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    This is an orchid from Guatamala.The botanical name is Myrmecophila tibicina. Here in Martin County Fl we have a very large population of Mayen Indians from Guatamala. I have a crew come to my place weekly for landscape maintenance. They are exceptional workers. When they noticed this orchid they pointed and said Ek. I found out that is the name in their dialect. Kew gardens in UK keeps track of the worlds plants. Been there for a few hundred years. The Mayans have been around for thousands of years. So around here we call it Ek. And we do not care what the taxonomists think! The flower looks
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    Encyclia tampensis. First discovered in the Tampa area, hence the name. It grows in the southern half of Florida. Slow grower and found everywhere within its range. This one is growing on a palmetto tree in my yard, with a few other orchids on the tree.
  3. Your grandson has a legacy box. It will always be with him. It will be a treasured item. Did you sign and date it?
  4. You need a jointer. If you have a table saw you need one. Or learn how with hand planes. You cant put a crooked edge to the saw fence. The jointer resolves it quick.
  5. I like the legs. I needed the recent pics to see it.
  6. Yes an apron. In addition you need four more pieces just like the leg piece you have. And a mitre on the length of the outside so the eight pieces make 4 corners, attached to the apron.
  7. Thank you for the info. It seems to be intentionally hidden.
  8. I spent 10 minutes on google and could not find out where Portamate is made. Afinity owns it I think.
  9. The Jessem Lift was pre set to fit the porter cable...
  10. I have the same jessem. I have and like the 3.25 hp porter cable.
  11. Scooby, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. A very generous offer you must do. Coop, you are a big hearted man. I applaud you! Scooby you have a very capable and willing mentor. Count yourself lucky! Jump on the deal!
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    If I wanted to buy a 24" and 36" square, which is the very best? Accuracy and durability are high priorities. Thanks
  13. Buy the wood without a trailer. When you find it go rent a trailer. You can buy it on the spot to be picked up later. True for home depot or small yards.
  14. I once was 5' 5". I'm old and I shrunk to 5' 3". Your size doesn't matter. To exaggerate look at Stone Henge. Done by humans much smaller than the stones. The tree that was the source of the lumber you use is much too big for humans to manage without mechanical advantage. And that comes from the brain. With a strong brain you can do amazing things. Oh, I drive a truck...
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    Drill bits

    I get every 2 years or so the brand name box 1/16 to 1/2 on sale. I do this if one or two bits have broken. I save the old incomplete sets. And now it is starting to pay off. I needed an odd size from my current set that was broken. So I gathered up my old sets and there was the replacement. The replacement now lives with the most current set.
  16. This advice is the difference between struggling or getting it done with confidence. For me, the starting point of most projects is my jointer. If you have a budget then consider a 6" jointer. If you buy used make sure it is in working order. You don't need a rebuild project at your beginnings. A jointer is critical to dress lumber. Dressing is taking rough lumber and making it ready to use. This is like building a foundation of a building. If everything is square, level, and plumb then it makes it easy to build. Otherwise you are compensating till it is done. Same as dressing wood. I'm sure t
  17. I live in Florida. Summers last 5 or 6 months. In the summer I only get in my shop very early, the coolest part of the day. My loudest tool is my thickness planer and I must wait until 8 am per agreement with neighbors. By 9:30 I am out of the shop. Your first project is to build a workbench. Start online and find one you want to build. The bench is needed for your second project and many more...
  18. Thank you. It makes sense. Never thought of it. I bought a DJ-20 20 years ago. It has been good to me. It came with solid carbide knives. Several sharpening services would not sharpen it. I now understand they are carbide tipped. When I bought this tool the brand was iconic. Now the name is abused. No parts. The switch blew out. The only thing I could get was a universal switch. It works . But this jointer does get it done. I check the square of the fence frequently. It moves every now and then but if it went down my shop would be down until there was a remedy. My jointer is the starting poin
  19. Welcome. There are a lot of smart and friendly folks here. If time and space allows a good starting point is to see if you could be a helper at a cabinet shop. Get paid and learn. Good luck!
  20. Are you still on the pain killers?
  21. I had rotator cuff surgery. A barrel of monkeys. On the physical therapy, give it all you got. No second chance. It will define your range of motion. If you do it right you will still be able to satisfy that back itch you could just reach. After it was all done I lost my fast ball but still have my breaking pitch. Are you done with the pain pills? Lots of luck.
  22. I don't think I will be making any templates right away. I first need to learn how to use the ready made templates. It seems the imagination possibilities is almost infinite...
  23. Will it make the corresponding bore holes easily?