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  1. If you build storage you are taking full advantage of the space. The piece slides out of the way if I ever needed to drop the table real low. The bottom of the cabinet has high density plastic that allows it to slide out. So the footprint of the drill is the same as the cabinet. My previous drill was a bench top. A big difference. Think about getting an enhancement for the table. I like the woodpecker that I bought.
  2. If it is to be painted I would use Shop grade birch from home depot. Poplar is my choice for face frames and doors. Decent price on poplar also. Particle board can work but I never use it. Too heavy, don't like the chemicals that become dust, don't let it get wet. It is cheaper and should be. My best application is I got some 1 1/2" thick. It makes a decent bench top. Better varnish it. When I was a helper in a 2 man shop in the 70's we occasionally used it. Once we glued and clamped some doors and set the clamps and doors in the pick to dry. Later we removed the clamps and retrieved the
  3. I have a porter cable that works fine. I was doing the same and got lucky and missed the glass.
  4. I made a bunch of kitchen doors with a bridle joint using my 8" frueid carbide dado. I have had it for decades. Sharpened many times.
  5. Was there 8" dado's available? I find that size more useful.
  6. I named my hammer hammergo. So when I am looking for it I'd say where'd hammergo?
  7. I will not run teak in my shop unless I get paid for sharpening and set up. Per machine. Teak feels soft. But it is loaded with silica. No good for sharpened knives, etc.
  8. It is square feet, clearly. Except when planning thicker material it is more work because of the weight to be handled. But still square feet is the answer. But i never start with a board rough on 2 sides and never a complete board. I start by cutting the required pieces slightly bigger still in rough. Next I true one face on the jointer. Now the wood is ready for the planer. It has a flat surface for the planer bed so when planed it is equal to the jointed side. The more perfect that I can dress the wood the easier it is to complete the project. To me, it is like building a foundation fo
  9. I use a 5" Makita. I like the festool but don't like the price.
  10. curlyoak


    Chestnut, There are many successful orchid grower in climate like yours. I think if I lived in colder climate I would not grow orchids. But living where I do, they are a lot easier. No work bent over or on your knees. No row to hoe. They do get weeds. The plant demands are different but not difficult. And not hard to figure out.
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    Brassavola Little Stars. A primary hybrid. Meaning both parents are species. The flower has a sweet and spicy aroma. Only at night. It's pollinator is nocturnal. A moth. So the plant has evolved to save the scent for night only so the flower will last longer. A better chance to pollinate. The fragrance has created a nick name of Lady of the night. It is natural to the Americas. Central, northern south America and the Caribbean. If the humans came around a million years later this plant would be natural to florida. Other than its natural habitat, it grows easiest right here in South Florida. Th
  12. This costs time and space. Every square foot of space in my shop is valuable. Although every shop I have had has been bigger than the previous, it never is enough. I also believe there is a time benefit. I work for hire, customers frequently hirer me by the hour. There are people with situations when time is not an issue. Even if I am working for me I like to be efficient. Also I need 2 batteries more than I have tools. Multiple brands might lead me to 6 or 8 extra batteries...
  13. Home depot is running a pre black friday sale. I bought 5 aluminum platform 20h 47L 12d with folding legs normal $69 on sale for 24. Batteries will have a bigger discount later. A manager spilled the beans.
  14. Usually requests like that are female. Tell her the geometry of the dimensions will make the table tippy. No problem on the ends. But on the sides no good. A 42" wide top will give you a 30" base with a 6" overhang. I refused to build a desk with a top with zero overhang.
  15. I like to stay with one brand. That way I need one charger and the batteries interchange.
  16. Because of your good behavior and going the yes dear route on the previous decisions, the wedges should not require permission... As all your work, well done! Clever stretcher idea. They do look comfortable.
  17. The stores are starting earlier. Better because of virus. The home depot deals are not as good as years before. Usually I would buy batteries this time of year. Lucky I don't need any as I have some in bubble packs. Before they were half off. Now 20 to 35. Maybe they will offer lower prices before the season ends. Black Friday is getting gray.
  18. I bought the same one Tom. Except my tank is steel. I love it. I have been through 3 pancakes. They last for 500 hours I read and the california 3000.Well worth the extra cost. If I would have bought this first I would still be using today.
  19. Cant you reverse it? Have the deeper portion on the bottom. That is what you see on furniture like a hutch. Deep shelves high are hard to manage. Easier on the bottom to load. Your upper kitchen cabinets are only 12" deep and 24" on the bottom. What is the function of the cabinet? What will be stored inside?
  20. A decent bench can be made of either pine or cherry. However I would not use either if I could afford my first choice of quartered white or red oak. I would use the cherry on perhaps furniture. Is your bench for woodworking? If so then save the wood for future projects. And maybe you should wait on the cherry anyway if it is not fully dried out. How long ago was it milled? Was it properly stacked for drying?
  21. With the remote you can be anywhere on the boat. Foot pedal is one spot.
  22. Due to imperfect corners a lot of fill work is needed. That means to trick the eye best is to paint so you can cover the fill. Laminating would be the best for natural. I would keep the thickness around 1/16". Maybe a fart skin more. Non heart, straight grain would be easier.
  23. My neighbor the guide has the gps deal. He has put his boat in swift current and the motor held the spot. He also has remotely moved us a few feet one way or the other for fishing advantage. He is able to be more active for the chase with the remote.
  24. You would love it if there was 2 or more people in the boat. That and now Hummers. Lithium is a planetary game changer. Put a new lithium battery in your desk drawer. 20 years later like new. Use 10% of AH and recharge. Zero penalty. Your cost is 10% of a cycle. All others is a full cycle penalty. Require much less weight and volume for the same AH. In lead acid you can use 50% of AH. Lithium up to 90%
  25. Beautiful shop. If you intend to build cabinets or furniture I would start with a table saw first, a jointer and a thickness planer. To deal with 4 x 8 sheets or rough sawn lumber, these three get you started. Place your planer near a door to reduce your inside footprint. You can fake the rest with hand tools. Like a saber saw for a band saw. Unless there is a big budget.