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  1. DerekMPBS

    Sculptured Lectern/Music Stand

    I played trombone in junior high and high school, and for a year afterward. My horn has been in the closet for close to 30 years now. I got it out a few years ago and tried to play, and found out that I couldn't even blow one note. It would take me months to get back to being able to play. At least I can still read music.
  2. DerekMPBS

    Subwoofer Tabletop

    I was thinking you could cut keyhole slots into the back of the top and then secure it with screws driven into the top of the cabinet. As long as they don't go all the way through the sub walls then you don't need to seal them. It would be removable as well.
  3. DerekMPBS

    Trimming cabinets in place.

    If the lower cabinet trim is flush with the face frame, you could take the doors off and use a router with a rabbeting bit to create a 1/4" to 1/2" rabbet, then use a flush-trim bit to trim it the rest of the way. Then you could stain the fresh cut edge to match the cabinet finish.
  4. DerekMPBS

    I'm Back! (and where I've been)

    Welcome back Rodger. I'm glad that your injury, though serious, wasn't worse. It's a scary situation whenever you come in contact with a spinning/moving blade or cutter like that. I just placed the order for my Sawstop. I'm getting the 3HP PCS with the 36" T-Glide fence. I'm looking forward to using it, as my current table saw, a 25 year old Craftsman, has a fence that I don't really trust to be square, so I end up checking it every time I lock it down, which is a pain. The Sawstop fence will be a joy to use by comparison.
  5. DerekMPBS

    Screwdriver bit sets

    Wiha is having a sale on their web site right now, and has some bit sets on sale. If you need lots of one type of bit they have a bunch of 100 packs discounted by about 33%. I've got lots of their drivers and bit sets, and they are the best ones I've used. I just ordered a security bits set for use at work (working on laptop computers and other small devices).
  6. DerekMPBS

    New (and final) Shop!

    Thanks for the video, Kev. I love watching the clouds roll by in the sky - at times it almost looks like the surface of the ocean. No snow up there yet? Or was this building done earlier in the year? 30 x 30 will be a nice space for you. That's bigger than my garage that I have to share with all the other non-woodworking activities and items. Maybe next year I'll put up a storage building in the back yard so I can move the lawn and garden tools out and make room for more woodworking tools. Congrats on the new shop. I look forward to seeing videos produced from it. Derek
  7. DerekMPBS

    Need jointer, planer, and bandsaw have $900

    If you're willing to go with smaller bench-top tools, you can get a Cuetech jointer and planer, both with spiral heads, for just under $700 and free shipping from their website. That leaves $200 for a bandsaw, and I saw a couple of 9" or 10" models available for that amount.
  8. DerekMPBS

    Throwback Thursday

    Coop, the catalog belonged to my wife's grandfather and was passed down to his son, who kept it. My wife will get it once her dad passes. It makes a great conversation starter.
  9. DerekMPBS

    Throwback Thursday

    Steve, I looked at my original photo and it's hard to read, but I think the price is $1.26.
  10. DerekMPBS

    Throwback Thursday

    I was having dinner at my wife's parent's house a couple of nights ago, and on their counter was a copy of the Sears and Roebuck catalog from 1902. I glanced through it for awhile, marveling at the prices listed. When I got to the tools, I had to take a picture of the hand planes page and post it for all to see. I wish I could get Stanley planes at these prices!
  11. DerekMPBS

    Another Dust Collection Option

    I recently bought a Dust Deputy with the 5 gallon buckets and lid, and hooked it up to a wall mount Shop Vac. I used it to vacuum the sawdust up off my garage floor, of which there was a lot, and filled the bucket to half full. There was virtually no dust in the vacuum when I opened it up. I was impressed.
  12. DerekMPBS

    Advanced Woodworking Section

    Tom, that rings so true to me. I've been in IT for 25 years, and I did on-site service for business customers for 20 of those years. More often than not, I was called to solve a problem with systems or software that I had never seen before and had to figure it out. Someone once asked me how I do it and I replied, "I'm good at searching the web".
  13. DerekMPBS

    Random Tip #17 - Near Endless Glue Cups

    I get cups like that from a friend who has a restaurant. They are the sauce cups he uses to serve fry sauce in. They are cheap - he just gave me a stack of 100 for free last time I asked.
  14. DerekMPBS

    First pair of parallel clamps? Which to buy?

    I picked up some 24" and 51" Bessey clamps at my local Home Depot this weekend. They were $39.97 and $44.97, respectively. This was a much lower price than I found elsewhere for these clamps. I read on another forum that Home Depot is discontinuing the Bessey clamps and will carry the DeWalt clamps instead. My local store had no DeWalt parallels clamps, but had 11 of the Bessey clamps. I bought 6 of them.
  15. DerekMPBS

    Small bin organizing

    I ordered the Quantum plastic bins and 2 x 6 metal wall panels from McFeely's a couple of years ago. They are great for storage, but they do collect quite a bit of dust, especially since I have a lumber rack above them. I love the versatility of being able to use different sized bins and move them around on the wall, though. I tried to get some more bins recently, but McFeely's is sold out. I went looking and found the same bins at Uline for slightly cheaper. I ordered 60 on a Saturday and had them on Tuesday. Shipping was a bit high, but you can't beat the delivery speed.