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  1. I learn a lot from you Steve. Thank you! I wonder with your good vision and experience did you anticipate all of these necessary and exotic efforts to complete this task? And then to calculate how long it will take. It is one very special thing to complete the task you are on. But on top of that to determine the steps involved and predicting how much time you will take in my eyes may be harder than the actual project, as tough a challenge that it is. Do you ever ask the client for time and material for these kind of projects? I am enjoying this project. Thanks.
  2. I had a stanley mini 10' tape that the spring broke. I sent it to stanley to see what would happen. They sent me a new tape and an apology letter and would I please accept a 12' as the 10's are discontinued. It was at least 20 years old...
  3. Thanks Vinny! My work is machine work. But if I could I would love to do that class. My traveling days are done. But thanks to you Vinny I live the experience through you!. Thanks for the ride.
  4. I would add 3/4" thick corner brackets just under the MDF to the cabinet on each corner. Drill a hole you also have a screw point for the top. 2 x 6's or any 2x are not needed. Drawers that are heavy with tools, 3'4" all around. Glue and nails would work for me. If I built it for someone else I'd use glue and screws...
  5. You hit the nail on the head! It looks like it is old in new condition. Perfect! Finish, joinery, and wood selection just right. Well done.
  6. What about a bullitt catch?
  7. American Black Walnut. It is so desirable. Color, grain and it is very friendly to work. But please do not stain it. A few coats of your favorite clear or transparent is all the color you will need. If you build it right it will out live you!
  8. A kitchen table would be a fun project. Chairs can drive you crazy. So I do not make chairs. I buy nice antiques that cost less than if I made them. I do not like the loss of plumb and square in chair building. I do appreciate a well made chair...
  9. Steve, if the project takes more time than originally thought, does that cost you or is it time and materials? I know my limitations but when I go to new never done before I always go over...The hardest thing for me is calculating time required...
  10. Curt. You are working yourself into a corner. Your older daughter will put you back to work. Nice work!
  11. The general public has no idea of the work involved and the time it takes to properly make the joints. If you tell them the hours required just to complete the arch, they can't see it. I see it and I appreciate the effort and time it takes to do it right...
  12. No leg required. Attach the 1x material to the wall. Notch out each cabinet so the 1x material is part of the back.
  13. Looks like leftover stock from the pattern making days. I'm guessing those thick wide boards are very old...
  14. If you live in a warm, humid and bright environment you might consider adding lexan plastic to the roof. I use 50% shade to grow orchids. A dry space will be more useful if it rains a lot...
  15. Nice work. You let the material lead you to the design. You got all it would give! All of the figured wood adds interest and is displayed well. Where does the mahogany come from?
  16. My wood choices would be Western Red cedar which is in the picture I think and Cypress. I think the cedar will outlast the cypress but the cypress is a good second choice. Mounted to a table may not be a big enough anchor for your construction.
  17. I do not like the method of making the tenons on the apron. I avoid flipping the board for 2 different sides to the fence. Even with the index board. It could work. But if the thickness of the apron varied slightly the tenon would not fit. I like to reference to the face. Lately for the sake of time I have used dominoes instead of mortise and tenon. I like them both. Also I would cut the tenon haunch the same time I cut off the cheeks on the table saw. Same set up. Not the band saw...
  18. Just the right number of pictures Steve...keep them coming.
  19. I like the friction to be on the bottom of the drawer sides. 1/2" to 5/8" thick oak. I use in the center bottom I install a guide block and install a U shape in the cabinet for a guide only. No friction on the bottom of the guide. Add paraffin wax to all contact points.
  20. I don't know the dimension of the tv. It will be replaced with a bigger one. The overall dimensions is 10' 6" wide and 7' high. In construction it was a bit of a wrestling match moving the pieces around...Delivered it with 2 pickup trucks.
  21. Thank you for the nice words! The client moved 3 months ago which caused the need for me. They have patiently waited with boxes waiting to be un packed. The few things near the TV and on the shelves were the top layers to come out of the box. The final arrangement to unfold. The TV is now the old TV and temporary. The new one is bigger and will have a sound bar that also is a bracket for the TV. I'm told. I signed the bottom of the top middle drawer. I varnished over my signature. The drawer underneath has a wooden center guide. I slipped a card under the guide. I am proud of this. A personal
  22. First pictures after installation. I want to get more pictures after the lady of the house has her way... The base board molding was added on the job. More electronic efforts will be installed.Additional pictures later...
  23. Table saw and joiner. Planer is expendable. In my beginning It is what I did. I used the table saw as my planer. My max width was 6". Any wider I would rip to six inches, join one face, Then rip to thickness. It might take several passes to true up a six inch wide piece. I do that today if I need one small piece from my scrap pile.
  24. This is western red cedar. Location is South Florida. It is unfinished. It will gray and last for a long time. Not seen I added some special plastic 1/2" thick so the wood will not be sitting in water on the legs. This is a work bench for orchid potting. Held together with a bunch of stainless screws...We have no special precautions for winter. No freezing here.