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  1. This advice is the difference between struggling or getting it done with confidence. For me, the starting point of most projects is my jointer. If you have a budget then consider a 6" jointer. If you buy used make sure it is in working order. You don't need a rebuild project at your beginnings. A jointer is critical to dress lumber. Dressing is taking rough lumber and making it ready to use. This is like building a foundation of a building. If everything is square, level, and plumb then it makes it easy to build. Otherwise you are compensating till it is done. Same as dressing wood. I'm sure t
  2. I live in Florida. Summers last 5 or 6 months. In the summer I only get in my shop very early, the coolest part of the day. My loudest tool is my thickness planer and I must wait until 8 am per agreement with neighbors. By 9:30 I am out of the shop. Your first project is to build a workbench. Start online and find one you want to build. The bench is needed for your second project and many more...
  3. Thank you. It makes sense. Never thought of it. I bought a DJ-20 20 years ago. It has been good to me. It came with solid carbide knives. Several sharpening services would not sharpen it. I now understand they are carbide tipped. When I bought this tool the brand was iconic. Now the name is abused. No parts. The switch blew out. The only thing I could get was a universal switch. It works . But this jointer does get it done. I check the square of the fence frequently. It moves every now and then but if it went down my shop would be down until there was a remedy. My jointer is the starting poin
  4. Welcome. There are a lot of smart and friendly folks here. If time and space allows a good starting point is to see if you could be a helper at a cabinet shop. Get paid and learn. Good luck!
  5. I had rotator cuff surgery. A barrel of monkeys. On the physical therapy, give it all you got. No second chance. It will define your range of motion. If you do it right you will still be able to satisfy that back itch you could just reach. After it was all done I lost my fast ball but still have my breaking pitch. Are you done with the pain pills? Lots of luck.
  6. I don't think I will be making any templates right away. I first need to learn how to use the ready made templates. It seems the imagination possibilities is almost infinite...
  7. Will it make the corresponding bore holes easily?
  8. Thanks Mick! Do you see what you've done? My wallet will be thinner. Not yet. I have some one time expenses do deal with first. But I've already got giddy feelings. And I have both sizes of the domino and glad I do. Will it do precision dowel joints?
  9. Gee dub, does this mean you are building a new shop? I know I would enjoy watching the process and learn about your considerations for the new shop. Good luck
  10. The door style should be in a house of adults due the placement of the handle. The little kids can't reach it.
  11. On the last picture the hung door looks upside-down.
  12. Tom, your property is gorgeous. I think that is what heaven looks like.
  13. I agree. Especially white paint. But I did enjoy building it.
  14. My build is done. I will help installing. The customer paints it white. The shelf standards will be installed after painting. Knobs are on order.
  15. Got the doors hung as well as the drawers. I am gluing up poplar for the drawer faces. A few more details. Having it off the floor is much better for my old bones. I like this collapsible table.
  16. I like the makita tools. But this time I bought a harbor freight for $14. I bought it for one purpose and it did what I needed. At that price I am ahead of the game. A friend was bragging on his angle grinder from HB so I had to try it out. Did fine.
  17. Welcome Gary. I'm sure you will enjoy this space.
  18. My comment was about the brown streak that was the issue of this thread. I love fleck and I agree it is not defective!
  19. I like it as it is also. I sometimes embellish defects.
  20. These 2 elderly and one yearling cats were racing around and one of them used the corner of one of the shelves as part of the race course. The weight and speed of the cat and the weakness of the particle board caused the vertical end piece of the bookcase to partially fold. I think it was on a dado. If it didn't break I would not be invited to build. Thank you kitty.
  21. The neighbors have a few cats. The three of them started acting like kittens. Part of the route was a corner of a shelf in a big bookshelf unit. The particle board upright end piece is bent over. And there it sits. Until I get done. 4 file drawers and 2 simple frame and panel to be made and installed. Home depot shop grade birch ply. Above is 3/4 ply with poplar face, doors and drawer faces .Adjustable shelves. Neighbor paints face and drawer faces white. 2 coats of sealer inside drawers and inside. Installed wall to wall, outside ends unfinished. 1/2" scribe both sides.
  22. I like sapele too. But I think if it sits on sapele furniture it will blend in and not be distinctive. And that does not matter. She wants sapele. For your own good make it sapele. I think you might guess I would choose curly quartered white oak, book matched. Framed with walnut