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  1. Quartered Ash. Milling the correct thickness is the key. The species matters.
  2. I have a 12" delta disc sander that gets a lot done. If it broke I'd replace it. Woodworkers supply has cubic zirconium disc paper that last a long time. There is a trick to putting the disc paper on. Different but not hard. I also have a cheap combo 6" disc with a 6 x 36 stationary belt sander. The belt gets use.
  3. If you are friendly with your neighbor, see if he would sell just enough to give you access. In real estate terms because of your shop having good access make your property worth more. And less without it.
  4. curlyoak

    Sapele Wood

    Sapele is a multi purpose wood. Exceptional beauty in any room in the house or office. And a good choice for outdoors.
  5. Quartered oak is typically tight grain. If yours is then I think I would not make accommodations for movement. I'd pin the tenons. These and other doors just like these has a 10" bottom rail. One deep continuous tenon that is dowel pined from the other side. The bottom rail is exactly even with the bottom of the styles. The doors are 18 years old.
  6. I made a front door with 8/4 Q sawn w oak. Never a problem with a wide rail. But the finish failed. Mold and mildew got under the finish over a 2 year period. So I removed the door and stripped the finish down to bare wood. I then varnished with extra, extra finish on top edge and bottom. The mildew came back under the finish. Not to be outdone by mildew I took the door down to wood again to no avail. So I did it one more time 3 years ago. This time with Sapele. I call it mahogany. It looks smells and taste like mahogany. Beautiful wood. I saved some very nice stained glass for the new door. A
  7. A legacy heirloom piece. Be proud!
  8. I have an 8" dado from Frued that I bought 40 something years ago. After many sharpenings, it is still good!
  9. After plane work is done you have a choice. Scrape or sand. Most people today sand. Scraping has been around before sandpaper I think. Scrape in the right hands can be a very good surface to finish. The foundation of good scrape work is knowing how to sharpen the scraper. Good luck
  10. Buy a carbide dado. Take care of it and you will have it for a long time.
  11. Anything with an edge, like saw blades, router bits, planer knives must buy new or expect issues. Not that you cant be lucky. Just know it is a gamble.
  12. curlyoak


    This is known as the clam shell orchid. AKA Encyclia cochleata. Growing in the new world from Northern South America, central America, the Caribbean and South Florida. The one in the picture is natural to South Florida. It flowers sequentially. A new flower appears as the previous one is fading.
  13. What a view! Nice place to live. Would this help you? This is used around here a lot especially for high up palm fronds and coconuts. Add a 10' ladder for the high ones.
  14. The face is absolutely stunning!
  15. $2.19 bf 6/4 for red oak is an amazing price. I would check on the grade and ask if it is kiln dried. If it sounds too good to be true, then.....
  16. Hi Mick, I have a 10"delta. Do you know of any add on sliders that are worth the time and money? The distance from the blade is fine for me. Thanks
  17. The bottom fits into a dado on the door. The added 45 degrees oak on one side keeps it in place. In the cabinet I made a elongated L. That gives me an easy way to fasten to the bottom and the hardware. After 15 years I replaced the slides. Above is a printer I wanted more extension. I had enough vertical space to do this. And all the parts and pieces were on hand.
  18. If your pine is new it may be wet. It probably was never in a kiln. Wet pine will shrink. Is your workbench top fully supported or does it have a span? Pine will dent. Quartered oak is my choice.
  19. Excellent design work and execution. I imagine it was tricky to glue up the doors. Did you sign and date it?
  20. What are you building? How many pieces to cut? What size?
  21. Let the work overhang the bench so the cut line is away from the bench. Clamp it to the bench. Cut the line then move the work and clamp until you are done.
  22. I built the cedar potting table a year ago for my neighbor. They didn't like the view of buckets and boxes. I made the styles and rails 1 inch thick dressed. The 1 inch stock around here is 11/16 with one face rough. I milled it out of 2" stock with leftovers for slats. The frame is held together with dominoes. I used the large domino 700 for this project. I also added permanent slats on the ends. The table is cedar also. All metal is stainless steel. The legs have 1/2" high density slippery plastic attached to the bottoms. Cant suck up water and rot. The choice was no hinges. There are 2 - 1/