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  1. Finished headboard glue up

    Wanted to do the side rails in 5/4, but having trouble finding stock that I can mill down to 6" that is long enough. Curious what you think, would 5-1/2 wide with 5/4 be ok or go 3/4 6" wide" Thanks. Brian
  2. Random orbital sander

    Thanks for the 6" suggestion. $100 would be fine. I have a Porter Cable, but the bearing is going out in it and I need to be able to hook up to my dust collector. Thanks. Think I'll look at Makita. Brian
  3. Random orbital sander

    Looking for a reasonably prices 5" unit. Any suggestions? Thanks. Brian
  4. Worried

    Some bearings are a slot fill style bearing. The slot fill style has a loading slot so you can add an extra ball or two so you can increase the load capacity of the bearing.
  5. Finished the footboard

    Now the side rails, assembly, and on to the night stands and dresser. Brian
  6. Finished headboard glue up

    Thanks. I was going to go with 3/4 stock, but I could put a wider top and bottom on it and use 4" with the top and bottom. I machined a recess in the post to accept metal hardware I purchased at Rockler. Thanks. Brian
  7. Finished headboard glue up

    Foot board has the same top cross piece with a bottom piece that is 8" wide narrowing to 6-1/2" wide across the bottom. Wondering if the side pieces should be 8" or 6" wide. 8" feels awfully big for a queen bed? It is a platform bed and I will run a ledge around the inside with cross pieces side to side to support the platform for the mattress. Thanks. Brian
  8. Finally complete. Posts are 3-7/8 wide by 2-7/8 deep
  9. screwed up

    Ok I patched it thought I had a good really close grain and color match. Looks like Shi_. Guess I am remaking the leg this weekend. Oh well another learning experience. Woodworking is the most humbling hobby... Brian
  10. screwed up

    just for my wife and I. I'm just a hobbyist. How about this, put it on the router with a 3/8" spiral bit and connect all the holes. square the ends of this and then I have a long patch with only two square ends to deal with that are farther apart and maybe less noticeable? Brian
  11. screwed up

    walnut and I was planning on using arm r seal. I do have stock cut off from the same leg. Not sure how to match the size and shape of the mortise?
  12. screwed up

    I screwed up a post on a bed I am making. I used the Festool domino to make the mortises for the panels that run between the post. Register was a little off for the dry fit so I went back and was planning on making the mortises in the post a little wider to allow for that. I did not reset my depth and now I have two sets of holes one over the other in the post and the 2nd set will show. Only thing I can think of is to make another post from scratch. Random thought is to work the mistake into the design and do the same thing to the other post and put a plug in the domino mortise with an exotic wood to make it look like a design feature. Any chance I can come close to filling the mortise with a plug so it looks good? Appreciate any suggestions. Brian
  13. headboard assembly Domino's

    figured it out spacers work great.
  14. headboard assembly Domino's

    Thank you Steve. Appreciate the help. Brian
  15. headboard assembly Domino's

    Ok. My post is 2-7/8 d x 3/-7/8 w. I thought to put 4 dominos in the top to mate the post and rail. The to rail is 3-5/8 deep and over hangs the post front and back. Left to right spacing on the dominos is easy, but trying to come up with a repeatable idea so I can line up the holes in the post and rail front to back. Adjusting the depth on the domino to compensate for the overhang is not very precise. Should I create a spacer to put on the post when I route the holes so this hole thinks it is the same distance from the edge as the hole in the rail? Thanks. Brian