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  1. For your friction points quartered oak is better. Assume your piece has a long life. The friction points on poplar will eventually show wear. Less with q/oak. Paraffin and lots of it is a must.
  2. I'd guess birch. If you live near a hardwood dealer, go there with something from the project...
  3. You still need to remove the hinges. But first determine where and how much it is out. Next wet the wood them clamp it to something flat and add shims to over do it because it likely will spring back a lot. And getting it right is a crap shoot from here. Skill and lot of luck is needed. Or if the gun has value and deserves a perfect display, start over. Not much wood involved...If I get to a spot that pisses me off I close the shop light and door. I sleep on it and have figured my best next step. But I need to walk away first. I recently built a face frame using mt trusty domino festool. The joints did not line up at all. The clamp was out of adjustment and would not hold the set up. Fix the tool. Burn the wood. And start over. If you do enough work you will at some point need to start over.
  4. I agree. Go with mineral oil. It looks best before you use it for the first time. After washing the finish will dull. But so what. It will be a good tool that will last a very long time. And at any time you can freshen up the finish. Then wash it again...Because of washing think of it as a tool, not a display piece. Now you owe me a taco...
  5. take the hinges off and see how it lines up. Make adjustments so without pressure it sets evenly all around. Once this is done make sure that the lid is not hinge bound. There needs to be a thin gap along the hinge line. You may need to shim a hinge to allow that.
  6. The euro is less than 2% hight today vs 1 year ago. I like the festools. Great tools. I would like to see an American company with competitive tools and price. On top of high prices they have strict retail price control and allow modest margins for the retailer. Festool takes the lions share. Their pricing leaves room for the emergence of another competitor. I own the 2 sizes of the domino's and love them. The small one cost me $500 when they were first offered. Both a lot more now.
  7. Above is a frame and panel solid wood under construction. Internal parts are plywood. Your wall cabinet above your washer should be around 12" deep. Deeper is not that useable for an upper cabinet. Good luck!
  8. curlyoak


    Lettuce and cilantro.
  9. Terry, you could use all you wrote and say it was the US. Exactly the same. I have just started a three piece walnut bathroom. My client is a pilot. He wanted to pay for the work so far and call it off. I will be delivering the uncompleted work soon. He wants me to complete the project when he goes back to work. This has never happened to me. For any reason. I think most humans of the planet earth are being affected by this virus. one way or another. These times are the most challenging and historic for us humans. I am making an effort to keep my sense of humor. My daily goal is to make someone least smile...
  10. If you use your drill press then a table with a fence comes in handy. In this pic it is against the wall. A fence is helpful for small things. Clamps that attach to the rails. Valuable for boring holes for blum hinges. How often do you use your drill press?
  11. curlyoak


    This is 2 varieties of Dendrobium superbum. Orchids from Asia. Fragrant.
  12. Could be spalted...Or dust. Needs to be cut.
  13. curlyoak


    I saw a pair of eagle doing their mating dance 300' up. They hooked up and went into a spinning dive. Then released with plenty of time left. An amazing show.
  14. curlyoak


    A recent bloom from my orchid collection. This one is from Asia. A natural species.
  15. I use denatured alcohol. What kind of finish do I see in the last picture?