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  1. Hi welcome. No, #2 pine is not flat. A few good boards are. That is a good idea. Usually waste the center of the board. If I am reading it right, don't edge the top with end grain pieces. Not a good idea from an engineering point of view. Rip all. After the rip the glue edge may distort. A jointer is ideal. However a hand plane can do the work but you don't have enough time for that. Perhaps rip them all. Check the edge for a glue joint. If you have a lot of pieces that need edge work, your only choice due to time is to get those pieces to a jointer. After a table is built, if kept in dry conditions and room temperature it should be fine if you built it right for a very long time. If it gets in contact with people or animals it may need sanding. If there is space, build them all at once. It is best to completely build all the tables first. Then finishing. That is if all the work is done in one place. Because you do not want to turn on any power tools and have airborne saw dust. It will find the finish. Other than managing dust you can choose any combinations of building but efficiency lies in doing it all at once. If space allows...
  2. You can build furniture with hand tools only. If you asked what one tool is the most important? Hands down the table saw!
  3. Thanks Mark. It ships to home depot free freight. Due around 11-27.
  4. Ordered And Ordered I called and asked what the promotional price was. I had to demand the clerk ask management. Clerk was sure there would be no discount. They sold it to me for $130. And if you want something they have, ask if there is a promotional price. Got the drill from Home Depot. They guarantee no lower price. Them or any advertised price. And an additional $200 plus or minus on my junky old drill press. The worst tool in my shop will find another home.
  5. The type of wood matters most. Here Red Cedar, or cypress does well outside. This is a question for an Australian woodworker on best choice of wood.
  6. All first time clients get one of these. Gives me a reason to save scraps of figured wood. It requires a 3.25" bore, 23/32" depth. That needs a horse plus.
  7. For big holes for electric plugs and wiring. A hole saw or a big Forstner.
  8. I did a long time ago heated only with wood. All the suggestions above are very good. A non safety thought. What about a battery operated chainsaw. I know it is being offered. I'm guessing that there are logical applications. It might be your best choice.
  9. You are so right. Sometimes I have a wide board to dress and is wider than my 8" jointer to make the first reference for the thickness planer. Sometimes I take the lumber to a friendly shop that allows me a few minutes on their jointer. Other times I may use a hand plane to clean it up. And to the point of nobody knows, I will rip the wide board, plane it and glue it back together. Can't tell. And so many other things we may be concerned about. But we still persist.
  10. I want at least 1 hp. And a reliable depth stop. I want a company that has decent customer service and parts. And is likely to be in business in the future. What do you think about the JDP 20 MK Jet drill press?
  11. Take a look at this Jet. I think it might be less for the xmas sales.
  12. Any opinions here? Glad to know that General has issues. I liked the drill but if you can't get help...How about this Jet? Do you think it would be promoted and discounted during xmas?
  13. dszaius, and all others, What drill press do you like on a minimum basis. I am not looking for the best. For wood mostly. Something reliable. A good depth stop is important. 3/4 hp is minimum and I will not mind 1hp. 15" or larger. I would consider a beefed up bench model. Thanks
  14. This is a better picture taken by the clients new iPhone . The camera is much improved. Here are the pulls provided by the client. I will try to get some pics when delivered and in place. In my eye, the stain makes it look like a non stained piece 20 years old. But my guess is the 20year non stained piece will look better. The continuing grain on the drawer faces is almost a non event due to staining. The keys are the same for each drawer.
  15. 10's of thousands of holes makes you an authority!