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  1. I've pre-ordered the new and improved Kapex. I don't have any previous versions. I failed to read the fine print and didn't see that it comes with a hold fast. I ordered a hold fast, so now I'll have two on hand. My question is to those who have a Kapex now, any compelling reason to have two, or should I just return this one. As always, thanks!
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    Thanks guys, appreciate it.
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    Looking for a wood recommendation for Adirondack chairs I'll be building from Rockler plans. I live in a coastal community so the air is salty, foggy, and we have wet mornings. I plan on covering them when not in use, but could use a species recommendation.
  4. As I posted in another thread, I've bought the Woodpecker Dado Jig which I will be using mostly for cabinet dadoes. If you were to buy a router just for this jig, which would it be? I have some routers with large bodies, but thought that one of the smaller "palm" routers may be better for this. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks for the input. I'm getting ready to order, but I have another question. Keeping this jig in mind, I've noticed that there are several lengths of bits. Being that the main purpose for this will be to cut dados for cabinets, what length would you recommend? The one for $50 is 1.5 inches in length and cuts a 1/2" diameter. They are almost all on sale, but I thought I would ask for a length recommendation being that I have not done this before.
  6. I ordered one of these and it will ship soon. I'm wondering if any of you can lend advice on the bit. They also have the Whiteside Spiral Upcut bit for sale for $50. Any advice on this bit as a good purchase or any others?
  7. My supervisor at work has just ordered a portable panel saw which spurred the conversation of the pros and cons of a panel saw vs. a track saw. Being a novice, I'm pretty ignorant. I have the Kreg track and universal sled for my existing circular saw. But I'm curious for those that have both, and setting cost aside, if you have a panel saw, is there any reason to have a track saw? As always, thanks for the input.
  8. I think I figured it out, I just wonder why it wouldn't just list it as 13 1/2 or 13.5" . Maybe that's the way plans list things with the program he used. Thanks all!
  9. Mark, I'll look into it. Probably on a label somewhere. They were meant to hold printers and computers and monitors and they seem very well made, but your point is well taken.
  10. Ok, thanks. Just measuring twice and cutting once! Anyone on telescoping/adjustable legs?
  11. I'm making the Paulk Workbench and have bought the plans, although I'm making just the workbench top with storage below. I cannot post any of it here to protect his plans. For those of you who have the plans handy, maybe you can interpret something I'm confused on. I'm make the 4 pieces with the routed holes along the edges and interior that provide storage. On piece 5 in the plans, on each of the routed holes he has the following: 1' 1 1/2". I'm perplexed at what dimension this is. Underneath it, it lists 343mm. The lines indicate this may be the rectangle dimension. My thought is that it's a 13" long rectangle before you start the 1/2 circle at each end and that the holes themselves are 1/2" from the edge of each side. Or maybe it's trying to communicate 13.5" is the size of the rectangle? Can someone clear this up for me. I know I'll feel stupid once you explain it, but please do..... Also, I need an idea for telescoping legs for the four corners of this bench to provide stability. They will attach to a 2x4 frame that attaches to the electronic lift bracket. As you may recall from another post, I'm mounting just the worktop to an adjustable height electric lift I was given from a dispatch center. I'll need support at each corner but the legs need to be adjustable so I can take advantage of raising and lowering the table as I see fit for what I'm working on. It has to be a solution with major adjustment, not just a few inches as leveling feet provide. It seems to me this table has a range of about 24 inches of lift so a sliding leg with bolts and wingnuts may work. Appreciate any input here.
  12. Thank you for the good input. I'll abandon that idea.
  13. So I'm totally excited about two new acquisitions from a local dispatch center that is getting a re-model. They are tables that raise and lower to a desired height. One of them I want to take the existing press board off and use as an out-feed table for my PM table saw. The other will be converted to a fabrication table. I plan using just a 4x8 sheet of plywood in a landscape orientation to the table saw. My question is if any of you would recommend those ball bearing swivels so that the piece off-feeding just glides over the balls. (See link) Am I overthinking it? Would those balls get dusty and eventually not roll anymore? Thoughts?
  14. Thank you for posting this. I bought a used PM on CL that had been used only a few times and looks brand new. It came with a PM bit, but I have yet to use it. This is valuable information as I look forward to using it for the first time someday soon.