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  1. Why is it imperative to use plywood? Why not use solid? The thickness of veneer is so slight. Solid you can have a better chance of success.
  2. I would add consider spending a little more and get 1/2" shank bits along with a router with decent power. 2hp. or more.
  3. The foot print. There will be a 4" thick shelf high up and in the middle. Still a lot of work to do...
  4. Beautiful everything. Really nice lumber. Excellent design. Execution second to none. One thing I would do different. I would piece in spline with the grain turned 90 degrees. That way it is unbreakable...If the glue goes beyond the spline it is still strong enough. If the purpose is to locate alignment only then it doesn't matter.
  5. I like water lox, transparent sealer. 3 or 4 coats. Countertop not cutting food. To refreshen hit it with 400, a good cleaning and one coat water lox. It will stink after application. Wait for days that windows can be opened and have a strong portable fan available, blowing out.
  6. I do not have debt other than a modest mortgage. I have the tools I want. My shop could be bigger but it is big enough. Not buying machinery as I have what I want and no room to buy more. If one breaks I can replace or repair it. I started woodworking for a living when I was 20. Did it for 15 years and never got ahead. Changed careers for a suit and tie in the financial service business. It worked for me and 5 years later I had my shop. Retired after 25 years with a nice stash for my retirement. Same as what I did for my clients. had projects for myself during those 25 years. Now woodworking
  7. In calculating a project I figure how much time for one number and I add 12% to the cost of materials. That money is for tools and maintenance. Maintenance never stops. Recently a flexible arm wall lamp gave up the ghost. Another is on the UPS truck heading my way. If something breaks It is repaired or replaced quickly.
  8. The old man that taught me, I'm past his age now, Besides the normal fractions down to 1/64th created his own words for small dimensions. frog hairs and fart skins. 2 fart skins to the frog hair. When he wanted his folding rule, he call for his corn stalk. And he would chant around the house, around the house, behind the kitchen door. He wanted me to get the broom and sweep. The only time small tolerances are considered in my shop is for my tools. One board next to the other just planed needs to be the same by touch. I do not own a micrometer...
  9. Dealing with a nasty virus, now day 13 and much better. Still some symptoms though. And regardless I have found time to work. I am ready to start on the middle base unit. Base molding later.
  10. My preference on height is 30". 30" is the middle of acceptable height. I did build a 29" table for a petite lady. It worked and would be OK for an average size person. But if you have some tall guests it might be a little tight. Calculate the difference in total dollars not per foot of using walnut. Likely that table will be in use for decades. Cherry is not cheap so the difference might not be much. I'm glad to pay up to avoid second thoughts and regrets. And walnut is so nice to work with. Cherry is beautiful but is not especially friendly to work with. But if you can win the fight tha
  11. On the back I would do it a little different. The center style would die into the top and bottom rails...
  12. How about quarter sawn white oak? The forest is plentiful with big oaks, required for quarter sawn. It has the least shrinkage of the above mentioned. Please correct me if Im wrong...Very stable. The rays when properly sawn can be quite beautiful. Sometimes called tiger oak. A cosmetic affect. Typically used in mission style furniture. or A live edge walnut, bookmatched.Sap on both live edges. At least 2" thick...Big money
  13. npr. You need a bigger router. 1/2" shaft. use the small router for morticing hinges. You will get much better results with a 1/2" shank 2 plus hp. It will produce better work. For what you are trying to do you are using a toy. Your world will open up and your work will be much better. My work would decline if all I could use is your router. You are at a disadvantage. Get a real router.Home depot has a good price on porter cable...If you can find a better price on the internet, print it and home depot will give the lower price!
  14. Chestnut, you mis read me. I do use the finer stuff. Some houses have a theme and the furniture matches that theme. Other houses are eclectic. Either one can be done in taste or not. The wall unit I am building now is a very nice house that is eclectic and in good taste.
  15. drzaius, we think alike but there will be others that like it.
  16. I hear you chestnut. I feel the same. Except, according to your portrait you appear to be much younger than me. I'm old. No telling how long I will be able to continue. It may be a long time I don't know. Either way I'm in the August of my woodworking. Hopefully a very long August. My point is that if I am not using the finer stuff by now I never will be. Certainly all projects will not need figured wood. But that is my focus. A local famous old man that started a boat building company 70 years ago recently died at 104. The business now and has been in the hands of his grandson but he kept b
  17. Is a good source of claro. But there is a price to pay...
  18. This was made to hide a problem. A friend got an outrageous deal on discontinued showroom cabinets for his home bar. It was as if it was designed for the space. One exception, there was a small sink in the marble top that could never be plumbed due to location. Entertaining, guests would pour left over drinks that would drain in the cabinet. They wanted to keep the sink for ice and champaign with a bucket below for the ice melt. But the rest of the time they did not want more mess below. It fits on the top nicely. I added to the bottom a piece of wood that fit in the sink hole. That is why the
  19. curlyoak


    The panels are book matched Claro walnut. It grows in the pacific northwest including northern California. I'm told the supply is good. Also they said typically the first 8' of the log is figured...
  20. I've seen projects using figured wood from stem to stern. Not my taste. I like it highlighted. We think alike Coop. I'm sure some will feel different. Makes the world go around...
  21. In play I applied a sealer to a piece of poplar. It killed all the natural green that I wanted to preserve. Today it is one of the best choices for paint as Steve says. Steve, do you remember the days when gum lumber was available? It painted better than poplar. But all the millable gum is gone.
  22. I have a makita triming router that is 1.25 horse. I use it for morticing hinges. A real shallow cut. Perfect for that router. So you are under powered. I was making dado's with my router on oak. Made it with ease in one pass. A 2.5 horse with a 1/2" shaft to the bit. So you are under powered and probably using 1/4" shaft bits. My guess is you have the wrong tool for the job. Concept is good that you chose a router. I never use 1/4" shafts except when using the makita for light work.