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  1. Frank Miller lumber in Union city, Ind. One of the largest mills for QSWO. I have been dealing with them for years. They deal in lumber by freight cars on trains. For us they have the retail desk. Not retail prices. The last batch I got from them looks beautiful. Sometimes looks are deceiving. After I dressed the oak first a face on the jointer then the thickness planer. Some of the boards would loose their flatness after being planed. Some would dress flat and distort after I'd rip it. One of the benefits of using qswo is the lack of distortion. I called the mill and after a few pictures they gave me a full credit. Over the years there have been a few issues with other mills. Before I could explain they refused. I never expected a full credit. I am pleased and amazed.
  2. Ace hardware has wood stretchers. Found near the left handed monkey wrenches...
  3. I like the finish General Arm-r -seal semi gloss. It looked real good. Until I got to the dresser top. I could not work fast enough to flow it out. It leaves brush marks. I have received very good advice but still the same problem of running out of time. All the rest on this project was perfect because less time was needed being smaller parts. Then I talked to the local Ben Moore paint store. His first question was am I varnishing in AC. That was the answer. The heat reduced my working time. I brought the top in the house and had plenty of time to work it. The advice I received on the internet was consistent but wrong for me because I live in hotter long summers. The advice was well intended but not for my climate. The product is exceptional. But no large surfaces in warm climates. The temperature was in the low 80's early in the day. Not good enough. I set the AC at 71 overnight.
  4. Most every day of the long Florida summer, I start early but I stop around 10 or 11. On my funeral day, I hope a long time from now, I'm taking the morning off! Going fishing! My iPhone tracks my walking. I walk much faster and farther when the temperatures are 80 or less. I did not realize that until I saw that on my phone. I bet I burn more calories walking slowly in the heat than fast in comfortable weather. When this furniture gets delivered in a week or so I will take more pictures which will include the elegant touch of the ladie of the house.
  5. Thanks Richard! Only thing is I am beyond young. I just looked up for age on your profile and I am younger than you by 8 years. So I guess young'un works fine.
  6. The look with finish and hardware. And the client dropped by. They both had big smiles and were very pleased. I work for a 2 part paycheck. The money and pleasing the client. Naturally I like money but the clients with a big grin and many not begged for accolades is a big part of the paycheck. Pleasing clients motivates me too.
  7. General Arm r seal semi-gloss. Thanks for asking Coop.
  8. I have a lot of sanding to do. Then on to the finish.
  9. A product for marine is called starboard. Comes in colors. It cuts, routes, drills and planes. It will not sand, paint or clue. It holds screws very we'll with proper size holes. It holds up against the elements well. But it isn't cheap.
  10. The slot in the removable center panel demanded a drilled hole on either end.
  11. I would scribe it with a compass and cut it on my bandsaw. Then I have a small stationary belt sander that I would clean the saw marks.
  12. Good work. How did you cut the top to length being 4" thick?
  13. If you think of it Tom, take a shot of it at night with the lantern on. Does it come on every night?
  14. I refuse to match finishes. I feel like it is a rabbit hole that I might not find my way out. If the finishes I offer are not wanted then either the client can finish it or hire a specialist. I avoid rabbit holes.
  15. I admire the work done. And I'm sure I will admire your shop when you are done. I am jealous of your energy . You burn a lot more calories in the heat. The special carrot at the end of the stick is very good motivation. The build is excellent!
  16. Nice work. Which Waterlox product did you use? Thanks
  17. Yes that is a belt sander. However there are production class drum sanders also. You can find them on the internet.
  18. If you google the above, it shows drum sanders.
  19. I think you mean a drum sander?
  20. The faces are installed. The 4 large drawers were more of a challenge due to their weight and size. Mating the drawer slides takes more effort for larger drawers. The hardware, KV8400, is very easy to operate. Trial and error, adjust then trial and error and adjust... Being old and small the 4 large drawers test me. The rest are easy. The worst was the 2 large middle drawers. Because there is a plywood horizontal panel it makes it tougher to locate the pilot holes to the face. Next time any horizontal panels above drawers will be a frame. The other 7 drawers I drill a 6 penny size hole that the nail is snug in the inner panel of the drawer face. Then clamp and shim the drawer face firm. Then strike the nail for a perfect pilot hole location. Then drill out the nail hole in the front of the drawer box 3/8" with a brad point for accuracy. On the inside of the box I use #14 SS oval head with a SS grommet. That leaves me some adjustment with the 3/8 hole.Cant do that on the 2 middle large drawers. Plywood is in the way. After dealing with the drawer slides I needed to make some sawdust. The front and back of the drawers were made a little thicker to accomadate the dado for removable dividers. There were a few steps in making the dividers that was enjoyable compared to the slides. I made 2 holes then saber saw. The holes were made on my woodpecker table. The fence and hinged stops made quick and accurate work. First use of the fence that way. I ran a router with a roundover in the handle. the top edge was rounded on my router table. The set up was already in place from the drawers. All I had to do was turn on the switch. The dividers are 1/2" oak veneer. I chose not to use solid being a loose panel it might distort.
  21. Drawers are built and installed with KV 8400 slides. I wanted friction drawers but the client saw some of my work with this hardware and that is what he wanted. He is a mechanic. Has a big company that repairs and maintains large diesels and hydraulics. That mindset like smooth ballbearing slides. I build the drawers slightly smaller and shim the hardware. If the drawers are too big, start over. If the drawers don't need shims I missed the mark and got lucky. Installing the slides in the cabinet I cut some 3/4" ply scraps that the slide rests on the plywood edge until I can screw it in place. These drawers are hand nailed with 4 penny galvanized finish nails. I drive them in until the resistance is high. Then I cut the nails off and set them. The full length of this nail is a bit too much in oak. The sides have a dado for the backs and a rabbit for the fronts. I have been making drawers like this for years. Never a failure. Next drawer faces. Then corbels above the flutes.
  22. This is beyond woodworking. It is fine art...The medium is an extra that I enjoy. But it is art.
  23. You are welcome but that was not an invitation. In Florida is a very caustic environment. Mold and mildew start the rotting process. I don't know why, but mahogany and sapele are very resistant to the environment. Not as many choices of wood for an outdoor project. Mahogany or sapele is number one on my list for value and appearance and will tolerate the environment. And also there is cedar, and cypress which is milled 100 miles north of me. Teak is beyond ridiculous in price. and hard on your tools. There are a lot of other species of wood that is durable outside away from mold and mildew that is durable. Not here. Properly finished. My front door was QS white oak. Researched and bought the best spar varnish. Mold and mildew got under the finish. In 2 years the door looked black. I stripped the door to bare wood and added mold and mildew killer. Followed directions. 2 years later mold and mildew under the finish. 4 years ago I built a ribboned grained sapele door. Still good. No mold or mildew.
  24. typo. Mahogany or sapele. In my shop to myself I call sapele mahogany. Sapele looks, smells and feels like mahogany. A cousin from Africa.
  25. If you want a furniture like experience outside in Florida get mahogany os sapele. It is also used on boats.Then there is teak. So expensive.