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  1. Thats the compressor I have actually. It’s great. My only critique is that the handle is not long enough for comfortable rolling and that it tips over on its side easily. I’ve often thought of installing outriggers on it but haven’t got around to it yet.
  2. I too have a California Air and have been happy for it. This compressor is to run a few lines not only in my wood shop but throughout the warehouse that wood shop is in. Mainly blowing stuff off and filling tires with this one.
  3. HF motor is 175, Ebay has one for $150, free shipping
  4. Per the HF compressor details, requires a 3hp motor. That's a start.
  5. You mean like a brad nailer for example? Or???? Or what the compressor is rated for?
  6. So the update here is that I was given a free Craftsman 60 gallon air compressor. There's a catch. No compressor or motor. The manual is not available per Craftsman. I picked up a HF Compressor for it but now I need a motor. I'm totally in the dark as to what I need and don't want to overspend. There are several motors on CL from Dayton and others. Looks like the least I can expect to spend is $90. My question I need help on is what is the minimum I can go with as far as motor specs. Can anyone give me a clue, because I have no clue and don't want to buy something from mistake. The three Dayton's from the same guy look brand new or lightly used. The model numbers are below: 6K321BA $100 5K442C $100 5K118J $60 The link to the HF Compressor motor I bought: Thanks
  7. Thread update. I ended up with TSO and I opted for the one that’s $20 more than the base model that allows you to use it on both sides if the need arises.
  8. As I build out my wood shop, my father has offered to buy me a dedicated air compressor for the shop. Although just a hobby now, I want to future proof myself a little bit for retirement when I plan on actually making money on this hobby. I would like an upright model, probably 60 gallon. Was wondering what some of you have in your shop. I have several portables, but I'm looking for something that will serve me today and in the future as my hobby turns professional in the next few years. One requirement, low noise. My warehouse has an apartment built into it that has a tenant and I try to be respectful of them. I know California Air Tools make some quiet compressors (I have a small portable), but if you have something you're pleased with on the noise front, let me know.
  9. Any of you use any of those accessories with the TSO? Or just the basic product is good enough?
  10. Thank you, I like that price too of $169
  11. I will soon be the owner of the track saw with a 55” rail and two Festool clamps for the rail. My question is for those of you that have one and if you believe that the purchase of a rail square is nice to have. Weather it be Woodpeckers or Festools or another brand, what do you think about its usefulness? Any recommendations?
  12. This actually gives me the opportunity to ask a question about my recent Dado build. I made this cabinet for work and it holds several of two different items, one is one size and the other is smaller. I'll post a picture later, but for now picture two columns and several rows down those two columns. I had 3 uprights to hold these rows, one on the left and right side and one in the middle. Each upright is 48" and each row has 4 dado cuts. One on the left and the right and two in the middle. In setting up for the dados, the best I could do was use a pencil to mark where each dado was going to be cut and then eye ball it on the table saw from there. Because of the length, I didn't feel like a large jig was an option. It turned out "ok" but the dados are not perfect especially on the middle upright where there are two dados right next to each other. If I were to build this again how can I set up so that the dados are in the EXACT same spot for each cut? Will post a picture in a bit.
  13. I do have 3 blast gates. May need one for the table saw line. The other miter saw run wasn’t even hooked up yet.
  14. Well. damn it. That $6 Amazon adapter is way to large on both sides, even when compressed. So the work around was to use a short length of the flexible 4" to make the transition. By the time I hooked up one port to my table saw, the second port to the miter saw wall, and the third to FastCaps shop vac reel/hose, I realized that I need a larger DC. The suction is mediocre. Just enough to suck up, but not enough to raise my eyebrows. It will do for now, but I'll need something larger soon.
  15. Got a returned one off Amazon for $5.84 to my door!