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  1. There truly is a family atmosphere here. It certainly adds to the healing! Much appreciated. The good news is there is a project and a pantorouter waiting for me.
  2. for hand surgery. I had a locking thumb that was painful. The surgery was 2 hours ago and is already feeling better.I have flexibility already. But doc says no work until the stitches are out.
  3. curlyoak


    Spring time orchids
  4. I spoke to him and he did not have what I wanted...
  5. I did. Scott has high regard for you Tom. Like many others I'm sure.
  6. Just got off the phone with North Carolina and I will likely be ordering some q sawn oak. I now have a new source. Closer to home. less freight. Thanks again Tom!
  7. No vent. I was looking for access to a better opportunity. Like the idea Tom King has. Thank you Tom!
  8. This is not my first rodeo...
  9. Mick, besides the router bits that came with the tool, are there other bits that you would recommend for the PantoRouter? Thanks
  10. No logic for that. Calendars do not match The customer awarded me with a commitment and a deposit and will absorb the outrageous freight. Thanks for your ideas.
  11. 1/4" 4 x 8 bc fir is $37 plus each. I am happy with the price of the wood. For what I am buying I feel I am getting good value. It might be as much or more in Tennesee. Also Frank Miller lumber is one of the largest provider of q sawn oak. reliable on quality and competitive on price. The freight is the killer. I got a load of walnut from Hood. So called fas. It was at least one grade less. I had to trash one complete board. It was free freight but less than fas and problems. Free freight with a $500 min. on their truck.
  12. What is the going rate for 4/4 q sawn fas 7" and wider? The quality is exelent and the price is fair at Frank Miller. It is the freight that is excessive.
  13. I am looking at quartered white oak. Decent price and excellent material.
  14. Frank Miller Lumber in Union City.
  15. Overwhelming. To get 100 feet of oak it cost $450. Freight. From Indiana to Florida. Wood extra. I have found prices double that. Demand is outstripping capacity.
  16. If you are starting with rough lumber, old stock or new, will be light in color after dressing.
  17. No need of a review because Mick has a very good one. But I will probably have a comment or 2. It will be a while. Mid April maybe.
  18. I forgot the 2 best pictures.
  19. A 12" Delta 2001. Not the brand it used to be.
  20. I changed the faces on the bottom drawers. The previous was blotchy on the finish so I changed it. Much better. I was delayed doing this because my planer went down. Up and running better than ever. Now waiting for the prep work in the bathroom to be done so I can install.
  21. I made it 3 x 7. There is 7, three foot rows 12" apart. 4 of the rows are 12" x 12". 3 rows (every other row) are 2- 12 x 18. The rigidity is more than enough. Not good for truck engines. Good for my needs.
  22. It might be better not to get the 1400 if the reason is you have high income. I would rather not qualify for that reason and buy the tool anyway. Look around your shop and see if there is a tool you do not use anymore. Sell it and add a PantoRouter. Otherwise you will need to add a wing to your shop.
  23. Ordered. I thought it would be in the all in pack. Glad you told me.
  24. I reread your review. thanks for the info. I believe my capabilities will be more than they are now. Will a 5 hp shop vac be enough power? Thanks
  25. Looking gee-dub! Will there be any new tools added?