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  1. Tobykanobe

    Diving into the Festool rabbit hole.

    Which vac specifically? That’s my next purchase probably.
  2. Tobykanobe

    Diving into the Festool rabbit hole.

    Good to know about the Bosch equipment. I’ll start comparing costs. I have a Rigid shop vacuum that has a dust collection bag on it. Even though it’s not as nice as the real thing, it may have to suffice.
  3. I have started my collection and have a used carvex and have a new domino coming. I assume the dust extraction is proprietary, so do any of you have work around using hoses and adapters from less expensive companies?
  4. Tobykanobe

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    Ok guys, need some help here. I'm trying to order a Dado insert for that PM 2000b I just bought and hooked up. I found it on amazon and found a returned one that gave me a little discount. It arrives, and it's way bigger than the insert hole, I mean by like 3-4 inches. So I go straight to my saw on the powermatic website and click on accessories and it shows the same "too big" insert. What am I missing here? What I have is 18" x 4.25". The slot on my saw is much smaller.
  5. Tobykanobe

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    The blade it came with is Powermatic’s house brand. Not sure who actually makes them.
  6. Tobykanobe

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    Great, thanks guys for the help. I may go with the Freud and burn this amazon gift card I have. On PM coming with a blade, my supervisor at work bought the same saw and it didn't come with a blade either. The saw was on back order for a bit, maybe they threw it in for the wait I endured.
  7. Tobykanobe

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    Happy to report that my black Friday purchase of the Powermatic 2000B table saw arrived and I'm all wired up and ready to build! Question, the saw came with a blade, but I would like to spend between $50 and $100 on a second blade for plywood. Looking for a brand recommendation. I see what's offered in Rockwell and Klingspor, but being that I'm unfamiliar with the topic of blade quality, thought I would ask the experts! Thanks!
  8. Tobykanobe

    Chop Saw Miter Saw Bench

    Found it, thanks again.
  9. Tobykanobe

    Chop Saw Miter Saw Bench

    Where is his joinery book at in the store. I’m not seeing it. It’s early though! I have a portable Hitachi stand with the Hitachi saw. Eventually I want to get a nicer saw that slides out, but this saw will do for now. Then, the Hitachi will be for off-site projects around the property or for future customers.
  10. Tobykanobe

    Chop Saw Miter Saw Bench

    Thanks guys. I’ll check out Marc’s build.
  11. Tobykanobe

    Chop Saw Miter Saw Bench

    My new wood shop is finally coming together but one thing I need to build is a bench for my Hitachi chop saw/miter saw. I've been looking in the usual places for ideas and plans and there are plenty, but was wondering if any of you are head over heels about any particular build. As always, I appreciate the input!
  12. Tobykanobe

    makita cordless jig saw

    Im interested in this topic as well. Have owned two corded Bosches. One I loved, one I hated. The one I loved just gave up the ghost and it leaves me wondering what to put some money into. The one I hated was the older style where you have to twist a lever on the top of the saw to change the blade. I'm a Milwaukee M18 user so I'm naturally attracted to cordless M18 saws of which they have three I believe in the current line up. I'm torn on starting a Festool collection and this would be my first. I rationalize the purchase this way "As long as I'm willing to spend this much, why not buy Festool for a bit more?" I wouldn't mind buying the latest corded Bosch either. Anyone have the Milwaukee cordless? Thoughts? Thanks!
  13. Tobykanobe

    Drill bit set

    Good point! Why have 10 of a size you'll never use. I also like brad points!
  14. Tobykanobe

    Drill bit set

    Looking for a recommendation on a drill bit set for somewhere around $100 for my wood shop. Northern Tool + Supply has the following for that amount plus if I spend $100, I get a $20 gift card. Drill Bit Set Any others?
  15. Tobykanobe

    Radial arm saw table/fence replacement

    Thanks for the input!