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  1. That'll fit the 1617 EVS plunge / fixed combo. And I was going to recommend the BOSCH plunge as well , but after seeing the Triton....i think i like that better!
  2. Thx for the replies. routed out my mortises on both , and was able to test fit the criss cross. smooth as butter! Didn't realize the vise wheel would be so low ! I guess that was my initial hang up. But after looking at finishes projects , I look like i'm doing everything right!
  3. Any resolution to this? I'll be doing the chop / leg layout this weekend , and want to avoid any issues. My chop 'blank' is 9.5 x 35" right now , plan to keep it as long as possible , so i have the option of putting the vise screw as low as possible .
  4. Don't care about the nickel test , that was just a way for me to describe the vibration. Never had a decent , long bed jointer , wasn't sure if that was normal or not. Good luck with the new suburban. If it starts making weird noises.....just turn up the radio
  5. For Retro installs , yes. For new installs , I'd look at the BC plans first
  6. also , If you get the Package , the plans included are for the current vise hardware. Marcs plans are based off of the original vise hardware with the ....roller slide thing , while the new criss cross vises completely change the front vise leg layout , and the front rail is completely different as well. Being able to refer to full sized blue prints for the differences between marcs plan , and what i need for the current vise set up is worth more than 35$. The bolts are 'meh' , I could go either way. (bonus for blueprint nerds like me , can frame and hang the roubo plans!!. I can't get enough blueprint tool art !)
  7. When did you get it ? Is it the 0856? They just came out in November , and I couldn't find a single thing online about that model (except for people typo'ing 0586 Grizzly)
  8. Thanks! after my 5th or 6th time missing getting an 8" used jointer on craiglist "by a few hours" . I gave up and just bit the bullet with buying new. Hopefully the last jointer purchase i'll ever have to make!
  9. Those are the factory leveling feet. The "Built in mobile base" isn't great , the wheels don't pivot , so it's awkward. I Removed the factory wheels and the leveling feet. I put it on a Powermate Mobile Base after I took this picture , which might remove , since i think the machine is clearly heavier than what the base can hold.
  10. Had my Grizzly G0856 (8" - 72" bed) delivered last week. Set everything up , runs great. Only issue is "the nickle test" (where you put a nickle on edge , turn on the machine , and it should stay upright) Nickle is just fine , except for the last 12 inches on the beds , then they fall over instantly and vibrate loudly . the rest of the bed is rock solid. Is that normal for long bed jointers? I made sure my pulley heads were parallel and co planar , belt is brand new , haven't run more than 5 BF through it. Just making sure i don't have any issues that might shorten the life of my new jointer Thanks!
  11. it absolutely can , you'll just need to modify the plans slightly.
  12. Dog Hole strip is a non issue if you're going round dog holes. And the vise installation (at least tail vise , haven't gotten to the Main vise stage yet) , is also a non issue , as the plans call for building the full slab first , and then routing out a ton for the rails / screw cavity.
  13. looking good! Good call on the bandsaw , i have the 14/12 and Love it , but wish i got the BX instead , that foot break is handy!!
  14. Twig and Bones Canvas Apron. Got this as a gift , and love it. quality canvas , the leather is strong and durable , and very comfortable. It's handmade and I just googled it for the first time. only 32$! From the fit and finish of it , i would of easily paid 75-100 for it.
  15. Central Mass here! Welcome!
  16. Highland Hardwoods for me as well. I live in Central Mass , and it's a 90 minute drive , but you won't be disappointed.