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  1. On 5/7/2021 at 9:49 PM, Mark J said:

    To date I have administered 470 doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

    Thanks Mark J, I appreciate your efforts. Are you a doctor?

    I am fully vaccinated. I don't like to see spiking the ball on the 5 yard line. Too much of that. I hear about people that want freedom of choice on these various items. Like masks. If I want to drive 70 in a 35 zone to feel free is crazy. The freedom we have is to make our rules by majority. No autocrat or dictator making the rules. I am thankful to follow the majority rule even if I don't agree.

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  2. 4 hours ago, gee-dub said:

    I have well established habits of using rubber mats in "long standing" areas. 

    My shop has a concrete floor. I wear Teva sandals. A synthetic sole that has give to it. Many other brands and types of shoes with some cushion to the sole. I wear the mats.


  3. The chance with the North Carolina  mill doesn't work. His inventory is depleted. No 4/4 FAS Q sawn WO.  But I will try again as needed. I got lucky. The Indiana mill has 7' lumber. It happens to be a good number for my project in terms of waste. And all the freight companies have a trick that 95" and less is much cheaper. That means almost all lumber is charged a premium price. Not 7'

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  4. I am comfortable with the M&T and box joint. I might use box joints in my next project. The dovetails not yet. Getting closer. The book does not give all the steps for the dovetails. But Mac the owner of Pantorouter, does a great youtube on it which resolves any issue. The dovetails require 2 bits moving and the templates. I need more practice on that. The 8 degree 1/2" dovetail bit is 1/4" shank. Can that be had 1/2" shank?

  5. I like my cutting boards to be made from closed grain wood. Sapale is open grain. It seems more sanitary with closed grain. Like Maple or cherry. 

    If you have a router get a slot cutter bit to cut a groove for a spline. You want the grain on the spline to run the short direction. Much stronger. And titebond III

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  6. Thanks Mick.

    4 hours ago, Mick S said:

    depth set for the tails, lock both front AND back stops in place. That keeps you from inadvertently pulling the cutter straight back, which will ruin the joint.

    That also was the issue for the box joint. Which I did not on the first and second try. The third try was a charm and the concept became clear. 


    4 hours ago, Mick S said:

    The 8 degree Whiteside dovetail bit that comes with it should easily last through 10 drawers - times 10.

    I had no idea what to expect. Seems very efficient.


  7. I forgot to mention I am coming off of my second surgery in 10 days the last 3 days ago. Both they put me to sleep. The first one was a hand surgery that turned out perfect with no pain. The second got me less sympathy but more pain. It was oral surgery that still hurts but getting better. A full smile hurts. Anyway I think that affected dealing with a challenging learning curve.

    I do think the things pantorouter  does add efficiency over other methods. I am not selling my festool domino. I could use the PantoRouter to make a large face frame but in my small shop the domino would be better.

    How much work will a new sharp edge dovetail bit provide using 1/2" white oak? My project has 10 drawers. Thanks

  8. Reading the first paragraph I was thinking jointer. A lot of people look to build furniture like benches. Most of my benches are built out of 2 x 6 spruce if I can get it. I like 1 1/2" MDF for a bench top. Furniture is built in my shop but does not live in my shop. I really do appreciate seeing beautiful shops though...

  9. Cedar is ideal for outdoors. 2" thick dents don't matter. It might to you. I like low maintenance. So I would not finish it. An outdoor spar varnish will seal the wood and look good. Unfinished will turn gray. Varnished in time will demand you refinish. A 2 x 4 apron with one or two more across in the middle will add to stabilize the top.

    Your slab at 12" X 84" is not enough to make a 5 to 6' by 2 to 3'.

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