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  1. Hello group To give some background, our company is a high end wood flooring distributor. We import our products from all over the world and distribute these throughout the United States. I have an issue with a European Oak that has been stained black. Unfortunately this black stain transfers to anything that touches it. However it only does it when it is wet. The client is using an oil/wax as a sealer as he likes the "unfinished/dry" look. I know how to fix this but I thought I would ask about the stains themselves. Would you expect a black stain to transfer like this? What would be in the stain that allow this to transfer? Why is it that it only transfers in the presence of water? Is the stain re-emulsifying? This isn't something I've seen before but then again, I've never used a product that was truly stained black. Thoughts anyone? In advance, thanks for your input. Don