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    Night Blooming Cereus. A tropical cactus. It is growing on a palmetto tree. I have planted orchids on this tree. So the cactus gets watered and fed because of the orchids. Warm summer heavy downpours stimulate the cactus to bloom. The flower, as big as my head, is once and done. The bloom opens around midnight and is closed by 11 AM. Peaks at dawn. In the middle picture at the bottom there are some unopened blooms that opened the next morning. It will bloom several times in the summer. This cactus produces dragon fruit. No good bought in the store. But if you can get one vine ripe it is a delicious taste. For those that don't eat spinach because of its looks will not taste this either. Same is true for persimmons. They must be tree ripened.
  2. My bench top is 1.5" thick mdf. Not easy to find but it is made. It stays flat as long as it does not get wet. Varnish helps with water. Mine is 20 years old. I applied leftover varnish as it became available. Also the top is not attached. Helpful in a small shop. It is heavy enough to stay put but can be moved for a good reason.
  3. In general I recommend to clients side mount kv 8400 for cabinets. In furniture I recommend wood friction drawers. However the client has the choice. I built some bedroom furniture with drawers for a very successful owner of a mechanic shop that works on big diesels and hydraulics. Big industrial equipment. He insisted on kv 8400's. 'The term friction drawers scares the uninformed. Built right they can feel like ball bearings. Friction drawers are also more money due to more labor.
  4. Then there is frog hair. And everybody knows there are two fart skins to a frog hair...
  5. I have seen here people talking about the cut list and want to make all the parts to dimensions then built it. Wouldn't know how to do that. It will be close to the dimension but influenced by previous work as the project moves on. So if I found a defect later than sooner I might reduce the size to eliminate the defect IF it has no negative consequences to the project. If I am making a face frame for a cabinet it is measured to the piece not a number...
  6. I agree with above except if it is veneer start over. It is a learned process for veneer work. and special tools. If it is solid get a straight edge and slowly sand away the high spots with coarse grit. on a belt 60 or 80 grit. on an orbital sander 60 g. When you feel it is evened out then start with a full sanding with each grit going up on the grit slowly. If there are deep low spots all you can do is fill it. If it is a low grade lumber it is not worth salvage and labor. Start over.
  7. It took me 8 minutes just to figure out what was a fob...
  8. If there is an after life I want it to look just like that!
  9. If you want it for future various needs get all the species colors. If it dries out add a couple of drops of water to the top layer and work it to a putty consistency.
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    That is an orchid growing on my mailbox. Blooms above and below. And a close up. This plant and the previous thread is along the street in front of my house. A lot of pedestrians in my neighborhood, including me. There is frequent lingering when the blooms are out...
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    The ponytail palm has a white orchid growing on the trunk. A little closer... And the close up...
  12. Titebond Liquid Hide provides superior creep-resistance, That means the wood in the joint does not move. Titebond III does move or allow creep. Creep is a good thing in furniture building. Any glue that creeps is not allowed in truss building and engineered beams. I'd rather the wood move than breaking.
  13. This is the bottom of the stationary side. It locks in the table saw groove by turning the alan from the other side. I have heard criticism because it is not as nice as the insert on the sliding piece. I am glad they used the aluminum on the stationary side as it does the job and we would have to pay more for no benefit. This is a very accurate way to crosscut. Over 23". At that number it is not fully supported but the end has wings the fit in the groove of the table saw. The results were accurate and repeatable. I am glad I own it. It is now the best way in my shop to make true square cuts.
  14. The rental price should start off at $1000 just for the view. All else is extra. Is there a sunrise or sunset viewed from that porch?
  15. I got a bag of 50 3m plugs. .30 cents each from amazon. I also got from Amazon an Iso 2.0. I got the iso working and the music sounds great but the thickness planer was too loud and it was not comfortable. The 3m plugs are comfortable and each one comes with its own pocket size cardboard box. I only want them in when needed. I have and like my sony speaker that takes my music library from my iPhone. I am sending the Iso back. All comments are much appreciated.
  16. This is for woodworking. Especially the planer and jointer. Also the router table. I am ordering the 3m foamy. Thanks all for responding.
  17. I am currently using a Barretta head set that came with my gun. It seems a little heavy. First priority is sound protection. Second is weight. I want good sound protection with weight consideration. Thanks
  18. You need the correct router bit with a ball bearing guide. From your questions you might be better off to get a little help. Router tables can be dangerous without experience. Look for a youtube.
  19. I just don't have the money to turn good hardwood into fire wood. Or do I want my work to have crooked wood. Equipment to dress lumber is a must.
  20. A friendly wood shop that specializes in stairs allows me a few minutes on the 12" jointer. I buy a six pack. It has gotten better. A neighbor moved in 2 years ago. Has a nice wood shop. In it is a completely overhauled relic 12" jointer. I have the key to the shop with privileges. Sometimes I rip the piece in half, true it up and glue it back together. It takes a trained eye to know there is a glue joint.
  21. If in the business of woodworking you cant afford not milling. I have added on straight line if I have parts that are long. And a straight line cut is a savings on the first step. That is why starting in the rough and cutting wider gives you a fighting chance to true up the piece. If you start with boards already dressed, make a contorted rip, you just made fire wood. After cutting wide but near the dimension most if not all the grain tensions been released.
  22. I needed a few pieces 3/4 x 1 and 3/4 x 1 1/4" of flat sawn soft maple. I knew when I ripped it would loose the flatness I gave it with the jointer. And the straight edge was at risk also. So flattened on one side rough on the other I ripped my needed pieces 1 1/8" plus and the other 1 3/8" all 37" long. My need was half the length but I guessed the wood would behave at twice the length to save labor. After the rips the wood did some contortions but I had plenty of stock to re-joint the wood and make a second rip that did not contort. If you bought dressed lumber and rips make the lumber contort what recourse do you have?
  23. My previous router table had a 2 hp bosch. I got a lot of work out of it. Including a kitchen full of curly oak raised panels. With the less power it several passes. More power less passes. And the bearings fried on the bosch. With the Jessem table my setup time is much less. And overall I am glad I made the investment. I would get the most powerful motor recommended. My work is custom. I have 2 drawers to make so I will set up a round over for the drawer sides. The drawer faces will match existing. I will use my table to rabbitt the frames 1/2" for a ply panel. That will be fenceless. I avoid this design but i need to match the existing.