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  1. If you live near a university you might go to one of their surplus sales and see if you can score an old rack-mount server that has the rails attached. Those server rails can support a lot of weight, are full extension, and come in lengths up to 36" long. Most are side-mount. You can buy them new as accessories, but they are expensive, often more than $100/set.
  2. Chip, there are two universities down here, WSU and U of I, that are only 8 miles apart. WSU is about double the size of the U of I, so it gets more advertising and promotion in the area. Plus, being in the PAC 12, it gets more national exposure, especially in sports. I went to U of I myself back in the late 80's/early 90's. Of the two towns, I prefer Moscow - it has more of a small-town feel to me. Of course, I've lived here for 32 years now so I'm probably biased.
  3. I bought the Dewalt 12V brushless impact driver and drill for my portable kit. They are quite a bit lighter than the 20V models (which I have in my garage shop) but still have plenty of power. Mine came with 3Ah batteries and use the same charger as the 20V batteries. I'm quite happy with them.
  4. I'm a bowler. Pre-Covid, it was 3 leagues a week in the from late August through early May, and one league in Summer. When the centers shut down in March the leagues all ended, and since our local center is in Washington State, there's no telling when they will re-open. There's a big push by the centers to get the governor to move bowling centers from a phase 4 classification to a phase 3, which would mean they could open back up, albeit with restrictions on capacity and such. Currently, my wife and I are bowling in a summer league in Lewiston, which is about 35 miles away, once a week. That ends in two weeks, but we signed up for a fall league there as well. Idaho does not have the same restrictions as Washington does, so we have been able to enjoy it. It's a great time, allowing us to socialize and get out of the house, and it can be a great stress relief to get to throw a 16 pound ball at pins a few dozen times a week.
  5. It didn't come in the mail, but last Friday I took advantage of the Woodcraft sale and picked up a Rikon 10-3061 bandsaw, a set of Whiteside router bits and the Jess-em router table rollers. They were all on sale so I ended up saving about $75, and got to take my wife out to dinner (she chose Texas Roadhouse). It was a good day.
  6. That is impressive, Derek. The grain match on the drawer is so perfect the joint lines just disappear. You give such great attention to detail in your projects, and it makes a big difference in the finished project. Outstanding. Derek
  7. There are adjustable dado cutters out there. Freud makes one that adjusts the chippers inside so that it still produces flat bottom dados without needing shims. The Freud part number is SD608. There are others available too.
  8. Looks great, Collin. I need to do something like that for my router bits as well.
  9. Depending on how wide these units will be, you may want a center partition to support the upper shelf and tie it to the lower one. I made some free standing racks using 3/4" dowels that were about 2 feet wide, and the dowels sagged in the middle after about a year or so. CD's are heavy when you stack 50 or so on a shelf. From the design, it looks like, when you stack units, the upper shelf of the lower unit will be against the lower shelf of the upper unit. This will give extra strength to all the shelves except the very bottom one. You might consider a runner on the lowest unit along the front and/or back that will contact the surface it sits on, to provide more sag resistance. Also, you could drill matching holes in two stacked units and insert a dowel or pin of some type to lock the units together and make them more stable. If you plan on stacking more than about 3 units high I'd find a way to fix it to a vertical surface, like a wall, to prevent tipping. Derek
  10. There was an article on letter carving in Fine Woodworking #275, which is the May-June 2019 issue. You might check that out. Derek
  11. I use the Franklin Prosensor 710+, which is a bar-type stud finder about 12" long, with a series of LED's that show the position of the stud as you slide it across the wall. It can show double studs and blocking as well. I've had really good luck with it on many projects.
  12. Purdy is my go-to as well. I worked for my grandfather, who was a painting contractor, for 10 years, and he always told me to buy the best quality brush you can find. It lasts longer and does a much better job than cheaper brushes.
  13. Well, not just straight, but it increased my drive distance by about 30 yards as well. I found that I had a tendency to drop my right shoulder and push through the swing, which causes the club face to open at impact and make me slice. If I keep my right shoulder up and my swing temp steady, I contact the ball square and hit it straight. Took a while to figure that one out. I used my dad's clubs for a round once when I was visiting him. He has a ~10 year old set of Ping irons he got as a prize for winning a tournament. I consistently hit his clubs 20 to 30 yards further. I hit my 7 iron about 155, and with his I was 185. Plus, the sweet spot is so much bigger - it's about the half the size of a dime on my irons. Golf is more fun when you can hit the ball farther and straighter.
  14. She's not into designer shoes, thank god. She has like 80 pair though, so closet organizer/shelving is on my to-do list. When we were in Vegas earlier this year, we went shopping at Shops at Caesar's Palace, and made the mistake of going into the Prada store. Now she wants a Prada bag. They let her hold one, a light blue leather one with blue suede lining. It could have been ours, for a mere $2200. I told her maybe as an anniversary present in a few years. Gotta keep her happy.
  15. Wow, that is gorgeous. I love the inlay on the top as well, and Chesnut is right - the contrast of butternut and walnut is really nice. The box joints are a nice touch as well. Great work!