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  1. This is for woodworking. Especially the planer and jointer. Also the router table. I am ordering the 3m foamy. Thanks all for responding.
  2. I am currently using a Barretta head set that came with my gun. It seems a little heavy. First priority is sound protection. Second is weight. I want good sound protection with weight consideration. Thanks
  3. You need the correct router bit with a ball bearing guide. From your questions you might be better off to get a little help. Router tables can be dangerous without experience. Look for a youtube.
  4. I just don't have the money to turn good hardwood into fire wood. Or do I want my work to have crooked wood. Equipment to dress lumber is a must.
  5. A friendly wood shop that specializes in stairs allows me a few minutes on the 12" jointer. I buy a six pack. It has gotten better. A neighbor moved in 2 years ago. Has a nice wood shop. In it is a completely overhauled relic 12" jointer. I have the key to the shop with privileges. Sometimes I rip the piece in half, true it up and glue it back together. It takes a trained eye to know there is a glue joint.
  6. If in the business of woodworking you cant afford not milling. I have added on straight line if I have parts that are long. And a straight line cut is a savings on the first step. That is why starting in the rough and cutting wider gives you a fighting chance to true up the piece. If you start with boards already dressed, make a contorted rip, you just made fire wood. After cutting wide but near the dimension most if not all the grain tensions been released.
  7. I needed a few pieces 3/4 x 1 and 3/4 x 1 1/4" of flat sawn soft maple. I knew when I ripped it would loose the flatness I gave it with the jointer. And the straight edge was at risk also. So flattened on one side rough on the other I ripped my needed pieces 1 1/8" plus and the other 1 3/8" all 37" long. My need was half the length but I guessed the wood would behave at twice the length to save labor. After the rips the wood did some contortions but I had plenty of stock to re-joint the wood and make a second rip that did not contort. If you bought dressed lumber and rips make the lumber contort what recourse do you have?
  8. My previous router table had a 2 hp bosch. I got a lot of work out of it. Including a kitchen full of curly oak raised panels. With the less power it several passes. More power less passes. And the bearings fried on the bosch. With the Jessem table my setup time is much less. And overall I am glad I made the investment. I would get the most powerful motor recommended. My work is custom. I have 2 drawers to make so I will set up a round over for the drawer sides. The drawer faces will match existing. I will use my table to rabbitt the frames 1/2" for a ply panel. That will be fenceless. I avoid this design but i need to match the existing.
  9. I built the base because I could and I wanted a different finished height. A little lower than the factory base keeps me level with my table saw nearby. So the saw is never in the way and sometimes it will support the work. I cant remember attaching the top to the base. I typically build in corner blocks, drill a hole and pilot hole in the top and drive a screw in. I like the tool. Which motor are you buying. I understand that no more 3.25 hp porter cable. Too bad. good motor...I wrote this before I read my reply above. I think I remembered. I impressed myself! lol
  10. What if the rough board is bowed? And 8' long. You might need 8/4 to get 3/4. But if your shorter pieced, say 2', it is easy to remove the box on a shorter length. I cut rough boards to length needed and look for the straightest boards if I need to make a tall door. On short pieces I might cut enough for 2 or 3 pieces to reduce handling if the wood allows. And try to fix a project that you assumed the thickness was even, but it wasn't. To me dressing lumber is like building a foundation to a building. getting the foundation level, square and plumb makes the rest of the build go good and faster. Same is true in a woodworking project. If the boards are flat and straight, Then have a chance at doing some good work. s4s puts me at risk and possibly wood I cant use. If it is 3/4" there is nothing left for me to true up if needed.
  11. curlyoak


    This is a dendrobium from Asia. Fragrant also. This is a Brassia orchid. From the warm Americas. Nicknamed the spider orchid. Each flower is 15inches top to bottom. This is a bug eater. No other pay. He leaves little fertilizer here and there.
  12. It will be a straight run with a required leg in the middle. 2 spaces between the legs is 46". The 2 seats on the outside can slide off center towards the outside. And the 2 in the middle can be off center towards the center. Gaining room. My guess is there will be enough space for 4 chairs.
  13. How many inches minimum left to right per barstool at a 36h counter? Thanks