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  1. but but but. i have a big house n im broke remember. lol
  2. Thats also a awesome looking clamp table looking thing. you should put up some more pics n explain how that works. looks like the clamping part is plenty wide enough to hold boards while u plane them. thing is the surface the board sits on has to be dead flat right
  3. and i have to be embarrassing honest with ya. I usually use 2 by 4s i pull out of the junk pile because its free. really with my skill level n what i want to achieve i couldn't afford to do it any other way. Short. i have basically only worked with a 2 by 4 about 48" long. Is that short ? Thanks again boys.
  4. Has anyone every made an air dried kiln inside youre home for drying wet lumber. i know where i can get some yellow ceder at a good cost because its dark n needs major work to be used for anything good. Ive seen some ideas but just wondering what othrs do to dry there wood. 1 thing i read somewhere is buddy picked a couple projects he planned for the year. witch sounds like a good idea to me sence i work 5 days a week n have a family bla bla bla. so he picked his projects got some wood n set it out to dry. This post kinda all comes back to the other ones ive wrote. so i had a template n was working my way to a chair. then realized its all gonna bend n twist n look like crap after its all done. Is this true. the wood i get is from the depot.
  5. i wish my shop looked like that. lol im such an inexperienced tradesmen, coming along n seeing why things suck but its a painful process. its also 7' long by 5' wide. looking at the router table i built a while ago. Its so dam big n heavy. i was gonna put casters n drawers but i cant see how much room it takes up for how much it gets used to make ti worth it. 1 day at a time. I remember what was bugging me was someone womewhere put them on the diagonals to check for twist. Is that right ? and knots have lots to do with keeping twist ?
  6. Does wood have to be a 10% or whatever the perfect number is for furniture. chairs mostly is on my mind. Have a template n a router for the back legs. Even if i dident use a router when u start to join everything together will it bend n twist extremely if its not on the perfect number n what can i get away with. thanks again
  7. Wow this site is awesome. Thanks for all the help fellas. I’m an eager n inexperienced so much appreciated. Reslly why I asked was I knew about sighting down the length to find the hi n low spots but somewhere this morning i read about from diagonal to diagonal. Yes electric hand planer. I used 2 squares with the board on a piece of MDF to find the hi n low. I planed the hi spots till they were close then the side I planed went face down through the thickness planer but came out still rocking. There was also a knot that I think was twisting it so it rocked. Basicsly im trying to make some chairs n furniture but I want close to perfect boards first. I don’t like the rocking. Im also a diy google professional lol so I’ve seen every video I can imagine. I think I was just pissed because it was close then after the thickness plane it still sucked. I’m sure someone will hear me out there. Thanks again fellas.
  8. Helllo there. Can anyone tell me how to reckonize n remove the twist out of a board.
  9. Can someone tell me how to find n remove twist wirh a power planer with winding sticks. I have a power planer n a thickness planer n want to be able to get it done somewhat quickly. Thanks.