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  1. Biden chipped in 1400 an I payed the rest for a Pantorouter. I got the one that will press my shirts. Seriously they have a deal of $1995 for everything. All accessories. And freight. It is promoted as limited time. $150 savings. I had to stipulate that I want the shipment delayed until arriving April 10. I have a hand surgery for a locking thumb on March 31. If the box shows up early I may not behave and hurt my hand. Joe has an invitation to use the tool anytime.
  2. I got lucky. Looking in my wood stash, I am trying to find the right piece with low waste. Not sure what was required I found a piece of soft maple 5 1/2" wide. After truing I ended up with 2 3/8". Turns out right in your wheel house. I milled it to 11/16" for weight considerations. I found some d. fir 1/2" bc grade and ripped it for the corrugation. My 1/2 work day is over. So tomorrow I will try to complete it.
  3. How wide should the grid members be? Meaning the distance between the 1/4" top and bottom.
  4. I want to build a light weight torsion box. 3' x 8'. In general I like over kill. But this is for a collapsable table and weight is an issue. I'm thinking 1/4" fir for top and bottom. I'm not sure on the grid dimensions. Considering an oak outside frame and plywood for inside the grid. What dimensions should the grid be? And any alternatives to the above ideas. The goal is flat, light weight and durable. Thanks.
  5. I have hauled 10' wet cypress with a 6' bed and 2' tailgate. I put a 4 x 4 across the bed near the tail gate. Less likely to slide out with the load angled. Bring plenty of rope. Gloves will be handy. Check air pressure on tires if you have a big load.
  6. I have both. I use the smaller one the most. I have used the big one for full size doors. The small one does cabinet doors among other things. I like them both. I would like to see some American competition on some of the festools. The price they charge leaves room for competition.
  7. I have cornered the market. I just bought one. Forgot that I had 2 more. Found the 2 shortly after I got the last one. $10 each plus freight.
  8. curlyoak


    A healthy orchid hybrid in the oncidium family
  9. There is a tool for carpet installers. Used for trimming doors and moldings. It looks like a router but has a saw blade instead of a bit. I have never used one so be careful and good luck.
  10. Product warranties generally a bad idea. Actuaries are the people that calculate the cost to the company offering the warranty. The customer is calculated to pay their equal share of costs plus profit. The profit on this type of warrant is 15 to 18 percent. So in general over the long run your premiums end up being more than if you hired out for repairs. There are exceptions. In life insurance they demand to know your complete medical records. Not so in product insurance. Be your own judge. Know what type of products may not last for you because of how you use it. If you carried a lap to
  11. I occasionally changed the knives and nothing else. I am right at home and very comfortable operating all the tools in the shop. To work on them is intimidating for me. At the time my 15" jet thickness planer broke down a new neighbor that is a very good diesel mechanic told me he knew he could fixe it even though he never worked on one. He was right. And now that I watched I am less intimidated but glad he lives nearby. There was a rod holding the fingers that disallows the wood going backwards that came loose on one end. He relocated it in place and I bought a locking nut to keep it in
  12. Local home depot had a 3/4 4 x 8 paint grade ply for $54
  13. Besides woodworking I am an orchid collector and grower. I have around 200 plants. There is always something in bloom. Some people think I do the impossible. I let them think that but the truth is orchids are very easy. Just much different than all other plants. For one they are mostly air plants. Each species group have their own rules but it is not demanding. No row to how. No getting on your hands and knees. When invited for diner I bring a cut flower. That keeps the invitations coming. Orchids make a statement. And a couple of years ago Florida allows medical marijuana. So when i am
  14. When I built my mitre sled for the table saw 90 was the most important. It is close to 45 plus or minus a tiny. What matters is the 90. works great.
  15. My first and only lift. The speed and accuracy is easy. An eighth of a turn on the crank is 1/64 inch with increment dividing 1/64 8 times. The lock is sure.
  16. Why bother. titebond is the preferred choice of woodworkers. And it will allow movement.
  17. I work with kiln dried wood. That matters in this situation. I frequently make bread board ends on tops. Like desks or tables. I use dominoes and lots of titebond. The wood moves and I can feel by how much on the end of the bread board joint. Never a problem.
  18. Thank you Mick. What a great legacy. You cant learn that or buy that. I would guess to keep the generations rolling, it must be important to bring the young ones along. Probably a teaching gene in there. Remarkable. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Thanks Mick. This is interesting. With your work being excellent yet your brother is better. do you have other siblings that do crafts or art? Was there something in the water? Were your parents influences to you 2 in regards to woodworking? Or other family members? Thanks
  20. I have a Jessem and like it. My first and only so I cant compare. I have no complaints.
  21. Franklin titebond 3. I spoke to an engineer at Franklin and he said it "creeps". He said that the glue would not be aloud for engineered beams or trusses. No creep is required for that. Glue that creeps is an advantage for the woodworker. I think other offerings besides tb 3 will creep.
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    This is a Dendrobium orchid species. Blooming now. It is fragrant. Comes from Asia. Used in Chinese medicine.
  23. Might be lignum vitae. Just a guess. Also known as iron wood. If it is that, it is endangered. And will never rot.
  24. They wanted it square. I begged and groveled and the like it better.