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  1. Maybe when they get to around 10 they may have an interest?
  2. The white color of the wood is called the sap wood. Just below that surface is the brown beautiful walnut wood. I would remove most of the sap wood with a draw knife. Then finish it with mineral oil which is not toxic. The heart has so much more to look at...
  3. Just right! and the kids will find many other uses too. Are they old enough to start training them in the shop? Or get them to help?
  4. On a cost basis it is more for the cordless as corded tools can last a lot longer. But when you add in the labor savings and convenience, I lean mostly towards cordless. And when lithium became part of the deal is when I left corded behind.
  5. All the same matters. I use and like makita cordless. Same charger same batteries. The time to buy batteries is December. They are half off. And lithium can sit on the shelf indefinitely. They don't leak on their own. I was so happy to make the change to cordless. I still have a corded Milwaukee 1/2" hammer drill. Still works good but adds time to the work.
  6. Why limit this group of people that have lots of expertise and thoughts of all the good choices. Nothing wrong with Bosch. It is not the only game in town...
  7. A small hurricane that suffered from wind shear became a tropical storm that only did a sideswipe. Minimal damage. The gamble of no shutters paid off. Shutters equals 5 hours of work in high humidity and temps. Still there is prep work to be undone this morning. Very happy is was just a drill and nothing else. Hopefully no more the rest of the hurricane season...
  8. The topper was suspended from an outside ceiling exposed to the weather. I would expect some kind of damage if gale force wind started playing with it. The topper widows need cleaning and I wouldn't be able to see through the topper windows. I will drive a car for the next few days.
  9. The 11 o'clock update moved the track a little further off shore! The kind go news I like! Next update is 5:00...
  10. Preparing for hurricane Isaias. It appears the eye will not make it here but come close. So I will not put up the shutters.It is Cat 1 and I expect less than hurricane force winds here. However I am confident I can tolerate 80 plus winds without shutters. I am expecting 35 t0 60 mph wind speeds.also it is moving fast. We don't want it lingering around here. Hurricane Francis several years ago, a large cat3 put its eye off shore nearby and stayed for 24 hours. The damage was equal to a fast moving cat 5. If there wasn't covid, this is the kind of hurricane for parties. I have been through sever
  11. curlyoak


    This is an orchid that is from tropical Northern Australia. Much like the weather here in south Florida. Growing on a ponytail palm in my front yard.
  12. I have the big one. The 2+ hp smaller one seems to be equipped the same...
  13. Triton has a very good switching system...Good router overall.
  14. curlyoak


    This is a dead strangler fig remains wrapped around a palmetto tree. Does the fig remind you of any images?
  15. But now is the time to buy the lathe and any other tools because soon the little lady will need to grant permission...
  16. They offer 3 different grades of foam brushes. Which one did you pick. Thanks
  17. Looking back at previous threads rarely does he answer or thank us. Maybe we owe it to him?
  18. The original poster has not made a second comment since the original post Thursday afternoon. Probably hasn't found an answer her likes? Is there any other possible way? Maybe he is hoping someone nearby will offer help? Maybe he will hire one of us instead? If he lived nearby I would haul a load for him. Free. And that is my best price! Not a nickel less.
  19. Make sure you get lithium 9v batteries...
  20. I have an old rainbird that keeps on going. A neighbor leaves for the summer. I provide advice for on/off of their irrigation by text and they turn it on or off.They have a modern rainbird with wifi.
  21. If this is for you is it clears leave it alone. For now. Let it acclimate finished in your house for a year. Or sooner if it binds up.Modest sanding later to true it up if necessary. I like tight reveals.
  22. When buying plywood I calculate how one cut, rip or cross cut, to make it easier to handle. All sellers are willing to give me one cut. I re-cut their work. Usually I have it ripped in the middle. 2 x 8"s are much easier to manage. And I have a truck. Or If your local high school has wood shop, ask the teacher if any kids have a truck. They always want gas money.
  23. The little darling can't fully realize the enormity of this table. Truly a legacy! Chet, I recall in this thread that there are more grandchildren? Even if they are adults I would invite each one to do a project. I personally would enjoy meeting your other grandchildren the same way in which I met your grand daughter here. On top of everything else, your presentation could not have been better! Thank you.
  24. There needs to be a picture of her and her helper near the table...Maybe a signing ceremony?
  25. Iowa? You don't know humidity like here in South Florida. Keep your tools together. It would drive me crazy looking around for a tool. All good ideas above. Wax is nice on the table saw and jointer and thickness planer.