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  1. The imperfections are in the finish, not the wood. It is not quarter sawn! I'd want a replacement or my money back.
  2. Been there. Every intention for some woodwork and then forced into mechanic work, like it or not. Part of the price for the luxury of having a shop!
  3. I had to build out the end panels to accommodate the drawer hardware and the space needed for the flutes. On the ends I attached oak on edge with a deep counterbore screwed on. It is ready for draws. But next I will build 3 bases.
  4. The middle 2 rails between the middle and bottom drawers decided to bow. One in, the other out. Behind the rail is dead space. So I added oak 2 plus inches wide on edge. On the one that was bowed out I removed about 3/16" but leaving wood on the ends.It makes contact for a couple of inches leaving a long gap. There are 3 screws, one in the middle which pulls it flat and 2 more on the ends to attach it to the back side of the rail. The middle screw is the adjuster. Still a lot of gap left if more adjustments needed later. The other rail worked by adding a straight piece with screws. I am a
  5. A glob of dried glue will not help to make an accurate thickness. I'd rather sand it off but if I was going to plane it I would make sure the bottom was clean of glue.
  6. curlyoak


    Above is a vanda orchid. Below is a tolumnia orchid, nickname dancing lady. It moves in the breeze. Above is cattleya intermedia 'orlata' This orchid species grows wild in Brazil and on my patio. All are currently blooming now.
  7. I have been using KV drawer slides for a long time. The model I use mostly is kv8400. I will be installing 9 pairs in the near future. I have also given thought to the Blum bottom mount. It means 1/2" drawer bottoms. Haven't pull the trigger yet...
  8. What chet said. And a 6" square. A tape measure. and a 6'' wooden rule.
  9. Well done! It appears you fitted the drawer faces after the cabinets were installed. Does that mean going back and forth to the shop to fit them with the tight reveals?
  10. When I have glue in areas I cant sand, I let it dry for an hour or 2. flexible at this point. Then I carefully clean it ups with chisels and carving knives. When I wipe it when it is fresh I end up filling the wood and the finish shows it.
  11. I never see that side of the jointer. This has taken a long time. So the sound has been changing slowly and I did not realize it. And I wear ear protection most of the time. Then I finally noticed an unusual sound when I turned it off then saw what is in the picture, My first thought was to call the mechanic I know that he can fix anything. Instead I removed the panel. Very simple. Then I saw what a small piece of metal Sticking out of the panel.. It was the key holding the pully on the shaft. It extended to the panel and it has made the hole. I carefully hammered in the key and tightened the
  12. I'd rather have too much glue than not enough. Let it dry then belt sand. With a chisel be carful. If going against the grain you could pull up som wood. Titebond 3 sands easy.
  13. Thanks Tom. I have the info from your first idea. He was out of stock at the time. And I have saved the website you just offered. The wood I finally got is FAS and is up to grade. It is 7' material and works for the project. The freight companies add a large premium for anything over 95". So the 7' did not have the surcharge. The curly I am using here is stock from my inventory. Not friendly to work but I like the looks.
  14. Got 3d. Next is the face frames then the base...