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  1. HMwoodworking

    Dewalt thickness planer

    Thanks. I’m thinking of building a drop in table for it giving me my indeed and Outfeed. Musing the truck bed as a dust collector is a good idea but I don’t have chickens at the moment so no need to haul my chips anywhere.
  2. HMwoodworking

    Dewalt thickness planer

    So my Ryobi planer kicked the bucket. I was planing down some Santos Mahogony that was really rough. The motor just quit. Brushes seemed good just done. So I went shopping. I picked up the Dewalt dw735 planer. What an upgrade. The depth cut gage is spot on. I did a test cut using a micrometer and planed a 3/32” cut off some maple. It was only .004” off. That’s pretty good. I’ve seen different upgrades but don’t know if I need to get them. Let me know if there are some essentials I should look at. Thanks. The link below is the review I did on it.