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  1. There needs to be a picture of her and her helper near the table...Maybe a signing ceremony?
  2. Iowa? You don't know humidity like here in South Florida. Keep your tools together. It would drive me crazy looking around for a tool. All good ideas above. Wax is nice on the table saw and jointer and thickness planer.
  3. In the jewish religion God in English is G-d. So God can never be destroyed or erased. Either way works for me.
  4. There is a special thing going on here.It is a very rare moment when very young children can create something that must count as economic production. Creating something of economic value. And offer it to the family. When it is delivered I think it would add to the event to put a cash value to the table. It will let the child realize her productivity. Play it up when finished and delivered. A typical and easier way of accomplishing awareness of productivity is vegetable gardening. On the first occasion when Johnny puts carrots on the table, that first experience of being a provider, adding to
  5. How long ago was back then. I find that uncovered stuff from the past can become pleasant and fun conversation. You might let your daughter know what you heard on the grapevine. There might be a few laughs...
  6. Chet, you have a real woodworker there. And a cutie. Is this a generation skipping talent or do your children have the knack also?
  7. I'm blessed with good neighbors. We replace an old fence on the line we share. In a convenient out of the way spot, we installed a gate. A sign of a good neighbor is a gate in the fence that separates us. And you both use the gate. And he really got the knack to hold and receive on the jointer.
  8. I like the fence that comes with it. I was hanging some cabinet doors that required European hinges. What took me 20 minutes to set up for the required bore before now is 3 or 4 minutes.
  9. I have a long 8" delta that is long enough for me to do what's needed. On the rare occasion I cant manage alone, I have a well trained neighbor that I like better than my roller. I find the roller must be properly aligned to avoid pulling or pushing the wood away from the fence. For me the neighbor is the better tool than the roller.
  10. Door number 2. Number 1 had more flip stops than I needed. The table adds speed and accuracy to set ups.Well made too.
  11. I bought a 20" Jet from Home depot. It was $100 less due to promotion. This one The table is set up for metal work.
  12. I think a 2 x 6 on edge is stronger than same wood 4 x 4. Engineers or people that know, please chime in. Less wood than a 4 x 4 too.
  13. All good ideas. I'm sure there are many very good ways to build this. I have found a way, when needed to build outdoor tables or racks. For outdoor I use stainless steel screws and titebond 3. If needed to control rack corner brackets will do the trick. From my experiences I would start as the pic. I might replace the 2x4's with 2x6's
  14. First find out if there are any codes on sound. Here, the county says keep the noise between 8am and 8 pm. Don't ask neighbors in advance. Fire up a few tools for a few minutes each or more. Do the planer last. Then ask what they think. My neighbor is much closer than you. They said the only thing they notice is the planer. They asked if I could use it after 8:30am.Tell the neighbors your intentions. Offer to add a little help with some mill work. Invite the to see finished projects. Be generous and considerate on property line issues. Bring them a nice cutting board. Make the neighbor an all
  15. curlyoak


    This is a cactus. Night blooming Cerius. Very big flower. Blooms at night. By 10am it starts closing. Sequentially there are more blooms. Heavy rains brings blooms. This one is early to match the 20" of rain over 10 days. There will be more blooms in August from the summer rains.
  16. As advertised! Thanks all. I'm a convert. This clear pipe was in the box. I think it was some waste from nothing related. It works fine.
  17. I have a California Air ordered and due Tuesday or Wednesday. Before I have been through 3 pancake type compressors. That was a mistake. I have read that the Calif. air compressor 8 gal one HP should last for 3000 hours. Pancake 500 hours. Much cheaper per hour on the Calif air. And better. $161 plus tax delivery included from Home depot.
  18. I have a very old and well used Frued 8" carbide. I bought shims a long time ago. When I realized that plywood thickness is subject to the maker. So when building boxes for cabinets I make dados 1/16" smaller and tool the ends to fit the dado.
  19. Maybe it is time to replace it with something better? Like this? Or you can look for something like this used.
  20. They claim the pancake lasts about 500 hours. The one I am getting 3000. That would be 6 pancakes. Need butter and maple with that. I might out live a few of those $90 compressors, but not 6. Quieter and a quicker recovery. And I will never need to buy another. It will be delivered in a week. delivery included in price.
  21. The roller mattered and so did the paint. Oil base that cleans with water. Something new to me and I like it.
  22. Small chainsaws including name brands are not always repairable. I had a Mcculloch had to throw it away. It is impressive that you can get parts for an old saw. Speaks well of the brand!
  23. A benjamin Moore product. Applied with a small diameter roller. Looks sprayed. Installed. All the walls were against me. I hate net fit installs. And it is tighter at the face than the back. And the cat that generated the project.
  24. Sorry Cliff it was a problem for you. And Thanks for all the rest with a consensus and almost a majority opinion. I just ordered this On sale at home depot fro $161 plus tax, free delivery. This forum continues to provide meaningful benefits for me. Highly appreciated!!!! Beforehand, I was unsure of brand. I am confident now. Thank you!