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  1. curlyoak

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Not for painting. The gum I remember was mostly white...Polished wood and varnish would be beautiful...
  2. curlyoak

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Hi Spanky. Do you have any gum trees of size that can be milled? Years ago Dixie plywood offered in in plywood and was the best for painting. Even better than poplar. I do not have a need now. Just curious.
  3. curlyoak

    Wood Drawer Runners

    No dove tails on my runners...
  4. curlyoak

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    French cleat does the trick. Kids will be safe!
  5. curlyoak

    Wood Drawer Runners

    what is dt's?
  6. curlyoak

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    For safety sake I think this heirloom furniture needs to be screwed to the wall. Provisions should be made. With the top drawer open and a little down pressure on the face it will go over, I think. Maybe a screw block along the back on top?
  7. curlyoak

    Wood Drawer Runners

    Gee-dub I like your adjustable and keeper holes in the runners. Drawers need adjustments.
  8. curlyoak

    Wood Working as Therapy

    Woodworking is my oxygen. I'll die without it. My other passion is my orchid collection. When I am around beautiful things I am at peace. And beautiful things put a smile on my face. My current goals are to stay above ground, get nutrition, and keep a grin on my face. Woodworking and orchid growing make that happen with a bonus! recent bloom...
  9. curlyoak

    Wood Drawer Runners

    There are many good answers. My preference is to have the drawer sides made or 9/16" quartered oak, is where the contact is made. The center guide on the bottom of the drawer does not touch on the bottom, just side to side. I rub all contact areas with copious amounts of paraffin. The paraffin needs to be refurbished every now and then. The drawer will tell you.
  10. curlyoak

    This time I was not a day late and a dollar short

    With certainty it is not mahogany. If it was it would be Honduras. And that is more valuable than cherry. There was a board of fir that had gotten dark in color from age. The seller honestly thought it was part of the load and an untrained eye would have missed. There was a weyrehouse stamp on the end grain and after I carved a sliver off with my pocket knife the argument ended. Plus I was with Steve and he was in the business of selling wood. He was almost fooled until I told him to look again. Also there was 7 boards I rejected that was mostly sap. I got no argument. I did in fairness take 3 boards with one good face with heart. I figured the good face I could find a use. I feel obligated to be a good custodian of this score in reverence to a fellow deceased woodworker. Among us, a lot of our stuff will end up the same way. The seller got the wood and other valuables for cleaning out a warehouse. He said there was a lot of worthwhile stuff but he earned his pay as the trash was overwhelming. $4.50 a foot. I gave another 50 cents a foot to Steve and his wife and partner Robin, or $100. He wanted nothing. I told him if he didn't take it I was going to tell Robin. He took the money. Pwk, you are right. Being South Florida 50 years ago we there was tons of jumbo boards of honduras. And a good guess. I can't go wrong either way but it is cherry.
  11. At a reasonable price I found 200' of some very nice cherry. It appears to be from the same log. Just one board of 8/4 the rest 4/4. the narrow pieces are 7". All heart. and half of it is very wide boards up to 17". Mostly long pieces 12 to 16'. The owner of the wood has been dead for 30 years and nobody knows how long he had it. He was a woodworker. It was found how he left it. Perfectly stored flat and dry. I had no room to store it. A friend offered me space in his warehouse but it was too small. Then I asked cabinet makers supply. Nice people. No charge for the storage and Steve the owner helped me with his truck. I aim covering a night out for Steve and Robin. Having a chat with my neighbor, they asked what will I make? I told them I am making 50 cents an hour. Then I told them I build custom so the wood is waiting for it's destiny. What and when will it be?
  12. curlyoak

    Stickly Coffee Table

    Done with taste and skill. Thanks for sharing!
  13. curlyoak

    Townsend Block and Shell cabinet

    Yes I do love mahogany. Honduras? And the work is amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  14. curlyoak

    any experience with felt?

    Not just for this but just about any quest for help, people of kindness and skill offer dead center advice! An amazing group of people. I'm glad to be here. THANKS!
  15. curlyoak

    any experience with felt?

    I have been asked to make 2 of these. Felt on the very bottom and in the "saddle". It holds a ships clock. Looks like a mini brass barrel.