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  1. This actually gives me the opportunity to ask a question about my recent Dado build. I made this cabinet for work and it holds several of two different items, one is one size and the other is smaller. I'll post a picture later, but for now picture two columns and several rows down those two columns. I had 3 uprights to hold these rows, one on the left and right side and one in the middle. Each upright is 48" and each row has 4 dado cuts. One on the left and the right and two in the middle. In setting up for the dados, the best I could do was use a pencil to mark where each dado was going to be cut and then eye ball it on the table saw from there. Because of the length, I didn't feel like a large jig was an option. It turned out "ok" but the dados are not perfect especially on the middle upright where there are two dados right next to each other. If I were to build this again how can I set up so that the dados are in the EXACT same spot for each cut? Will post a picture in a bit.
  2. I do have 3 blast gates. May need one for the table saw line. The other miter saw run wasn’t even hooked up yet.
  3. Well. damn it. That $6 Amazon adapter is way to large on both sides, even when compressed. So the work around was to use a short length of the flexible 4" to make the transition. By the time I hooked up one port to my table saw, the second port to the miter saw wall, and the third to FastCaps shop vac reel/hose, I realized that I need a larger DC. The suction is mediocre. Just enough to suck up, but not enough to raise my eyebrows. It will do for now, but I'll need something larger soon.
  4. Got a returned one off Amazon for $5.84 to my door!
  5. Nice! Not my local HD but I can order it in. Let me check Amazon.
  6. I guess I can leave it in-tact and use short length of hose or during to make it work. That will give me 4 outlets in total.
  7. I’ll take the fittings up to my local hardware store and see if I can get lucky.
  8. That dimension is with the Y removed and is one the unit itself. The Y themselves is 4” and accepts 4” flex hose.
  9. It’s neither. The fitting is smaller than the port. I suppose duct tape would do it, but there has to be a solution. It’s meant to fit directly into 4” ducting or flex hose I guess.
  10. Ran into a snafu as I'm closing in on finishing this. I am replacing the forked fitting that came with the HF DC with Rockler's "trifecta" fitting, giving me three 4 inch connections. The fitting doesn't fit onto the harbor freight directly. I'm sure someone out there has done exactly what I'm doing. How'd you solve it? The OD on the DC itself is 4 7/8th. Maybe on of those flex seal fittings with the hose clamp? A quick check at Rockler and nothing jumped out at me except the adapter that flexes a little.
  11. Whats the most common chamfer that you use? I want to pick up ONE of these. Yes, I'm aware you can achieve the same result with a hand plane, but I always like dummy proof products mainly because I'm a......I digress. Crap, should of been in hand tools section, sorry.
  12. From the DC, it’s a 4” opening. I’m putting on a 3 way split on the DC. One will suck from tools along the wall. One services the table saw and the last will attach to a hose and reel from FastCap for shop cleanup. Along the 4” run, the first in line is the Kapex, I’m adding in a hookup to connect things like a sander and a jig saw. The last in line is my router table and jig saw which I may service both with the same hose. The last will be a 4” connection for my planer. Each intersection has a blast gate.
  13. A more powerful DC is on my list. The HF will have to do for now. I have a few Ys, and blast gates to help. Only about a 15' straight run except for bending down to the DC.
  14. Finally getting to my dust collection system. I'm coming off of a 4" to 2" Y that is for my Festool Kapex. I only need a short length and one end needs that Festool connection. The other end at the Y will be taped into the fitting. Anyone know of a aftermarket 2" hose that includes the Festool connection? Or something that will will be a close match? Also looking for maybe a 2" hose recommendation? I also need a short length of 4" flexible hose.