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  1. I did a sashay this morning and it happened to be my jointer. Caused me to laugh and think about this. I am sure that a very high percentage of woodshops are not big enough. And most know the dance steps required. And wish for more space. Me included. But I am grateful to have my shop. It does my heart good to see on occasion someone worthy have a killer shop that dancing is not required but aloud.
  2. What you had is my current giddy. I see your magnificent shop and I am glad you rang the bell and achieved your goal. Most if not all are envious. And hard to find a more deserving person. Congratulation! Like the frame on this thread I will enjoy seeing your future creations. Europe, a boat, or a vacation home all cost money. Your shop will make money. Having fun doing it!
  3. The maple looks right with all 3 outer frames. Great idea. Gee-dub, now that you are working in your shop, not on it, do you feel giddy? Do you pinch yourself? Your spot looks like a dream come true! You done good.
  4. Finally installed. Net fit wall to wall is always demanding. Plus it was up 2 flights of stairs. Elevator not operating. Tools alone wore me out up and down the stairs. I love walnut. I was not the installer, I was the helper. The man is an expert and knows all the tricks. He makes my work look better. Inexpensive materials installed well looks better than expensive materials installed poorly. This job has both. I only work full days when installing. Especially with this installer. Him and the owner have no interest in 2 or 3 hours a day. So this is when I put in a full day. If this becomes well decorated by the homeowner and I get to see it I will take some more pictures. The man of this office has a lot of sports memorabilia . PS. The bottom drawer almost was a problem. I'm told much too late that the base boards are 10". The bottom drawer has just enough clearance to not be a problem. This is a high price construction. An arcatect should have been employed to avoid miscues like that. But I'd rather be lucky than good... sometimes.
  5. If you can make your panels so there is a little friction entering into the groove. Not hammer it in tight friction but modest pressure by hand. Kills the rattling. But my preference would be a solid bottom concealed edges by the sides of the box. I like the frame and panel top. Last my preference. Cutting the lid off on the table saw offers perfect grain match and is only slightly more difficult than ripping a board. Think it through in advance and your hands clear of the cut line.
  6. I have a 16-32 also. I don't like changing the paper. The instructions are not clear. Gee-dub makes for easier.
  7. I have had good experience with woodpecker. My guess is they gave their people time off due to the holiday. It may be the same today. But I would expect the problem to be over no later than Monday.
  8. I like the idea. gee-dub has so many of them! Unfortunately my old delta unisaw fence has no gap between the fence rail and the table. No cigar.
  9. It will crosscut 17" wide? What kind of table saw? Thanks
  10. What is your max capacity for wide and long. Thanks
  11. I use a 60 tooth combination industrial Frued. No complaints. A dedicated rip or cut is better if used for a single operation.
  12. My latitude is south of most and that does make a difference.
  13. For the most part I would rather it be left alone. But there is one reason it needs to stay. Right now many kids must walk or ride a bike in the dark to get to school. It is always safer to walk in daylight. Especially for kids. If I am right then it is a small sacrifice for me that I don't mind doing.
  14. Does anyone have successful experience with a wooden countertop installed in a kitchen or bathroom? If so how did you finish it? Thanks
  15. Thanks gee-dub! That is the source I am looking for. My guess was it needed a flipper type. Thanks for the valuable info!. I like your new scuba picture.