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  1. Your work always amazes me. Also the narrative and the way you present the pictures is pleasing. Worthy of publishing. And you found the perfect application of the beautiful wood. Thanks!
  2. Dry fitted. Now in the clamps. Dry fitting is always important to me since I had a stressful but successful event on a door. Too much stress and not good risk reward. The people that I'm building this for wanted no profile on the edges around the panels. I put a cove on the bottom left edge for a finger grip. White markers are needed for my old eyes. Pencil marks may be hard to see on walnut. If the figured wood has a pattern that points, I always have it pointing up.
  3. Western Tennesee has incredible beauty. It would be hard to move away from that environment. But warn me if you are coming to Florida. Hide the women and children.
  4. All of us living in Florida get acclimated to warmer weather. So in the winter it can get in the 40's easily and some years on a rare occasion it hits high 20's. No heat in my shop so I wait until the upper 50's. Tuesday and Wednesday will have above normal temps highs in the mid 80's. Normal for now is excellent weather. Highs in the upper 70's and lows in the mid 60's. I always take a very early walk and meet the lows of the day. Don't laugh but when I see numbers at that hour in the low 50's wind chill or lower, I put on my ll bean long johns and a wool stocking hat. By 9 they are no longer
  5. That is the same wood, sliced and glued. There will be a center style.
  6. waiting for the dimensions on the sink, I starting working on the one and only door. The door panels. curly claro walnut. 1 coat of General semigloss oil.
  7. I think in inches which means the top is 3/4". I installed corner blocks 3/4 thick. It is shy of the top by a 1/8th. I used a 1 1/2" screw x #12. With a proper pilot hole, the screw gets a good bite. I intentionally did not provide a counter sink which avoids the screw being too long. And the proud head of the screw is not in the way.
  8. Yes it is. All the backs are screwed on. Much easier to finish with the backs off.
  9. Above, will be all drawers. Except the left side was add on just in time to add open shelves because lefty would be bumping his elbow on the wall while shaving. This will be floating cabinets, meaning hung on the wall, no base. 2 dummies in front of the sinks. 9 faces, 7 drawers. Up to 4 of them to allow plumbing behind the drawers by building in a recess from the middle back to the drawers. I do not have all the numbers yet but it should be coming soon. I hope. The faces will be continuous grain of the same boards. The small box above will mimic the big piece. No plumbing. The pie
  10. Are you testing the jointer with a board longer than the jointer? if so cut a stick the length of the jointer and run that. If you have a longer piece than the jointer you could keep making it worse. Sometimes you need to start in the middle or at an end a short pass or 2. Or it could just follow the bow. A short piece test could be revealing.
  11. It might be the sanding. Need to start coarse enough. Use fine paper too quick you may leave glue behind. I belt sand my glue ups on a 45 degrees to the grain. It flattens better that way. Then I run the belt with the grain. Then RO. I use 100 belt then 100, 150, 220 and sometimes finer with RO. The question here is extra challenging as there is no picture. If a good answer is desired provide a good picture.
  12. Granite hands down. My first choice in any plumbing area. Stain and heat proof. If you go granite, go to the nearest big city. Find a seller of granite with a large amount of choices. Buy what you want and make arrangements with a local fabricator. The seller will truck the stone to your fabricator. You can start with the local part first. They will know where the opportunities are. Buy enough stone now if you have future projects. All granite is equal for service. The price is dictated by rareness and beauty.
  13. Wood porn! I am building a walnut bathroom. Only one door and 10 drawers. The door will have this curly claro walnut, book matched panels. I will post the work when I get further along. This kind of wood makes me giddy.
  14. curlyoak


    This is tolumnia. An orchid from the Caribbean and central America. Nick named the dancing lady. The bottom part of the flower is the skirt and the top is the head and arms. It dances with a breeze. Found in many colors.
  15. I suffer from lower back issues. I wear in and out of the shop Teva sandals. The amount of cushion is just right. They are so adjustable they can fir most feet. I live in warm Florida so most of the time is no socks. But now there is a chill so I use socks. If that is too cold still I don't work. Coop, you may also want to try some Teva's. I did have an issue once. I was buying plywood and gripped the edge to lift and it slipped. Got my big toe. No break and was better in a few weeks. I hardly use any other shoes.
  16. I have a jet 16/32. Once the grit starts to touch 5 or 6 inches of width I run the piece 2 or 3 times at the same setting until I adjust the machine downward. And the amount I adjust downward is tiny. Otherwise it bogs down. I adjust my thickness planer 3 or 4 times quicker.
  17. There is a pin peened over on the jorgensen bar clamps. I have in the past used a close sized finish nail to repair the clamp. It did nor look like factory. But it held. I never knew the term bucking bar but I get it. And I like it too.
  18. You both have captured my thoughts and concerns. I have pictures of the other side that looks good. But I don't know how deep that goes. It is a reasonable price but it could be money down a rabbit hole if it fails. I will continue looking for the right piece of meat! Thanks for the confirmation!
  19. If you look closely there are a lot of cracks in the figure. If I buy iy I will rip 5" of the figure. It is 2" thick and I will make 2 matched panels. The question is will it look good if I filled the cracks? And if so what to use to fill. I need to make a decision soon. I have not bought it yet.
  20. I clean my brushes on bench tops and wooden fixtures. I use up the job bucket and clean the brush. Give the edge extra. Any sealer or varnish should work.
  21. 400 only. If you sneeze the wrong direction it will blow a hole in the oak veneer. Stain is the answer. After stain, varnish.
  22. I think the longest lasting outdoor kitchens are masonry and stainless steel. Teak for any wood needed. Maybe mahogany. Less wood the better and I hate to say that. Houston gets a fair share of storms and heat, motivates my thoughts.
  23. It is like getting hired. And you are the employee. Now I know why you have been buying so many tools. From now on permission will be required. And not always granted. And all designs must be approved and will likely change before you start. Agree to the above and a successful marriage is eminent. Best of luck!
  24. I remember our family had a new 1962 impala. 2 speed automatic with a trunk as big as a house. Very efficient for the drive in movies.