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  1. There are adjustable dado cutters out there. Freud makes one that adjusts the chippers inside so that it still produces flat bottom dados without needing shims. The Freud part number is SD608. There are others available too.
  2. Looks great, Collin. I need to do something like that for my router bits as well.
  3. Depending on how wide these units will be, you may want a center partition to support the upper shelf and tie it to the lower one. I made some free standing racks using 3/4" dowels that were about 2 feet wide, and the dowels sagged in the middle after about a year or so. CD's are heavy when you stack 50 or so on a shelf. From the design, it looks like, when you stack units, the upper shelf of the lower unit will be against the lower shelf of the upper unit. This will give extra strength to all the shelves except the very bottom one. You might consider a runner on the lowest unit along the front and/or back that will contact the surface it sits on, to provide more sag resistance. Also, you could drill matching holes in two stacked units and insert a dowel or pin of some type to lock the units together and make them more stable. If you plan on stacking more than about 3 units high I'd find a way to fix it to a vertical surface, like a wall, to prevent tipping. Derek
  4. There was an article on letter carving in Fine Woodworking #275, which is the May-June 2019 issue. You might check that out. Derek
  5. I use the Franklin Prosensor 710+, which is a bar-type stud finder about 12" long, with a series of LED's that show the position of the stud as you slide it across the wall. It can show double studs and blocking as well. I've had really good luck with it on many projects.
  6. Purdy is my go-to as well. I worked for my grandfather, who was a painting contractor, for 10 years, and he always told me to buy the best quality brush you can find. It lasts longer and does a much better job than cheaper brushes.
  7. Well, not just straight, but it increased my drive distance by about 30 yards as well. I found that I had a tendency to drop my right shoulder and push through the swing, which causes the club face to open at impact and make me slice. If I keep my right shoulder up and my swing temp steady, I contact the ball square and hit it straight. Took a while to figure that one out. I used my dad's clubs for a round once when I was visiting him. He has a ~10 year old set of Ping irons he got as a prize for winning a tournament. I consistently hit his clubs 20 to 30 yards further. I hit my 7 iron about 155, and with his I was 185. Plus, the sweet spot is so much bigger - it's about the half the size of a dime on my irons. Golf is more fun when you can hit the ball farther and straighter.
  8. She's not into designer shoes, thank god. She has like 80 pair though, so closet organizer/shelving is on my to-do list. When we were in Vegas earlier this year, we went shopping at Shops at Caesar's Palace, and made the mistake of going into the Prada store. Now she wants a Prada bag. They let her hold one, a light blue leather one with blue suede lining. It could have been ours, for a mere $2200. I told her maybe as an anniversary present in a few years. Gotta keep her happy.
  9. Wow, that is gorgeous. I love the inlay on the top as well, and Chesnut is right - the contrast of butternut and walnut is really nice. The box joints are a nice touch as well. Great work!
  10. Great to hear, Goober. I'm glad you're recovering nicely and getting back into the shop. Best wishes for a continued full recovery.
  11. It's amazing what people will spend on their hobbies. I have a friend who spends tens of thousands on his old Mustang, turning it into a drag racing car, yet he hasn't raced it in years. My golf clubs are from 1984, when I was in high school. They were cheap then. I only play a few times a year, but I've been having a growing urge to get a new set. I got a new driver 10 years or so ago and spent $300 on it (Ping G5). It's the first driver I've ever been able to hit straight, so it was game-changing even for me. I wouldn't think of spending $5k on clubs, but maybe $1K for a good set. My main hobby/sport is bowling. I just ordered a new ball last night - $180, plus it will be another $50 to have it drilled. I have about 12 balls already, but I think this one will be good for my game. I told my wife I was ordering it and she said "get me some new shoes". So I found her some new bowling shoes (we bowl league together) and both of us are happy.
  12. Sorry to hear about this, Goober. I hope you recover quick and can get back out in the shop and start working again soon.
  13. Hi Elizabeth, Welcome to the forums. I have the Kreg router table, with casters for mobility. I haven't added a lift yet. If I had known when I was looking at router tables that I would be buying a Sawstop cabinet saw, I would have foregone the table and bought the router wing for the Sawstop. I may do that anyway at some point - one can never have too many routers, or tables.....or something like that.
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    I got an email from Fine Homebuilding this morning advertising their All Access program, which includes the print magazine, web access to to all articles, videos and back issues, as well as other content like step-by-step videos and illustrations. The price is $57.90/year, which doesn't seem too bad for that kind of access. I'm debating whether or not to subscribe. Disclaimer - I do subscribe to the print magazine and find the content valuable. I hope Fine Wordworking does this as well - $99/year is pretty steep, but $57.70/year is doable.
  15. Try searching "locking peg board hooks". I found some from Grainger that have a flat metal back and hook into 4 holes. They list a 63 hook assortment for $117.
  16. I bought the Promark slides from Amazon on the recommendation of James King from King's Fine Woodworking. They were $75 for a 10 pack of 26", full-extension ball-bearing slides rated for 100 lbs. They are pretty nice slides, especially for the price.
  17. Maybe you could use an adhesive that won't swell the wood fibers, like epoxy. Also, you could drill a hole through your bottom form at the center and insert a 1/4" steel rod, and then drill your layers and use that to align them so they don't move while clamped. If you did this, you might be able to use contact cement and get an instant bond, allowing you to complete more layers in a day and not have to clamp the assembly for so long.
  18. There is a product available called Rubber Restore, which can renew the surface of a rubber roller and restore the tack. It's not a substitute for replacement but it works well. When I worked at a computer shop we used it on printer rollers to restore the tack when we couldn't source replacements easily. Ours came in a 16 ounce bottle. The smell is horrid, but it works. I'm not sure how expensive it is.
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    Good to hear, Chet. Glad that you are recovering nicely.
  20. Thanks everyone. While she was at her appointment, she sent me a picture from the doctor's office. Of course, it was a detailed image and description of.... Knee replacement and knee osteoarthritis. I have osteoarthritis in my left knee, and a replacement is in my future. I'm trying to wait as long as I can, as knee replacements can wear out after 20 years or so, and I don't want to have to do it again when I'm 70, but we will see how long I can last. I'll be talking with my doctor more about it later this month.
  21. Update: It's been 6 weeks since my wife had her surgery. She was riding the exercise bike on the 3rd day of her PT, and after 7 sessions the therapist told her that she was 3 weeks ahead of schedule, and to save the rest of her PT sessions for her second surgery (She gets 20 a year through insurance). She is now walking better than she has in over a year, though her left hip is bothering her more. She has an appointment with her surgeons tomorrow to schedule her second surgery. If it goes as they told me it will then she will have that surgery in two weeks, on March 19th. Then she wants to get serious about rehab and exercise, which means she wants us to join a health club. It's been a few years since I worked out, but it will be good for both of us. Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, everyone. We appreciate it.
  22. You can use spring clamps like Gee-Dub shows, but instead of cardboard you can use a section cut from a bicycle tire tube. They make great band clamps. I would use biscuits to align the frame, clamp the edges with bar or parallel clamps, and use band clamps for the shelves.
  23. I ordered Promark slides from Amazon, which are available in 2" increments from 10" up to 28". The are full extension, ball bearing slides. Currently, a 10 pack of 24" slides is going for $66.
  24. That's a big snow blower. We got a one day reprieve and then another 6 inches. Fortunately, my neighbor took pity on me and cleared the lower half of my driveway with the blade on his 4-wheeler. My wife made treats for him and his wife as a thank-you. It's raining today, which really makes a mess. Now it is predicted to cool off and snow every day for the next week. Bleh. At my store last week, the crew was complaining about having to haul all the unused snow blowers off the showroom floor and up into storage for the season. Now we don't have a single one left. And all our suppliers are out of ice melt as well. Saw this meme the other day: US Weather Service: You can't have an entire winter's worth of snow in one week. State of Washington: Here, hold my beer.
  25. We don't usually get a lot of snow at once, but yesterday was one day I wish I had a snow blower. We got 12" on Sunday/Sunday night, and the wind pushed it up to 2 feet deep in my driveway. I spent the morning shoveling, helping my wife get her car out of the driveway, and helping my roommate get his car out. It wasn't much fun. We were predicted to get another 3-7" last night, but it didn't happen, fortunately. Now it is supposed to snow for the next 3 days. At least it is in the 20's and low 30's.