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  1. Sounds like buying one may be the way to go. Can you link the tip you are referring to? Give me a buy list? It’s a good investment. Besides the doors, I have tons of baseboard to do also.
  2. I’m going to be painting about 10 solid core interior doors, they are primed. With that many to do and wanting the best possible outcome, I need a recommendation for a paint sprayer. What have you used, how did it turn out? Advice on prep and the right machine would be greatly appreciated. I’ve looked at Lowes and Home Depot but thought I would ask before I purchase.
  3. Would spraying this down with clear poly be a bad idea?
  4. I bought a new address sign for my property from one of those booths at the fair that makes them to order. I’m screwing it into an oak tree at the bottom of my driveway. Turned out great but I’m wondering if I need to spray it with a clear coat of something to make it look even nicer, but more importantly, last even longer. Was thinking a rattle can of some sort?Suggestions?
  5. I see one spray adhesive option and three "toothpaste" tube types. This was what was recommended when I filled out their questionnaire. Foamboard was an option and was selected.
  6. Building a shroud for my 60 gallon air compressor that I just refurbished to help with noise as there is an adjacent apartment that borders my wood shop. Building it out of T-111, will have an open top for heat. Really just 3 sides. 8' tall. I plan on putting foam board insulation, the thinner stuff on the inside. How would you guys attach that to the T1-11? Liquid nails, wood glue, spray adhesive? Appreciate some ideas.
  7. I've got an email into NordFab to see if they can help me price out a system.
  8. So what are my options for using 6”. I’m trying to keep it to sewer pipe for cost reasons. I don’t think they have thin walled 6” sewer pipe.
  9. Ok guys, my DC is coming together, but I still need help. To update you, I have installed the ClearVue Pentz EF5. I warmed it up this morning and by god it worked. As part of the purchase, ClearVue offered a ducting plan based on a worksheet I supplied them. It took them over a week to produce and they gave me a hand drawn sketch of their recommendation. I'll be honest, after spending almost 4k on their system, I was a little disappointed in this sketch. See the attached PDF below. So, that set aside, I need some input on ducting. I had planned on using 4" sewer pipe, but I'm open to 6" if you want to convince me of that. My main issue right now is transitioning from the fitting in the picture to something that will receive the sewer pipe. I could use a recommendation on that. The dust collector is in the position ClearVue recommended in the sketch. New layout .pdf
  10. Thanks for the input. I could see passing on the shoulder vise. This is all great input. I just finished building a Moxon Vise for my fabrication table. I'll probably keep that around as well.
  11. Hi all. Just thinking ahead on my Roubo Bench build. Will be using Marc's video series on the build. What I'm interested in is not only using the vices that are in the plan but also adding a wagon vice and a shoulder vice similar to what Rob Cosman has on his bench. Do any of you have such an addition on your bench? Pictures would be nice. Also, if you want to talk me out of either, I'm listening. Thx guys! Toby
  12. Looking for a recommendation on this tool, tool only. I'm on the M18 platform for various other tools. I have their drills, looking to add an impact driver.