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  1. DerekMPBS

    Another Dust Collection Option

    I recently bought a Dust Deputy with the 5 gallon buckets and lid, and hooked it up to a wall mount Shop Vac. I used it to vacuum the sawdust up off my garage floor, of which there was a lot, and filled the bucket to half full. There was virtually no dust in the vacuum when I opened it up. I was impressed.
  2. DerekMPBS

    Advanced Woodworking Section

    Tom, that rings so true to me. I've been in IT for 25 years, and I did on-site service for business customers for 20 of those years. More often than not, I was called to solve a problem with systems or software that I had never seen before and had to figure it out. Someone once asked me how I do it and I replied, "I'm good at searching the web".
  3. DerekMPBS

    Random Tip #17 - Near Endless Glue Cups

    I get cups like that from a friend who has a restaurant. They are the sauce cups he uses to serve fry sauce in. They are cheap - he just gave me a stack of 100 for free last time I asked.
  4. DerekMPBS

    First pair of parallel clamps? Which to buy?

    I picked up some 24" and 51" Bessey clamps at my local Home Depot this weekend. They were $39.97 and $44.97, respectively. This was a much lower price than I found elsewhere for these clamps. I read on another forum that Home Depot is discontinuing the Bessey clamps and will carry the DeWalt clamps instead. My local store had no DeWalt parallels clamps, but had 11 of the Bessey clamps. I bought 6 of them.
  5. DerekMPBS

    Small bin organizing

    I ordered the Quantum plastic bins and 2 x 6 metal wall panels from McFeely's a couple of years ago. They are great for storage, but they do collect quite a bit of dust, especially since I have a lumber rack above them. I love the versatility of being able to use different sized bins and move them around on the wall, though. I tried to get some more bins recently, but McFeely's is sold out. I went looking and found the same bins at Uline for slightly cheaper. I ordered 60 on a Saturday and had them on Tuesday. Shipping was a bit high, but you can't beat the delivery speed.
  6. DerekMPBS

    How can I clamp this?

    You could spread your Liquid Nails and then use a few spots of hot glue around the perimeter to hold the foil in place until the adhesive sets up. Hot glue sets up really fast and is more than strong enough to hold the panel until the Liquid Nails sets up.
  7. DerekMPBS

    Portable Work Benches

    I have a couple of Workmates that are 20+ years old that still get used occasionally, but I prefer the Kreg Mobile Project Center. It is slightly taller, with a bigger work surface, and has a track and slots for clamps. Plus, you can get two and lock them together to create a larger work surface, or place 2x4's in the supplied brackets and then lay plywood between them to create a much larger surface. They have steel frames with a poly top and aluminum track, and fold down for storage. I'm very happy with it so far.