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  1. I ordered it from infinity. Mainly because I found a chart of brand names and was able to see my brand and size. I never sharpen them. I have one cycle 15" blades that need sharpening for sale if I can find it.. The adjustments are factory set for new blades. Drop them in, lock them down, done. Worth the price of blades. They last me a long time. I imagine the other brand is good also. Thanks Dave.

  2. 1 hour ago, gee-dub said:

    I modified my original design a little with some arc-like cutouts along the edges that hit the floor.

    Another good idea. I will do that soon. Without the table I'd be on the floor. My old bones don't like that. 


    1 hour ago, gee-dub said:

    I'm serious about the 'inspiration' comment.

    Kind words are appreciated. Adding inspiration to you and any of the skilled people here is an honor that I enjoy and did not expect.

  3. Whichever saw you pick, the companion tool is a jointer. Based on the saws you are looking at, 8"  or bigger. I have an old delta 3 hp. saw and jointer Works fine. Bought both new over 20 years ago. I'd buy a  Harvey today. If I had to.   If my jointer goes down it must go back up soon! The saw and the jointer are my central tools. If either one goes down, the shop is closed. The final tool for the trio is a decent thickness planer. 15". The planer can come later. A long time ago when I had a jointer and a saw I would size wood to 6", Clean up one face, and saw the board on edge to make the thickness uniform. Planer is much easier.

  4. Nice table and great pictures. I would like to see the jigs in action if there are any pictures. Have you tried Waterlox original sealer? that is also very easy. Your description of the minwax wipe on has me thinking I must try that. Thanks for your ideas. And welcome!

  5. 9 hours ago, Mark J said:

    A sad reality for such an important article of clothing.

    The most common problem from misfit shoes shows up in a few years. Bunions. Wide feet are sold longer with a medium width, narrow feet get shorter and to wide shoes too often. When fit too long or short, the ball of the foot does not match the ball of the shoe ( the widest part). That over time breaks down the metatarsal arch located on the bottom of the foot behind the toes. Then next is the bunion. Most people think the bunion is hereditary. Wrong. Wide or narrow feet are hereditary. To make matters worse, a bunion has a nasty impact on the spine. Moral of the story, make sure your shoes fit.

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  6. 9 hours ago, VizslaDad said:

    Sometimes it takes a lot of convincing for people to understand that paying the most for something doesn't automatically make it the best for them. 

    A large minority of people wear the wrong size shoes. A small majority have a popular size and can easily get fitted. Far more important in running shoes, or any shoes for that matter, is the fit than the specific style of running shoe. Especially since so many people don't wear their right size. Once properly fitted a more specific style can be considered. But in many cases a slightly imperfect style is far better if it gives a better fit. If you do not have a popular size and you need a shoe wider or more narrow, most of the time to get that odd size you must pay up. In the middle and lower price range the full range of sizes is not manufactured.

    9 hours ago, VizslaDad said:

    the more expensive shoes are intended for heavier runners.

    The most expensive shoes sometimes are the only choices if you need a size that is not popular or common. True for a large minority.

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  7. My family owned and operated a shoe store for decades. The store was renowned for getting a good fit. A good fit is still hard to come by if your size is something other than a popular size. The higher priced shoes may make a variety of sizes but will the retailer stock them? Frequently not as the turnover is much slower. And if they stocked odd sizes then you would need clerk to know how to measure a foot. And most don't know how. The shoes that are priced and bought by the majority never have anything but popular sizes. And therefore quite a few people go through life with shoes that do not fit.

    The key to a good fit is matching the ball of the foot to the ball of the shoe. Possible get a good fit in medium to lower priced shoes if you have feet that are a popular size and get measured correctly. Bunions are formed from misfitting over a lifetime. People think bunions are hereditary. Not true. Narrow or wide feet are hereditary. And being misfitted with odd sizes that are the hereditary link.

    I have been wearing Teava sandals almost exclusively for the last 15 years. I like them because it is easy to get fit due to all the adjustments they have. This provides me no protection from falling objects on my feet. But the fit is perfect and provide good cushion. And compatible with a warm climate like Florida. A trade off and risk I am willing to take.

    Working in the yard I wear wetsuit short boots. I added an innersole for cushion and fit. Keeps my feet from having dirt in my toe nails. And I keep yard work at a minimum.  If it gets cold I wear socks with my sandals. If that is not enough then it is too cold to be out.

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  8. I have a jet 16-32.  Starting the contact with the drum might be narrow. As the drum lowers the contact on the material gets wider. And as it gets wider I found that I needed to make 2 or 3 passes on the same setting. Then adjust down maybe a 1/8 of a complete turn.  Then 2 or 3 more passes before I lower the drum again.I keep the conveyer turned up to almost full. I think it needs full power to move wide pieces. A slow process with good results.

  9. 11 hours ago, Tom King said:

    This one will be a hundred yards from the house.

    My shop is about 20 or 30 yards away. It was built 20 plus years ago. I expected a benefit being close but I got more than I bargained for. Mine is 24 x 24. Plus an overhang 12 more feet. And another 12' awning as my shop faces west making it too hot in the florida afternoons without the awning. Tom with your skills I am sure this will be an exceptional shop. And enough room for the slider.