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  1. Thanks for all the input so far! 25' x 30' As you can see, plenty of ceiling space. You'll see I have 4 outlets at each location, I think 3 on each wall. Each duplex is on a separate circuit. I also have the sub panel right at the shop entrance, so adding another higher voltage item some day can be done fairly easily. I'm open to this. I have stuck in my mind that the corrugations in flex hose would impede air flow, so I thought I would do hard pipe until I come off the hard pipe to feed each machine. Each machine would have flex pipe off the main. Clear as mud? I like my tools against the walls, of which I have two wall. There is a third "plane" where the table saw is. The third wall you see in the picture is an apartment wall. I want try to keep noise producing items off that wall. In the middle, I have my fabrication table and a future Roubo Bench build. Unless you convince me otherwise, the first item closest to the table saw should be my mitre saw station. Future major tools that would need dust collection is a band saw and a drum sander. Don't forget I want a hose to vacuum up the shop on a reel. That plywood one Fastcap sells looks cool. I am. I 'm saving for the Roubo build and a Powermatic Band Saw. After that, the DC upgrade would be next. I think I'll take your advice here and go with these, although a remote that turns on the DC from my apron would be nice. I rather money goes toward some of these other items. Thanks for the referral. I think I'll copy WW once again and use some T111 on each wall to make the wall space useful. That being the case, I could use some advice on height of those blast gates to make them convenient to operate. The height question will also determine placement of the pipe, weather it be hard or flex. More pics below.
  2. I will be designing my dust collection system over the next couple of months and would really appreciate some guidance from those who have been there and done it! I snapped some pictures of where things are now. I'm not committed to any of these locations and things like the jointer and belt/disc sander can be moved elsewhere. Also, that sink in the corner isn't plumbed yet, so it can move. I do envision that the wall in the photo will have all my dust collection tools. In the picture you'll see I have a portable bosch dust collector. I would like that devoted to my fabrication table as I do some routing, sanding, and jig saw work. I'm currently building the WW Mitre Saw Station for the Kapex that doesn't have to be on that wall, but I would like it to be if I have room. Seem like a good location to have it adjacent to the table saw. Tools that need dust collection: 1.) Table Saw 2.) Mitre Saw 3.) Planer (will only hook up while using) 4.) Router Table 5. Shop vacuum on reel with long lead to clean up occasionally around the shop If I were to plan it all myself, I would locate the dust collector where you see it now. From the Y joint on the dust collector, I would service the table saw. On the other Y, I would then use 4" flex hose to get up to the perlin. I would then come off of that flex hose with 4 " straight pipe. Then, service the smaller machines with flex hose to the router table, kapex, and planer. I would like to use the iVAC system unless you folks have other suggestions or brands in mind. I like the idea of not having to worry about blast gates as I'm moving through the shop. If it matters, that dust collector is the large hp Harbor Freight. Ready, set, go!
  3. That's exactly what I needed. How cool he has everything in one place on the items he uses. Thanks Chestnut!
  4. Need to buy a countersink bit set. Any particular set or brand that you like? I'm building Marc's miter saw station and realized that's one item I don't have. The one he uses in the video has a huge silver halo around it which must be a depth stop, but I'm not finding that anywhere. What do you use?
  5. I've pre-ordered the new and improved Kapex. I don't have any previous versions. I failed to read the fine print and didn't see that it comes with a hold fast. I ordered a hold fast, so now I'll have two on hand. My question is to those who have a Kapex now, any compelling reason to have two, or should I just return this one. As always, thanks!
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    Thanks guys, appreciate it.
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    Looking for a wood recommendation for Adirondack chairs I'll be building from Rockler plans. I live in a coastal community so the air is salty, foggy, and we have wet mornings. I plan on covering them when not in use, but could use a species recommendation.
  8. As I posted in another thread, I've bought the Woodpecker Dado Jig which I will be using mostly for cabinet dadoes. If you were to buy a router just for this jig, which would it be? I have some routers with large bodies, but thought that one of the smaller "palm" routers may be better for this. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks for the input. I'm getting ready to order, but I have another question. Keeping this jig in mind, I've noticed that there are several lengths of bits. Being that the main purpose for this will be to cut dados for cabinets, what length would you recommend? The one for $50 is 1.5 inches in length and cuts a 1/2" diameter. They are almost all on sale, but I thought I would ask for a length recommendation being that I have not done this before.
  10. I ordered one of these and it will ship soon. I'm wondering if any of you can lend advice on the bit. They also have the Whiteside Spiral Upcut bit for sale for $50. Any advice on this bit as a good purchase or any others?
  11. My supervisor at work has just ordered a portable panel saw which spurred the conversation of the pros and cons of a panel saw vs. a track saw. Being a novice, I'm pretty ignorant. I have the Kreg track and universal sled for my existing circular saw. But I'm curious for those that have both, and setting cost aside, if you have a panel saw, is there any reason to have a track saw? As always, thanks for the input.
  12. I think I figured it out, I just wonder why it wouldn't just list it as 13 1/2 or 13.5" . Maybe that's the way plans list things with the program he used. Thanks all!
  13. Mark, I'll look into it. Probably on a label somewhere. They were meant to hold printers and computers and monitors and they seem very well made, but your point is well taken.
  14. Ok, thanks. Just measuring twice and cutting once! Anyone on telescoping/adjustable legs?