the price a homemade pie. She laughed and agreed. She bakes excellent pies...
  9. They want me to stain walnut darker. I'm vulnerable. My sawdust addiction has been ignored lately too. I have made several projects for these nice people including a couple of walnut pieces. They like them. But the lady of the house wants it darker. The goal is to simulate a desk from pottery barn. Same except better materials. Not a nice design. 2 boxes and a top. It needs to knock down in 3 pieces to bring to a second home. Also the top must be flush to the outside of each box. Front will overhang. No overhang. No reason either.The boxes are 3/4" match grain walnut ply. Top is 4/4 flat sawn fas walnut. This lady is soo stubborn that I am left with do it as asked or not. No other real choice.
  10. Thank you. Valuable info!
  11. How hard or easy to use the gel varnish? Is the finish resistant to water and alcohol? Thanks
  12. curlyoak

    Pecan wood

    Of the dozens of these made, there has been no failures. I use kiln drives wood, titebond 3, and a domino cutter and dominoes. A total of 25 pieces of wood, including 12 dominoes...After they get washed the mineral oil finish diminishes. However some housekeepers never wash it instead they carefully wipe it off to preserve the finish. Others re-nourish the mineral oil frequently. Mine looks well used with tight joints.
  13. curlyoak

    Pecan wood

    Cherry and maple with a touch of walnut.A copy of this cutting board is in many houses in the neighborhood and general area. Instead of a bottle of wine on a first invite I bring one of these. The hostess always enjoy this and their kitchen is always a reminder that they know a woodworker. My big mistake is I never kept a ledger of who has one. Walnut is the only open grain on the board.
  14. curlyoak

    Sculptured Lectern/Music Stand

    It was intended to be humorous. How about a pledge to the church to build the rest. It wouldn't be right if another woodworker finished the job. I would think the next 5 would be a little easier now that you have done 3...
  15. curlyoak

    Walnut and Bubinga Buffet

    Artful woodwork! Exceptional joinery. The complete set. Table, buffet and cabinet. I like the careful consideration on wood grain. Thanks for sharing.